Food Bank in Oliver – 2018 – a year of progress

The Oliver Food Bank is pleased to announce its successful application for a ‘Perishable Food Refrigeration Grant’.

This grant was arranged through Food Banks BC with funds provided by the province of British Columbia to assist food banks across B.C. with financial assistance to increase their refrigeration capacity.

At the Oliver Food Bank this grant provided funding to upgrade the cold storage area to a walk-in freezer, funded the addition of a walk-in cooler and the purchase of a refrigerated van.


a new truck for pick ups and deliveries

Do not be confused – local donations NOT being used for these improvements. $15 thousand for the freezer and $ 40 thousand for the walk in cooler.

they had a room – it became a walk in freezer

What can you do? Get involved.
First volunteer.
Second say I can help into the future.
Third – what is needed is commitment – many of the present volunteers in their 70’s and 80’s – they worry about who will replace them. It is a well run organization – doing extremely well in its mission. Try to help

Jim Oullette in new addition to the build a walk in cooler

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  1. Roy Wood – reporter – Osoyoos Council and special assignments
  2. Mary Fry Designs – graphics
  3. Pat Whalley – weekly column
  4. Fred Steele – weekly column – The Steele Report
  5. Joseph Seiler – weekly column – Think about it
  6. Henry Wiebe – weekly column – On the Sunnyside
  7. Michelle Weisheit – bi weekly column -finance
  8. Sundance Video – Down the Aisle
  9. Photographers: Paul Eby, Ron Peace, Robert Sieben, Edwin Dukes, Dave Whalley, Jeremy Cook, Bernard Bedard, John Chapman, Brandt Leinor, Marjo Koskinen, Paul Johnson
  10. Comments: Pat Hampson, Neil Seidler, Kevin Tomlin, Ed Machial, Bill Eggert, Karen Tribbick , Terry Schafer, Lia Pinske, and many more
  11. All those that use free events and free classified – yes that is all about readership
  12. Baldy Affairs – Sam Smith
  13. Nunes-Pottinger – a fact resource and valued customer
  14. Fotis Sotiros – Firehall Bistro
  15. Oliver Elks – an example of community service
  16. Remedy Rx
  17. Ken Campbell, Deb McCallum and Derek Morgan – Osoyoos
  18. All customers with annual buttons – sometimes 60 – you count them
  19. All customers who used poster advertising including Frank Venables Theatre, Oliver Parks and Recreation, RDOS, School Board and Town of Oliver
  20. Churches of Oliver – Alliance, Park Drive, Catholic, VCCC
  21. Charities of Oliver – Highway to Healing, Knights of Columbus, Oliver Food Bank
  22. If I have forgotten you – help the old guy out with his memory
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Notes for a Monday

  • Need a poll question – must be short and snappy
  • Love to have more pictures sent in
  • News in short supply – last week of inaction by local government – back to busy-ness January 3rd at RDOS
  • This being the end of another great year for ODN – we shall thank many people who help us be the premiere SO site – not to be missed and heavily watched
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Sun and snow in New Year forecasts

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Peak in centre is called?

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by Dick Cannings

Lesser Goldfinch above

Christmas Bird Count report 2018 from Oliver-Osoyoos

Highlight was the first sighting of Lesser Goldfinch on the count.

European Starling 3851
Canada Goose 2216
Dark-eyed (Oregon) Junco 1449

Trumpeter Swan 30
Tundra Swan 2
Wood Duck 2
Gadwall 25
American Wigeon 63
Mallard 1896
Northern Shoveler 1
Northern Pintail 2
Green-winged Teal 31
Canvasback 2
Redhead 19
Ring-necked Duck 15
Greater Scaup 159
Lesser Scaup 263
Scaup sp. 8
Bufflehead 168
Common Goldeneye 64
Barrow’s Goldeneye 13
goldeneye, sp. 15
Hooded Merganser 30
Common Merganser 93
Red-breasted Merganser 2
California Quail 1603
Chukar 151
Gray Partridge 12
Ring-necked Pheasant 10
Ruffed Grouse 1
Common Loon 5
Pied-billed Grebe 13
Horned Grebe 12
Red-necked Grebe 6
Western Grebe 3
Great Blue Heron 11
Golden Eagle 6
Northern Harrier 22
Sharp-shinned Hawk 8
Cooper’s Hawk 14
Northern Goshawk 1
Accipiter, sp. 1
Bald Eagle-adult 51
Red-tailed Hawk 48
Rough-legged Hawk 3
American Coot 651
Killdeer 2
Dunlin 1
Wilson’s Snipe 3
Ring-billed Gull 55
California Gull 8
Herring Gull 13
Glaucous-winged Gull 1
gull, sp. 14
Rock Pigeon 108
Eurasian Collared-Dove 236
Mourning Dove 50
Barn Owl 1
Great Horned Owl 3
Northern Pygmy-Owl 3
Long-eared Owl 2
Northern Saw-whet Owl 3
Belted Kingfisher 8
Downy Woodpecker 12
Hairy Woodpecker 1
Northern Flicker 291
Pileated Woodpecker 1
American Kestrel 11
Merlin 4
Peregrine Falcon 2
Northern Shrike 7
Canada Jay 2
Steller’s Jay 6
Black-billed Magpie 52
Clark’s Nutcracker 8
American Crow 53
Common Raven 440
Black-capped Chickadee 114
Mountain Chickadee 26
Red-breasted Nuthatch 27
White-breasted Nuthatch 8
Pygmy Nuthatch 55
Brown Creeper 1
Canyon Wren 9
Pacific Wren 1
Marsh Wren 1
Bewick’s Wren 1
Golden-crowned Kinglet 7
Ruby-crowned Kinglet 1
Western Bluebird 60
Townsend’s Solitaire 11
Hermit Thrush 1
American Robin 921
Varied Thrush 1
European Starling 3851
Bohemian Waxwing 54
Cedar Waxwing 19
Yellow-rumped Warbler 9
Yellow-rumped (Aud.) Warbler 2
American Tree Sparrow 18
Dark-eyed (Slate-colored) Junco 1
White-crowned Sparrow 153
Song Sparrow 167
Swamp Sparrow 2
Spotted Towhee 3
Red-winged Blackbird 148
Rusty Blackbird 1
Brewer’s Blackbird 170
House Finch 439
Cassin’s Finch 7
Red Crossbill 84
Pine Siskin 250
American Goldfinch 120
Lesser Goldfinch 3
House Sparrow 547


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baldy banner

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by Nancy Falkus Overton

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by Marjo Koskinen

Not enough snow for some

Look for a hill higher up the mountains

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by Pat Whalley


Every year we get more and more creative in our inventions, so many great ideas put into plan, however I have a few ideas for making life easier that surely are worthy of being put into plan.

We now have a car that parks itself, what a great idea.  How often have you been intimidated whilst trying to back into a space on a busy road only to have several drivers held up, while you perform the operation?  However, why has no genius invented wheels that turn ninety degrees, all at the same time, so a car can just slide into any spot.  Imagine never having a red face again for holding up traffic, just turn a switch and sit back while your car slides neatly into place and, later on, slides back out again.

At one time all taxi cabs had a glass or plexiglass partition between driver and passengers, this gave privacy for conversations of passengers and the driver could concentrate on his driving.  Why not then do this same thing in mini-vans?  Mom sits up front, listening to her favourite music and the kids whine, scream and argue in the back, unheard by mom.  Surely a safer way to drive than her continually threatening to “stop the car and deal with you”.

There should always be one island, in the gas station where they fill up the tank for you, even if just on one day each week.  If it can be built with a Timmy’s drive through window, life would be perfect.  Never mind waving your foot under the bumper to activate your car trunk.  Standing on one leg, with several armfuls of groceries while waving your foot around is difficult.  So much easier if a built in camera should recognise you as you approach and automatically open the door.

Most women would love these type of inventions but it is not just on the road, there are so many little things that would improve the running of the home.  Stove tops could come with a sensor that automatically turns down a boiling pot and adjusts the heat to simmer.  Toilet roll holders should be made more technical so a man would be interested in refilling it, what is the challenge in just sliding it on and off?  Ditto garbage can lids, if it was fun to take out the trash, more men would be inclined to do it.

Socks should have a Velcro dot on the toe so one of them can never get lost in the laundry.  Laundry hampers should be designed to look like a car hood, that way guys would open them up now and again.

Telephones should automatically record conversations received so hubby can never be accused of forgetting to pass on messages.

Women’s personal products should come in a plane brown wrapper so husbands can buy them without embarrassment.  Lingerie departments should have a row of plastic bums and boobs, in all sizes, so men can buy underwear that actually fits their spouse.

Surely most of these inventions are just common sense but what a difference they would make to daily life.  Just imagine…never again to be caught without paper on the roll while your dinner boils all over the stove

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Barbara McLintock – great reporter – then an executive coroner

Lisa Lapointe, chief coroner, has issued the following statement on the death of Barbara McLintock:

“On behalf of the entire team at the BC Coroners Service, I would like to acknowledge the tremendous loss we are all feeling today after learning of the sudden death of our friend and colleague Barb McLintock.

“Barb died early this morning from complications of recently diagnosed thyroid cancer. She was 68.

“Barb served with the BC Coroners Service for 14 years, first as an investigating coroner beginning in 2004. In 2011, she became the first coroner of strategic programs, which included managing communications and media relations. Barb was a natural in this role, as a well-respected journalist from her days as a legislative reporter and beat reporter at the Vancouver Province in its “hey days”

She elevated the awareness of the work done by our agency in death investigation and leaves a tremendous legacy in this regard.

“In February 2017, Barb retired from her full-time role and returned a few months later on a part-time basis, helping on strategic projects and supporting the strategic communications office.

“I cannot say enough about the credibility, professionalism and experience Barb brought to the coroners service. Barb was on a first-name basis with virtually every experienced journalist in the province, as well as most of the politicians. She collaborated with health authorities and other stakeholders on a number of committees and brought immense expertise and a solid common-sense approach to all of her interactions.

“On a personal level, Barb was someone I trusted implicitly to have the best interests of the coroners service at heart. Her advice was always honest, informed and valuable.

“We fondly remember Barb and her knack for storytelling, her incredible sense of duty and public service, as well as her kindness and thoughtful acts. She will be truly missed.”

Editor’s note: I do usually post deaths in such circumstance but Barbara was one of the best in the field of journalism. Proud to say I worked with Barbara McLintock 1969-1984

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Roads in SO dangerous – drive with caution

Reports of up to five inches of snow needs to be cleared off many streets, roads and highways.

It is chilly in the wind at the moment with a forecast of snow and rain mixed. Temperature near freezing.

In Oliver – sidewalks are being cleared. Highway conditions improving – some slushy sections,

slip slide slush and skate

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Three escape serious injury

Location: just north of Oliver Sign at Leighton Crescent. Two cars collide on slippery Hwy 97 with one pushed off the roadway into a thicket.

Time: 5 am Saturday.

Three persons treated at the scene. Assistance provided by crews from Oliver Fire Department and EMS.

On arrival RCMP took command of the scene. Police and EMS took all those injured to hospital for a checkup.

Traffic diverted around the impact site. Tow truck used to remove two cars.

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by Bernard Bedard

Captured this on a hike in Arizona!

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Down the aisle

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On the Sunnyside

Was It An Empty Christmas?


Empty is not a word normally associated with Christmas. We don’t want to even think of emptiness. We want piles of gifts under the tree, a house full of family and friends, full stockings and full stomachs. We want to be full of joy and good cheer. Tragically, some did have to cope with empty stomachs, empty places at the table, empty wallets and empty hearts. However, there are also some very significant, positive empty things connected with this season.

 Christ emptied Himself

The account in Phil. 2:7 tells us that when Jesus came to earth “He made Himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant”. This is very difficult to understand. How could the God of the universe take the form of a man and do that? It is even more stupendous than having a king, president or prime minister take the place of a slave laborer voluntarily. We want to be a somebody, not a nobody. But He did that for us.

 The manger is empty

We love the picture of an innocent Baby in the manger. It is an awesome scene but we can’t keep Him there. Our natural inclination would be to have Him stay there. After all, it is much cuter and more comfortable to deal with Baby Jesus than the thundering Prophet or the probing Teacher who pierces our thoughts, challenges our hypocrisy and cuts across the cords of our culture. But the manger is empty. God’s visit to earth was not going to be just a cute social event in which we could “ooh” and “aah” over a baby and then go on our way undisturbed. He came to intervene and even interfere. He came to comfort and console but also to confront and convict. We are sorely mistaken if our only mental image of God is that of a doting Grandfather or of the Son of God as a cute Baby. The manger is empty now.

 The cross is empty

The cross has a lot to do with Christmas. You see, He came to die not just to visit. They couldn’t leave Him in the manger where He wouldn’t challenge us, so they decided to nail Him to the cross where He couldn’t interfere, they thought. But He rose again when all seemed to be black with hopeless defeat. He continues to reach out to mankind with even greater hope. He came to die so that we might have life. (John 10:10)

 Many hearts are empty

Although the days were scheduled full, the dinner tables were full and the space under the tree loaded with gifts, many hearts were still very empty. Somehow the conviction pierces through the busyness, the festivity and the materialism with the thought that this really isn’t fulfilling. There is something missing. There is a great emptiness in there somewhere. Jesus said, “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” May this be the year you discover that a personal relationship of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the only thing that can fill that emptiness.

Life is full on the sunny side

Henry Wiebe

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Farm workers who hand-harvest crops get rate increase

The minimum wage for farm workers paid by piece rate will increase by 11.5% on Jan. 1, 2019, making life more affordable for workers who hand-harvest certain crops in B.C.

This increase is the same rate of increase made to the general minimum wage in June 2018. The last increase to the agricultural piece rates took place in September 2017.

In B.C., piece rates are set for 15 different crops, including many products enjoyed by people over the holidays, such as Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, apples, peas, grapes and green beans.

To ensure farm workers paid by piece rate are making, and continue to make, a fair wage, the Fair Wages Commission is taking an in-depth look at how to ensure compensation for farmworkers is both fair for workers and sustainable for farm operators.

Karen Taylor, an agricultural economist, is preparing a report to inform this work, which will include input from farmers, as well as workers who hand-harvest crops, on how the piece rate system is working in B.C.

The independent Fair Wages Commission was established to advise government on an approach to raising provincial minimum wages with increases that are regular, measured and predictable.

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by Torrey Allen

Roadside – highway 16 near Terrace – May 7, 2018

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A lot of questions

Have you had a flu shot?

Can you believe – twice as much flu this year…. but to children.

Do you and your family normally get a flu shot?



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Go Fund Me page for Elroy Pankratz

On Christmas Eve 2018, Elroy Pankratz had a major stroke while visiting his family in Oregon.

He was transported via ambulance to St  Anthony’s hospital in Pendleton, Oregon. There it was determined the severity of his case required a neurological surgeon, which in turn necessitated a 200-mile emergency flight to Providence Medical Center in Portland.

Upon arrival, he immediately underwent surgery in the early hours of Christmas morning to remove a blood clot in his brain.

As a Canadian citizen, Elroy is ordinarily covered by his nation’s health insurance. Unfortunately, that likely will not cover any expenses out of the country. Regardless, between an ambulance ride, emergency flight, care at two hospitals, and emergency surgery Christmas morning, the costs are going to be tremendous.

Elroy and Nancy have given their lives to helping others and have touched many lives in amazing and powerful ways.

Both were once missionaries to remote first nations in BC Canada, have made numerous foreign aid and missions trips all over the world, and have relentlessly cared for family members in need.

We’re estimating more than $100,000 US (~$140k Canadian) in medical expenses and it could be much more.

We’re asking those whose lives Elroy has touched to help us reach a goal for a portion of the costs. Please consider giving to help Elroy and Nancy pay for this expense. Please pray for our family during this difficult time.

Submitted by:
Elroy’s Family

GoFundMe page

Update from son Mark Pankratz

“Dad is stable now and thanks to some great people in Penticton we have advanced life support and a Medivac plane bringing him back to Canada today where he will be cared for at Penticton Regional Hospital. We are believing for a full recovery. Dad has such great faith and a great attitude, and he still has his sense of humour and says he is in the penalty box!  I have been moved to tears over and over again as people around the world, many I have never met have prayed and sent financial support. Together we can make a difference!”

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Re defining consultation – Parks Canada

The following updates have been added to the web consultation page of the proposed national park reserve in the South Okanagan Similkameen

1. Map – Working boundary of proposed national
park reserve updated with clarification on private lands.

2. Map – Regional context updated with clarification on private lands.

3. A PDF copy of the consultation paper added.

4. A Writable PDF copy of survey added.

5. An Infographic – Update on Key Issues: Visitation, Law Enforcement and Property Values added.

6. Map – Proposed national park reserve boundary overlap with Agriculture Land Reserve added.

7. Map – Proposed national park reserve boundary overlap with provincial Wildlife Management Regions added.

8. An Inset Map of Fairview- Cawston Private Land Parcels added.

9. An Inset Map of Spotted Lake Private Land Parcels added.

10. A kml file of the proposed working national park boundary available for download.

11. A geomark link of the proposed working national park boundary for download.

*NOTE* – there have been problems with the website recognizing some postal codes. This issue has been fixed, so please try the site again if you were previously having issues.

More information on the proposed national park reserve can be found:

Thank you, and please share or distribute this e-mail to others that may also be interested in periodic updates on the proposed national park reserve in the South Okanagan-Similkameen.

Sarah Boyle, M.Sc., P. Biol
Project Manager

Photos and map supplied by Parks Canada

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Flurries predicted

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Garbage and Recycling – Christmas time

in Oliver
Christmas Tree Drop Off & Garbage/Recycling Collection

The Town of Oliver will be offering a Christmas Tree Drop-Off, sponsored by EZ Bins. A pink EZ Bin will be located on Station Street just north of Bank Avenue on the east boulevard. Residents can drop their natural trees, free of decorations and tinsel, until Thursday, January 10, 2019.

Alternatively, residents can take their natural tree to any landfill free of charge. Christmas light strings, bulbs, and fixtures can be recycled at the T2 Market and the Oliver Landfill.

Residents are reminded that there is no change of dates for garbage and recycling collection. Items NOT accepted in the recycling bin include foil gift wrap, musical greeting cards, ribbon or bows.


in Osoyoos
Holiday Curbside Garbage and Recycle schedule will be as follows

· December 29, 2018 (Garbage and Recycling)
· January 8, 2019 (Garbage and Recycling)
– NO pick-up on January 1, 2019.

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Theatre Manager – (4)



Live Link

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by Edwin Dukes

Home at last

includes banner of trees above

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banner ed trees

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News briefs

December 23 – a SUV rolled three time on an icy roadway near Willowbrook.

The driver got out but injured – nothing life threatening.

Willowbrook Fire Department dispatched at 21:11 pm Saturday to an icy roadway near the Sawmill Lake Forest Service Rd

This was an RCMP vehicle on a call as confirmed by the Penticton detachment.


Prolific offender – 25 year old Osoyoos resident Tyson Joseph Ryan – picked up in Penticton after stealing a truck in Oliver.

On December 22nd, 2018, a suspect gained entry to a vehicle parked in front of a residence in the Town of Oliver.

He used the garage door opener left inside to open the resident’s garage. Keys, a wallet and the truck stolen.

Later in Penticton the suspect attempted to use a credit card but reported to police by the store clerk.

Extensive patrols were conducted by Penticton RCMP, which resulted in an Officer locating the stolen truck driving in the West Bench area. A foot pursuit ensued, and the Officer was able to locate and successfully take the accused into custody.

Ryan is well known to police in the South Okanagan. He was remanded into custody facing numerous charges, including break and enter, possession of property obtained by crime, theft of credit cards and breaching his probation order.

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