Senpaq’cin School (SenPokChin)

Questions and then answers –

Which school in BC on Indian Land offers IB International Baccalaureate programs?


The International Baccalaureate program provides a course of study and tools for assessing students as well as programs for training teachers. … Students in the IB program are assessed by their own teachers as well as by international educators from around the world. Involvement in this program is recognized in the best schools in the world – About 50 such schools exist in BC – 25 public 25 private and yes one in Oliver.

Senpaq’chin was given this designation in August of last year. Val Allen – ‘Head of School’ gives much credit to a former principal, Heather Kelliher for planting the seed in getting Senpaq’cin into this special programme.

Who is the first person of native ancestry to lead the primary/elementary school on the Osoyoos Indian Reserve?

Val Allen, 53, left UBC with a degree in 1991 – a special programme called *NITEP. She taught in Lytton and Seabird Island near Agassiz. In total 28+ years as an educator in public schools and native student classrooms.  Val is a graduate of SOSS – 1984

Tell us more about Senpaq’cin

101 students – 12 teachers and 7 classrooms with 7 Education Assistants.  No classroom has more than 20 seats. This school is inclusive – a great choice for any child indigenous or not. Collaboration one of the key words used by staff. Students encouraged to collaborate and the staff as well.

*Indigenous Teacher Education Program

Hose parade heads for a garden

Our Lesson for today is

The basics of connecting a garden hose to an outdoor spigot are quite simple. The hose has two ends that are threaded differently. One end has a cuff that can fit over the threading of the spigot, allowing it to be tightened so that it holds the hose firmly to the spigot when it is turned on. The other end will generally have the opposite threading, allowing another hose or one of several accessories to be screwed onto it. When the hose has been secured to the spigot, the rubber or fiber that the hose is made of is designed to be sufficiently strong to hold in the water pressure if the other end of the hose has a sealed valve on it; otherwise the water simply flows through the hose and out the other end.

Tucelnuit Elementary students on a field trip to get a garden hose and learn just what it does to help mother nature

Fiasco or ?

No Mount Polley in Manning Park!

Imperial Metals still hasn’t recovered billions of litres of contaminated waste spilled into Quesnel Lake when the Mount Polley mine dam collapsed in 2014.

Now the company has applied for permits to drill for gold right in the middle of Manning Park and Skagit Provincial Park.

Imperial wants to build a mine high in the headwaters of the Skagit River. Never mind the grizzly bears, the elk, the owls, the salmon – and everybody downstream. There’s gold in them hills!

Imperial is a major political donor accustomed to getting its way in B.C. Even after the largest tailings dam failure in North American history, the company never faced charges or paid a penny in fines.

This new proposal adds insult to injury.

Manning Park is a recreation area treasured by British Columbians – and a crucial wildlife corridor for the whole Cascade mountain ecosystem.

Sign our petition and tell the B.C. government: no Mount Polley in the Skagit River headwaters!


Creek update

Testalinda Creek – less silt – flowing lightly

Hester – dry
Tinhorn – dry
Reed – dry
Wolf Cub – dry

Active Nk’Mip
Active Vaseux
Active Park Rill System
Actibe Shuttleworth

Sometimes rumours are true… Summerland loses CAO

District of Summerland chief administrative officer Linda Tynan quit her job Monday.

In a brief news release Monday, the municipality said Tynan left to “pursue other opportunities.”

“During her time with the District, Ms. Tynan worked diligently to build a strong and knowledgeable management team,” the district statement said. “She assisted with continuing to move council initiatives forward, such as the Summerland Arts and Cultural Centre and the solar and storage project.”

As recently as last week, mayor Toni Boot had been denying rumours of Tynan’s departure.

Two weeks ago ODN first reported on this with a headline – ‘CAO gone’ after being told this information by respected sources in Summerland ( inside council and outside ) . Both ODN and Castanet attempted to corroborate this information with no success being told Tynan was an ‘active employee’

In the news business sometimes you just have to wait until the cards fall into place. It took that long to agree to a press release and make final arrangements.


Her resignation on Monday took effect immediately. Tynan said she made the decision to leave the municipality for personal reasons “It was time to make a change,” she said. “I was splitting my time between two households — one in Summerland and one in Nelson. The traveling started to get to be too much and I missed being with my family during the week.”

Mayor Toni Boot said the municipality will now begin the process of finding a replacement for Tynan, likely by hiring an interim CAO first and then searching for a permanent CAO. Boot said the search process will likely take until late spring.

She added that after a municipal election, there is movement of senior level municipal staff members in communities around the province. She added that Tynan was not forced to resign from her role with Summerland.

“It’s not uncommon within the first six months after an election for a CAO position to be vacated and for someone else to step in,” Boot said.

Source: with files from Summerland Review and Castanet

Scooter kid taken home to parents

A young child was returned safely to its parents Sunday by RCMP in Penticton.

Police were called to Lions Park just before 8 a.m. by a man that had located a young child alone.

Officers attended and met with the caller and child, who was not injured but had complained about being cold. Officers provided a jacket for warmth.

Despite the child’s young age, Officers drove the child home a short distance away, where sleeping parents were completely unaware the youth had snuck out of the house.

“It appears the child had left on their own and headed to the nearby park on their scooter,” said Const. Liz Vant Erve of the Penticton RCMP.

All happy in the end. Police did not reveal whether it was a boy or girl or the age of the child.

What is this….? and when…?

Penticton Regional Hospital (PRH) started construction in 1951 and opened doors March 11, 1953.

Oliver’s St. Martin’s Hospital would be newer than the Haven Hill location of Penticton’s older Hospital built in 1916.

My mother was born in 1916 and says she was delivered in the Dr. RB White clinic, a small hospital (house/building) just to the north of the “brand new” one at Haven Hill. Think you could write a book on the history of medicine in the South Okanagan.

Newer too would be Summerland Hospital built around 1940? Seen below.

Pictures owned by Okanagan Archives Trust Society (OATS)

Thanks to Aunt Gail for her research.

Learn to save a friend

In under five minutes, you can become equipped to save the life of someone suffering from an opioid overdose. By administering a fast-acting drug called naloxone, the life-threatening side effects of an overdose can be temporarily reversed.

Community paramedics, the RCMP and community nurses will be on hand at each naloxonetraining event to teach the public how to recognize the signs and symptoms of an overdose, and to answer questions. The events also include a short presentation on harm reduction, and a personal story by a Moms Stop the Harm representative.

The number of illicit drug overdose deaths in BC equates to almost 3 deaths per day, with the Okanagan being one of the five areas in BC with the highest rates of overdose deaths.

“Learning to administer naloxone is effective and relatively simple,” says Todd Kunz, a community paramedic in Osoyoos. “Essentially, injecting naloxone reverses the effects of an overdose, which has caused a person’s breathing to slow or stop.”

Events scheduled for:

Osoyoos Monday, May 6th, 6-8pm, Sonora Community Centre (8505 68 Ave., Osoyoos)

Keremeos Tuesday, May 7th, 6-8pm, Victory Hall (427 Crowsnest Hwy, Keremeos)

Oliver Thursday, May 9th, 6-8pm, Oliver Senior Centre (5876 Airport St., Oliver)


High noon Sunday – parade in progress

Shot near RCMP station and Fire Hall – heading the long way to the Community Park

Katie Di Iuorio

“Just watched the parade as it passed by our house; beautiful, and how fortunate we are, to have such wonderful community members. We live next to the Sikh temple in Oliver, they are good neighbours. The 2nd Vasakhi Nagan Kirtan Ceremony brings colour and beauty to our town.

Thank-you to the organizers and participants.”

Praemonitus, Praemunitus

Left & Right

Are you more left or more right?

I suspect that not many will be all left or all right, but I could be wrong. Think about the continuum of left and right and then we can continue the discussion in the coming weeks and in light of the up-coming election.


You are progressive, look to the future, egalitarian, idealist, pro fair trade, support workers, seek personal freedom, focus on society, and ethics-based. A nurturing parent, you expect our education system to teach one to ask questions, relate, and co-operate with others. You expect that this parenting and education will create the potential for one to become a fulfilled adult.

For you, equality means a level playing field and freedom is freedom from abuse of power. You value Equality over Freedom.

You vote for fairness, helping those who cannot help themselves, positive role models, champions of the downtrodden, diplomacy, peace, and government regulation of economy, business, and industry. Your government will tax and spend.


You are a pragmatist, look to the past, believe in meritocracy, pro free trade, support employers, seek economic freedom, focus on the individual, and morals-based. A tough love parent, you expect our education system to teach skills and knowledge to compete and succeed. You expect that this will build capability and character for one to become a self-reliant adult.

For you, equality means opportunity and freedom is the freedom to achieve or fail. You value Freedom over Equality.

You vote for upholding order, helping those who help themselves, strong role models, champions of opportunity, militancy, and de-regulation of economy, business, and industry. Your government will not tax and spend.

Where could this happen?

Suppose you have some fish and …

  1. You go on strike because you want more fish.
  2. The government gives half of them to your neighbour.
  3. The government takes all of them and gives you some bread.
  4. The government takes all of them and sells you some bread.
  5. You start a fish farm. Sales are good. Eventually you retire.
  6. You start a fish farm. Activists lay siege. You’re bankrupt.
  7. None of them are yours. You charge the owners for storing them.
  8. The government removes fish from the new food guide. You feel lost.
  9. The government redistributes the fish quota. You lose.
  10. The government imposes a tax on water used for keeping fish.

by Stuart Syme

Name…. 1. the flower 2. the location


First – Men’s Tee shirt with logo
or Women’s V neck shirt with logo

Second – 20 oz. Mug with logo

from Firehall Brewery

This is giftware and not an ad for a beer product

The winner: Kevin Tomlin
2nd Prize Jason Parker

Publisher: Ok its Balsam Root and yes the flowers are every where – usually flowering on the east hills to get the afternoon sun. Take Oliver Ranch Rd heading south – you come to large power lines and a pond below.
That is the spot where you can see the whole hillside of flowers.


Balsamroot is a relative of the sunflower. Its leaves are coarse and arrow-shaped, and a single plant can have many yellow flowers.


Balsamroot grows from B.C. and Alberta to California in plains and valleys and to elevations of 2,700 metres.


Balsamroot is food for a variety of livestock, like sheep, cattle, horses and wildlife like mice and deer. It also acts as a cover for small mammals and birds, especially grouse.


This plant is, and was, used for numerous things because most of the plant is edible and high in fibre and energy content. The leaves were eaten, raw or cooked and the seeds were roasted or ground into flour. The roots contain an immune-stimulating substance and a sap used for disinfectant. The roots were often burned, using the smoke to cure headaches or fumigate rooms.

Let’s find “Cooper” a home for he and his pet Doug

My name is Cooper. I just moved to Canada from the streets of Leon, Nicaragua and I am need of a place to rent and call home. The one thing is, I do have a human with me so I hope that you permit people as well. Like me, the guy is very quiet, respectful and neat and tidy beyond normal. He is one of those semi-retired part time working guys that still is active all day, but I can assure you I keep him well under control. His name is Doug.

He has a habit of paying his rent well in advance, is super clean and neat and well-trained to live any where. Me? Well what can I say? I rarely speak as I am quite content. I go for walks at least 3 – 4 times a day and most of all I love everyone. After having lived on the streets of Leon for my first year and a half, I am enjoying this cooler weather, clean smells and most of all the friendly people here in Canada. We would love a clean, peaceful place to call home. A small yard would just be a great bonus so that perfect sized rancher you are looking to rent? Well, I think I can “ruff” it. We really want to live in Oliver.

So I know I won’t be a problem, but if you think you can accept humans as well, I would appreciate a call or email and I can bring my owner guy around for you to check out. He can provide excellent references. He will be traveling to Oliver in early May to look for a place so if you truly want great tenants please drop us a line???

Thanks so much – “Cooper” 778-678-0088

Letter to the editor

by Malcolm McKay – Okanagan Falls

Re: National Park Reserve meeting April 23 2019 in Osooyos

“I’m dismayed at the way Parks Canada has presented this whole proposal” Dick Cannings Federal MP (South Okanagan-West Kootenay)

Dismayed? — dismayed you say, I’ve never heard such strong words from a federal politician. I’m sure that will ruffle feathers in bird land somewhere.

Parks Canada is a bully. Parks Canada needs to pack up and go back to Ottawa. We do not need its proposed National Park Reserve.

The Land and Resource Management Plan* 2001 (LRMP) was developed by local citizens to identify and put in place safeguards to protect our environment while still allowing people to make a living and recreate.

If Parks Canada was so concerned about protecting our ecology in the South Okanagan they would not have held up a well thought out plan for the past 17 years, developed by local people for the needs of our area.

The LRMP is a living document that can be adjusted to meet future needs. Not a dead-end street like the Parks Act.

Wildfire, floods and wildlife problems (predator and prey) need to be dealt with promptly by our Provincial Government agencies with offices right here. Why would we tie the hands of these important local services?

*Okanagan-Shuswap Land & Resource Management Plan (Government of BC)

The Steele report

Lets talk oil and put things in perspective.  First thing to note, the current sharp price increase has nothing to do with the carbon tax.  The price increase is part of the nudge nudge wink wink game played ever spring.  There is always an excuse.

Carbon tax about a penny price increase to sixteen cents.

Not long ago grocers were caught fixing bread prices they were charged and fined.  When all gas prices go up and down by the same amount, think it is by chance?  What we need is a real regulatory agency where there are hearings and justification.  End the wild west sticker shock at the pumps.

Now let us get serious about the use of oil based products. They will be with us long after we find alternatives to fuel.  Oil base products go into plastics, clothing, and thousands of other uses.

In order to phase out oil we have to find alternatives for thousands of products being developed.  We have a society that expects instant solution based on emotion and minus reason.  The attitude.  If we just did it – it would be fine.

Not so if we just abandoned the industry there would be chaos.

Think about it unemployment would surpass that of the Great Depression.  The car industry, all manufacturing of goods and garment manufacturers, industrial development and more would shut down.  People have to understand an entire  product revolution needs to take place just to get ready for such a change.  People who tell yo we can just end the use of oil are one of two things Naive or Disingenuous.  Yes we have a carbon problem, eliminate oil over night and we have a civilization problem. There are things that need to be done but destroy the world economy should not be one of them.

Quite frankly the world has to catch up to progress.  Our laws and regulations need to reflect where we are in terms of the technology and it’s application.

We have to change some our of attitudes socially and politically in order to sustain our level of civilization.

We are running out of time as well.  What needs to happen?

Business, the petroleum industry, environmental groups, governments and citizen groups need to stop pointing fingers and start working together to find solution.   In saying this some will say I am naive or disingenuous.  Remember the war of the woods a couple of decades back?  It ended when, the industry, and environmental groups sat down together. With the help of business, government and the union movement they negotiated sanity itself.

This whole issue is about a lot more than refining a few gallons of gas.

Fred Steele

edited for clarity