I saw rain, I saw sleet, I saw……..

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On a strange note….

Olivia is the front-runner for the most popular name for babies born this year in British Columbia.

Olivia is followed by Oliver, Lucas, Liam, Ethan, Noah, William, Benjamin, Charlotte, Emma and Leo, according to the Vital Statistics Agency’s preliminary figures from Jan. 1 to Dec. 18, 2019.

In 2018, Liam was the top choice for babies born in B.C., followed by Olivia, Emma, Lucas, Oliver, Benjamin, Ethan, Noah, Logan and Amelia.


the BC government thinks the names of new borne’s are important. Sad state of affairs in modern society.

Death by drugs, accidents, impaired drivers, homeless persons, lack of mental health care facilities. etc.


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Top story – local newsmaker – citizens to be recognized

In the past four days we have reviewed the top stories of the year


The story that brought attention to Oliver was a forest fire – to the north and east of us – Eagle Bluff – mostly on OIB or crown land east of the Fortis north substation. It was a year for BC Wildfire Service (BCWS) like no other as – it was relatively calm in the province – when compared to the previous two years.

Eagle Bluff threatened homes in Manuel’s Canyon, Gallagher Lake and even the OCC sent some inmates to other institutions until the flames subsided. No homes lost, no one hurt, a great exercise for the public to watch and for the training of BCWS staff. The second time in recent memory when fire services camped and operated out of Oliver – largely because of our airport.

If we were to chose a town story and a rural story it would be – local and rural ratepayers will pay for syphon fix – Trudeau not interested.

And in town – the formation of a crime and safety committee committed to Osoyoos and Oliver as one UNIT.

In Osoyoos we would say the top stories included a new lift station, improved sidewalks, new administrator, new full time fire chief and the dawn of a new Museum on Main Street with the addition of a huge building supply retail location at the airport.



Now to another story that asks the question who was the newsmaker of the year and how did she stir the pot to make some delicious soup?

Carol Sheridan is the CAO of Oliver Parks Recreation Society and very active in the community in a number of ways.

This year a new small wheels skateboard park designed, then financed ……and that was a challenge.

Three things happened. BCAA financed the project with $100 thousand in a contest award, RDOS gas funds committed by Director Rick Knodel and the local Kiwanis Club said – let us finish it in 2019.

Inside this combination are the members of the Oliver Kiwanis Club – doing a lot of great work every day, every week in Oliver.

One of its members Lee Chic of Osoyoos gets high praise for her work with Aktion Club and Special Olympics.




News event of the year – Eagle Bluff fire

Newsmaker of the year – Carol Sheridan

Volunteer of the year – Lee Chic – of Osoyoos




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Once a year I…..

……..like to thank people that generally do not blow their “siren” or brag about accomplishments. Who?


BCAS (EMS), paramedics and those that drive the carts – thank you

to Nurses and Doctors and many others at the Oliver and Penticton Hospitals

to caregivers at Sunnybank, McKinney Place and the wonderful homes for seniors in Osoyoos

to the local RCMP detachments in Osoyoos and Oliver

to the fire departments on call 24/7 to help you – both Oliver and Osoyoos –  (Willowbrook and Anarchist)

Local roads and highway crews – towns and provincial contractors

to Search and Rescue,  and other volunteers in the mountain keeping skiers safe* (see comment section)


Have a great New Year – thanks for caring for us.

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The Steele report

As this  day comes to a close, many people are drawing up their list of resolutions to start fresh tomorrow.  As for me, I will change the date on last years list and carry on.

The problem is, we make too big a list and put too much pressure on ourselves to achieve some meaningless unattainable goal.  Even worse we know this while we are drawing up the list.

Instead of writing a manuscript of how we could be a better person why not simply strive to become a better person.

Promise yourself you will be a better listener to others and respect their point of view even if you disagree.  Speak with forethought and be sure not to gossip.


If we all concluded we own what we say, yours truly included, the world would be measurably better in one day.  If we all understood we all have talents and frailties we would be better off.  The resolution list gets real short if we just agree to listen and think before we speak.  After all striving to be a better person is what New Year Resolutions are all about.

Now put the list away, keep it simple and have the happiest New Year you have ever had.


Fred Steele

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In Loving Memory

Isaltina (Tina) Simoes

August 2, 1945- December 28, 2019


Remembering a beautiful soul, Tina, who left us way too soon.  Tina sadly passed away suddenly at the age of 74 years young on December 28th, 2019.

We will always remember her as a kind and compassionate wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister, aunt, and friend who’s love was endless and abounding.  She is survived by her loving husband of 53 years, Jose, her son Frank (Maria), her daughter Cristina (Erwin), her granddaughters, Amanda (Mike), Kristin (Trevor), Michelle, Emilee, and Kaylee, her grandson, Joshua (Jayda), and her great-granddaughter, Alexa.

Tina was born on August 2nd, 1945 in Angra do Heroismo, Terceira, Portugal.  She met her handsome Jose in 1963 and after dating for 3 years, they were married on April 17th, 1966.  In February, 1968, their first child, Frank was born and very soon after, that same year in December, they welcomed their daughter, Cristina.  With hopes of making a better life for themselves and their children, they decided to move to Canada, and settled in Oliver in 1970 and have remained here ever since.

Tina was passionate about her family and friends, singing and playing music, cooking and baking her many sweet and savoury specialities.   She always made time to listen and support people in need.  Tina was active in many church activities over the many years– especially those that involved singing and playing her guitar.  She was truly one of a kind!

Her pride and joy were her five beautiful granddaughters, one handsome grandson and her spunky great-granddaughter, Alexa – who likely reminded her of herself.  She had a contagious laugh and sparkly personality that will be sorely missed.

Tina, you will be in our hearts and souls forever.

In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the charity of your choice.

A funeral mass will be held at 11:00 am, Saturday January 4, 2020 at Christ the King Catholic Church followed by a reception in the church lower hall.

Condolences and tributes may be directed to the family by visiting www.nunes-pottinger.com

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Top stories of the year

October, November and December 2019



Two retail cannabis shops open

OO Search and Rescue  gets large grant for truck shed

Harvest Hut winds up first year as success

Small wheels park completed



Clocks to change no more in 2020

Wine Village proposed north of Oliver

ALC says no to large restaurant at winery

Fraud charge after cash goes missing at school

No decision on rural compost plan

Cannings of the NDP re-elected – Trudeau clings to power


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House fire on OIB land

Fire in upper rear  part of home – firefighters penetrate structure to get to point of ignition.


3:00 pm


7100 block Vineyard Rd (east of Tucelnuit  Drive)

Dog rescued, no one in home at time of alarm. Owners of home arrived well after emergency services on scene. Likely all who live at that residence to be relocated for some time.



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On the Sunnyside


She just didn’t belong here! She was a foreigner, an immigrant from Moab. Some of the Jewish people despised the Moabites because they were descendants of a drunken incest perpetrated by Lot’s daughters after escaping Sodom (see Gen. 19:30-38). Her nation was considered by some Jews as an enemy, even though distantly related.

This lady was a desperate young widow, and would be a drain on any resources available. Her mother-in-law had strongly urged her not to come to Bethlehem with her, but to stay in Moab on the other side of the Dead Sea. Her chances of landing a husband in this foreign country would be very low. To survive she was reduced to gleaning leftover grain during the barley and wheat harvest. The future was looking grim. BUT!!

Ruth’s diligence, her love for her mother-in-law Naomi, her humility and her great attitude impressed Boaz, a leading man in Bethlehem. He owned the fields where this woman happened to be gleaning.

Attraction turned to love and then marriage. Their firstborn son was Obed. Their great grandson was King David. And many generations later Joseph and Mary, descendants of David, parented the child Jesus in that same town of Bethlehem. She was a vital link in the coming of the Messiah for us all. Happy Christmas!

She did belong even though her name was Ruth, the Moabitess.


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Start new week, new year with clouds, rain or snow

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