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Man shot in the face

Police Investigating a Shooting and Home Invasion

On May 18th, 2018 at approximately 1:00 am the Oliver RCMP members attended to an address on Harmony Cres for a report of a home invasion. A male carrying a handgun and wearing a mask was witnessed leaving this residence. Oliver RCMP members arrived and questioned the people inside who were uncooperative.

On May 28th, 2018 in Oliver, a male, who was present during the home invasion, was dropped off at the Oliver Hospital with a gunshot wound to his face. The male was transported to Kelowna General Hospital and has since been released from the hospital. The circumstances surrounding the shooting are still under investigation.

Due to the seriousness of the offence, the history of the victim and his associates, the Penticton Serious Crime Unit and General Investigative Section are assisting the Oliver RCMP with the investigation into the series of events. Police do not believe this incident to be random, and the public is safe.

If you have any information regarding any of these investigations, please contact your nearest Police Agency or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477

Oliver Detachment RCMP

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Down the aisle

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ATV Collision Causing Serious Injuries

On May 30th, 2018 at 0300 AM, Oliver RCMP were contacted by the Oliver Hospital. A 47 year old male from Oliver was brought to the Emergency Department after having been involved in an ATV accident. A witness reports he was driving his motor vehicle on Hwy 97 between Oliver and Osoyoos when he observed a male laying on the pavement. The witness transported the male to the Oliver Hospital. The ATV accident scene was located and a RCMP Traffic Analyst observed there was evidence the ATV lost control and flipped while being operated by the injured male. No helmet was found at the scene. The male suffered extensive serious trauma to his upper body, head and is currently in the Kelowna General Hospital. No name will be released at this time.

Oliver RCMP Detachment

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Pot shop in the falls – RCMP visit and arrest one

Note the roof line of Pot Shop

Police say “several pounds” of marijuana bud and edibles were seized Wednesday during a raid on an Okanagan Falls dispensary.

“This investigation confirmed the dispensary was operating without a licence to sell marijuana, and that anyone from the general public could purchase the drug without a medical note,” RCMP Const. James Grandy said in a press release.

He added that Health Canada states there is no legal method of selling the drug at a storefront. It may only be distributed to patients who acquire a medical license and order it through the mail.

“No storefront is legally able to sell marijuana products to the general public. The marijuana seized from this dispensary was openly sold to anyone who walked into the store, regardless if they had a medical use license or not. There are legal methods of obtaining the drug”…. said Grandy

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BC Electoral reform

These recommendations made to cabinet in Victoria after consultation with the people. What do you think

Take the poll on the right


The attorney general’s recommendations to cabinet cover all aspects of the fall 2018 referendum, which will decide whether B.C. keeps its current First Past the Post (FPTP) voting system or moves to a system of proportional representation (PR).

The report recommends that the referendum ballot include two questions:

1.   Which should British Columbia use for elections to the Legislative Assembly (Vote for only one.):

  • The current First Past the Post voting system
  • A proportional representation voting system

2.   If British Columbia adopts a proportional representation voting system, which of the following voting systems do you prefer? (Vote for the voting systems you wish to support by ranking them in order of preference. You may choose to support one, two or all three of the systems.):

  •  Dual Member Proportional (DMP)
  •  Mixed Member Proportional (MMP)
  •  Rural-Urban PR

If a majority of responses to the first question vote to adopt a proportional representation voting system, then responses to the second question would determine which system is implemented in British Columbia.

The report’s key recommendations also include that:

  • The referendum campaign period begin July 1, 2018, and end by Nov. 30, 2018.
  • The referendum voting period (by mail-in ballot) run Oct. 22, 2018, to Nov. 30, 2018.
  • The chief electoral officer, who is independent of government, provide neutral and factual information to voters about the referendum, including voting systems on the ballot.
  • The chief electoral officer select one designated group to advocate on behalf of retaining the current FPTP voting system, and one to advocate on behalf of PR, using a selection process similar to the 2009 referendum on electoral reform.
  • If voters decide to adopt a proportional representation system, a second referendum be held following two general elections, where voters would decide to keep the new system or return to FPTP.

The report describes the three proportional representation systems to be included on the ballot, which correspond to the engagement with British Columbians. If a proportional system is adopted, it must include a set of features, including:

  • No significant increase in the size of the legislature.
  • No region of the province having fewer MLAs than it currently has.
  • No political party being eligible to receive a seat if they receive less than 5% of the overall vote in the province or region.


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in the pink

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Bring a lawn chair or a blanket and come over to the community park on Thursday, June 14th at 7 pm.   You wil find lots of your friends and neighbours out to enjoy an evening of jazz for the best of causes.  Oliver’s Grandmothers for Africa are presenting Penticton’s Thursday Night Jazz Band.

The idea of the Thursday Night Jazz Band is unique, brilliant and quite different from a formal concert.   Talented and generous, a substantial group of jazz musicians from the South Okanagan get together in various combinations to perform.  They have to practice and most have day jobs.  So Thursday nights, informal and fun, are practice time and why not practice in front of an audience and help local charities raise money ?

The local Grandmothers for Africa group was recently inspired when a Kamloops grandmother, Mary Baker, returned from visiting Uganda and Tanzania.   She talked about the 17 million African kids who have lost one or both of their parents in the AIDS pandemic.    40 to 60% of those kids are living with their grandmothers and those indominable grandmothers, with our help, manage to feed, clothe, and educate them.   They give them the love and support they need, engage in AIDS education and take part in income generating projects.   By working together, grandmothers here and in Africa are part of a massive process of reaching out to help isolated and fractured families become vibrant and hopeful again.

Mary mentioned to us that in the gatherings in Sub-Saharan Africa, music and dance were central and both joy and sorrow were connected and expressed.  It seems fitting that a night of free flowing jazz right here in Oliver should be a part of showing our solidarity with our counterparts abroad.   Sometimes plaintiff, often joyful, the notes of the Thursday Night Jazz Band can touch the spirit.   Be careful!   You may find yourself dancing on the grass and throwing more money than you planned into the donation jars!!

by Marion Boyd

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“Virginia – there is a Santa Claus”

Is that a “high five?”

Fairview Rd is paved – hopefully no more waiting lines. Thanks to the gals that worked the bridge for the last many months to keep traffic moving.

Back to normal – hope we all

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Yes Jim – all is well

Saw the two kids dash into the water just before I took this.

East side road Skaha Lake.

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Cool overnights predicted

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Eleven years in the running at OES

” Yes we can “

Lead racers doing their heats – Oliver Firefighters cool them down

2 km track for 11th annual Marathon Challenge at Oliver Elementary School.

For the last 20 school days students have been practicing and understanding the effort and commitment to exercise and how it relates to healthy outcomes.

Yes ….always a treat or two to make the day perfect.


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banner run

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SOSS grad and valedictorian hired as Food Action staff

Hello everyone,

My name is Caitlyn Bennett, for the next year I’ll be working as the Food Action Coordinator for the Town of Oliver. I will be working alongside our many community partners to start the implementation of the Food Secure Oliver plan.

As part of our community engagement strategy, I want to try something new! I’ll be posting regular informal updates for the community here on Oliver Daily News. I hope the community can engage with the materials posted here; I will share local information and spotlight different aspects of the Food Secure Oliver plan.

To start it off, I want to introduce myself to the community. I had the pleasure of growing up in Oliver and working in local tourism each summer. I have spent the last 4 years, in Calgary double majoring in Communications and Media Studies and Political Science. It was there that I developed an interest in Food Security. I volunteered with the Campus Community Kitchen a unique campus club that taught participants how to cook a healthy meal at a student friendly cost, at the end of each meal students could take home leftovers and the recipe. In 2016/2017 I co-coordinated the UCalgary branch of Meal Exchange, a national non-profit that connects students with information on food insecurity, and local resources to help reduce it. Together we ran a food drive style fundraiser on Halloween known as ‘Trick or Eat’ this event required a huge marketing campaign and culminated in a door to door costumed food collection competition. This year with the Humanitarian Alliance I had the opportunity to help plan and emcee the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Conference held on our campus. My involvement in these groups was invaluable, I learned many tangible skills such as event planning, management, and marketing. But most importantly I developed a passion for work and research that helps unite people with sustainable, local, affordable, and ethical food sources in their community.

I am looking forward to the year ahead and cannot wait to get started on this project within our community.

You can find the full plan at www.oliver.ca

For any questions on Food Security in Oliver, I can be reached at FoodSecure@oliver.ca

Publisher: Caitlyn has promised a series of reports to be published on ODN over the next ten months.


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Board of Education Report May 23, 2018

Following is a brief report of items discussed at the May 23, 2018 Board of Education meeting.

District staff reported that on May 15/16, 2018, approximately 20 Grade 10/11 students travelled to Vancouver to attend the BC Youth Technology Summit with lead teacher Rod Kitt. From all reports, there was a lot exposure to even more opportunities and paths in the tech sector for these students which is very exciting for their future endeavours.

September 7, 2018 will be an additional non-instructional day to support the implementation of the new curriculum. The Ministry of Education, through legislative changes, set the additional non-instructional hours to support educators implementing the new curriculum.

In a cooperative effort with SD 53, South Okanagan Teachers Union, and the South Okanagan Principals Association contributing funds to bring in George Couros to work with us for the day. Couros is a leading educator in innovative teaching, learning and leadership. He has done extensive work and speaking on the topic of innovative student learning and engagement. Mr. Courus will set the stage in a morning keynote address around changes occurring in education and in today’s classssroom and why they are important for today’s learners and tomorrow’s educated citizens.

Trustees, parents and community members are invited to join the keynote portion of the day from 8:30-10:00 am in the Frank Venables Theatre.

Moving forward with the new curriculum, there are a few areas of focus. As schools prepare to transition from Planning 10 and Grad Trans 12 to the new Career Grad Program, the district is taking steps to support our schools and teachers with this redesign. We have met with teams from other districts to collaborate on what opportunities may be possible in our context with these courses.

A second area where we must support our schools and teachers due to some major changes is with the revision of the English curriculum from Grades 10-12. The three secondary schools have plans in place on how they will be offering choice within the English classes for next year.

The required numeracy assessment that is now part of the new graduation program was offered at SOSS and OSS in January of this year as these schools chose to pilot the first writing. All our secondary schools, including YouLearn, will now be offering this exam to Grade 11 students in June. Starting next year, students in Grades 10- 12 will have the opportunity to write this exam up to three times, so they may improve their score.

The first year of being a SOGI district has been a successful one. Though there is still much work to do, the first-year goals of increasing inclusivity and safety for all students by becoming more openly accepting of students with gender identity and sexual orientations that might be non-traditional have been met. Schools have embraced the need to create a culture of inclusivity and tolerance that is safe for all students. We appreciate the support across our district from trustees, parents, staff and students.

Rob Zandee, Chairperson
School District No. 53 (Okanagan Similkameen)

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Suspect in Lower Mainland incident nabbed in Oliver

Attempt Murder Suspect Arrested in Oliver


2018-05-29 14:16 PDT

File # 2018-18664

Thomas BRYDGES has been arrested on the Canada Wide Arrest Warrant in Oliver, BC.

An officer working general duty in the area spotted BRYDGES and recognized him from Bulletin fanned out by Langley RCMP. He was co-operative with the arresting officer and taken into custody without incident. His motorcycle has been towed in Oliver.

The Attempt Murder investigation will continue and Langley RCMP investigators will provide the details to the BC Prosecution Service for their consideration.

Thank you to our media partners for their swift response to assist with this investigation and arrest.
Released by

Cpl. Holly Largy

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Oliver Arena – Saturday

Spring is a great time to rid yards, sheds and storage rooms of unwanted items, and the saying “one person’s junk is another one’s treasure” rings true this Saturday at the Oliver Arena where Oliver Parks and Recreation will be hosting a Community Garage & Plant Sale. The event on June 2nd is a chance to check out multiple family garage sales under one roof and the proceeds from table rentals and the BBQ sponsored by Kevin’s No Frills will go to the Oliver Small Wheels Park project.

The project is an effort to revitalize the current skatepark facility that was built in 2000 in Lion’s Park by a committed group of residents in memory of Joel Waines, an avid skateboarder who died tragically at the age of 16. The park is in desperate need of repair in order to keep the legacy of the space alive. In March a Public Input Workshop hosted by New Line Skateparks was attended by approx. 25 youth and adults, who provided valuable ideas to be used to create new concept designs. The designs were released for the first time on an open house at the skatepark in Lion’s Park on Sunday May 27th. These plans will also be on display at the Garage Sale event on Saturday and feedback forms will be available for people to submit input concepts.

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Fairview Rd to be paved Wednesday

Wonderful news – road prep work going on now with paving tomorrow and then the road will be completely open.

Grizzly Construction continues to service the roadway (Station Street) near the entrance to the new hotel.

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Update: Odd deck decision reversed,,,,quietly

May 28 – Council reverses itself with few words spoken. Legal advice sought and given on the decision making process. The vote to reverse the decision 3 to 1 with one councilor withdrawing from the decision.  Another odd decision with very little comment from anyone.

May 14 – Based on a question from a reporter at the end of a long meeting of Oliver Council – the issue of a variance requested by builder Mark Pankratz – rejected in a 3 to 1 vote – will likely be brought back for reconsideration May 28th. No explanation was offered by the Town staff or council. Acting Mayor Dave Mattes pointed out that under the community charter a Mayor may ask council to reconsider a decision made earlier.

Previously – April 23

Mark Pankratz, Developer – underneath the home deck

The building inspector said ok – permit for the home issued. (6965 Mountainview Drive at Lakeside)

Home with Deck built but a variance needed – no stop work order every issued and the Town’s planner recommends the variance to members of council.

Council says no based on arguments presented by Councillor Dave Mattes.  “Build first – ask permission second too much of that going on in the home construction
sector”- he said.

Mattes also pointed out the width of projection from the wall and the length of a deck allowed in this case. He stated that 3 variances should have been asked for in this situation.

A variance for a setback was requested and those details very complicated.

Developer Mark Pankratz says the house had been planned in such a way but once footings needed to go in – a problem surfaced with the adjacent house so it was moved forward in the lot – affecting setbacks.

Ultimately – the situation came down to some confusion with Town staff.

Pankratz says he is not willing to give up and will do more research on exactly what is the difference between a balcony and a dec*k and how are the definitions being used to hinder the project. Based on the decision at council – most of the built deck will have to be taken down – shaped (much smaller) to conform with the Town bylaws that indicate set backs and the size of a deck projecting out from the building.

Council vote: To deny – Mattes, Schwartzenberger and Hovanes. To approve – Doerr. Absent Veintimilla

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Controlled burn?

Bernard Bedard


Sandra Smith

On the way to Baldy near McKinney Road

1 helicopter, two small planes and three bomber sited Monday evening

For the record when smoke spotted yesterday many told this was to be a controlled burn.


Now confirmed as a new fire 5-10 hectares labelled Wolf Cub for nearby creek. Apparently a lot of fuel in the area and BC Forest wanted to get this one under control quickly.  Some smoke still visible to the east of Oliver.

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Oliver Town Council – two briefs

Zoning Bylaw 1380

Petition to not change allowable businesses (including existing)  in industrial zone – one owner has a rock crushing event once a year but council seems to have bowed to pressure and will allow day to day, year round gravel crushing in the M-1 Industrial Zone. To quote Mayor Ron Hovanes – there are more complaints about trying remove some items from the list of permitable business than there are for the actual affects of some heavy industrial uses.

Council decision 4 to 1.

Smoke Free Bylaw  1375

After a 90 minute discussion about gravel crushing, petitions brought forward etc council got to the decision making part of the meeting but in the final analysis disregarded staff, argued endlessly  and made no decision other than to defer until a future meeting time. What started as a No Smoke policy in Oliver morphed into an never ending list of questions, answers, changes in language until most were bored with it and the question deferred yet again.

Councillor Petra Veintimillia summed it up best. We are about to be in the busiest period of park usage and we have not agreed on the Smoke Free bylaw in parks as requested. Mayor Ron Hovanes, just back from two weeks in Hawaii said hotels there are…. NO SMOKING zones, as are the beaches – “why are trying to define the exclusions/”. Councillor Dave Mattes stated this started as a no smoking in the parks idea and ballooned into a complete ban in most if not all places in Town.

It’s back to the drawing board.



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Out for a swim – two ducks & one eye *

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Car flipped at Rd 21 – 1 to hospital

Time 1:45 pm Monday
Location: South of Rd 20
Injuries: not known
In attendance: EMS, RCMP and Oliver Fire Department
Traffic flow disrupted

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Public health vs free choice vs biz interest

Smoke Free Bylaw 1375

The purpose of this report is to present an amended bylaw for Council’s consideration with regard to implementing smoking regulations within the boundary of the Town of Oliver.

1.Council may choose to support the recommendation
2.Council may choose to refer back to staff for additional information
3.Council may choose not to support the recommendation

That Smoke Free Bylaw 1375 be forwarded to the Regular Council Meeting of June 11, 2018

At the November 24, 2017 Regular meeting Council received correspondence from a resident concerned about public smoking (cigarette, vaping, cannabis) in public spaces (pool, splash park, playgrounds, parks, etc.). Council sought input from Oliver Parks & Recreation Society and they provided the following resolution:
That staff be directed to provide comment to the Town of Oliver on behalf of the Society that supports a restriction of all forms of public smoking in the public facilities and parks operated by the Society (Arena, Hall, Pool, Rotary Park, Community Park, Kinsmen Splash Park, and Lion’s Park) and that those restrictions be regulated by the Town of Oliver.

Interior Health Authority provided support to staff in the development of a smoke free bylaw with sample bylaws together with educational and promotional materials regarding smoking cessation. Staff utilized provisions from like-sized municipalities in the development of a bylaw suitable for the Town of Oliver and reflects the highest level lof municipal restrictions and provincial legislation.

At the April 23, 2018 Committee of the Whole meeting staff presented a draft of Town of Oliver Smoke Free Bylaw 1375 to Council for discussion. The bylaw was deferred back to staff for changes and be brought back to a future regular meeting for consideration.

Some questions that arose were:
•Who will enforce the bylaw? For example at pubs with outdoor patios
•Does the “responsible person” become the enforcement officer?
•Street is an “outdoor public space” can this be clarified?
•What will the fine amounts be?

At the May 14, 2018 Council discussed the changes to the bylaw and referred the bylaw back to staff for further investigation regarding regulations to businesses with outdoor patios.

Upon further investigation and discussion with the Interior Health Authority and in reviewing the Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Regulations,  it was noted that Section 4.22 (3) exempts patios that serve food and beverages from having to meet the 6m buffer zone around entranceways (as long as the doors and windows are kept shut and not left open, smoking can be allowed in the entire patio).

Therefore, no consultation was undertaken with the businesses with the outdoor patios.

Staff have removed the definition of “customer service area” from the proposed bylaw as well as have changed the suggested 7.5 metre buffer zone back to the Provincial regulated 6 metre buffer zone.

To be discussed today at 4pm Town of Oliver – Committee of the Whole


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by Olivia Agt VonGonzenbach

at Linden Gardens

what is it? but beautiful

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Scenes in passing

Oliver Theatre is in the “blue”

Seasons change – provincial firefighters packed up and left without a dance

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by Colleen Misner

Bee having tea in the raspberry bush

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Sunday’s Hayman Classic

We were volunteers at the Hayman Classic Youth race today, Black Sage Road area south of town, we were at Orchard and Ryegrass, nice day to be out supporting the youth.

The young chap with the yellow helmet was in the lead on most of the laps.

Submitted by Dave Whalley

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Oliver Ambassador’s Fairytale Tea on Saturday

2018 Candidates: (L – R), Jasmeen Gill, Jassimran Sidhu, Enola Mills, Avnit Sidhu, Eisha Gill, Rabbjot Mundahar, Bridget Miller, and Jennifer Zepeda

All participants, Ambassadors, Candidates, 2017 and 2018 Buddies and Door Prize Winners

Submitted by Lori Martine

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Woof-stock draws a crowd

A family affair

3 times as many dogs as last year

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