Rant – just another one to ignore

Best pix of dozens taken today

‘Do you see what I see?’ a song?

Today I went to review the work of the Highways contractor charged with the responsibility of ‘fixin da roads’. They/it were ripping up roads south of Penticton that did not need help but our dear old Tuc el Nuit Drive…… not done, not fixed, not complete.

And the reasons – none that are apparent. Too cold, hot mix not available, ?? Folks this is not rocket science. Pavement invented when ?

Note to Clarence,
Note to Linda,

This is our road and no one seems to care.

MOTI the only ministry I know that hides….. rarely showing it’s face to the public that pays the bills.

Only one pix here – need more? – I can send

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Time to think about your time again – thanks Dave

Hard to believe 2012 – Dave at CT – hi Michelle

Daylight saving time comes to an end this weekend and the clocks will officially “fall back” one hour at 2 am on Sunday, Nov. 3rd in Standard Time.

In the spring we will change to DST once more…. and never change again.

Good _____??

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Part 3 – Teens Financial Literacy

Over the past few weeks, I have written about the general lack of financial literacy in our youth and the almost complete absence of teaching these skills in our school systems. In the final article of this three-part series, I will continue the discussion of ideas you can use to help pass on these important lessons to the teenagers in your lives and look at some strategies that will help older teens.

By the time your teens turn 16 they should know that they will have to save and budget for the things that they want. While you may find it difficult, now is the time to increase their financial independence. This can be done in many different fashions but here are a few suggestions:

Consider giving your teen enough money to cover things like clothing for the year at the beginning of the school year. Make it very clear that they won’t be getting any more money and it will be up to them to budget appropriately. Most teens crave more independence and responsibility so use it to provide some valuable financial skills.

Instead of handing them cash, deposit money directly to their bank accounts and have them manage their funds via online banking and a credit card with a low limit. At the beginning, make sure to go over month end bank and credit card statements together and use these times to discuss how credit card interest is calculated and illustrate how quickly debt can compound.

If your teen has a part time job, encourage them to “pay themselves first” by putting away 10 per cent of each pay cheque into a long term investment account meant only for their retirement. While the urge to use this money for a car or even school will be high, starting them on the retirement savings path this early can have a profoundly positive impact on their future.

Bring your teen along to a meeting with your financial advisor who can open an investment account for them and help illustrate how powerful compounding can be over the 45+ years until they retire. A simple investment growth calculator, which can be easily found online, can illustrate how immense a small and regular contribution can grow to if given enough time.

Another very worthwhile exercise is to have your teen create a hypothetical budget for leaving home. They should put together a list of how much they would need for rent, vehicles, utilities, food, entertainment and other expenses. Once it’s complete, provide them with a sample paycheque for an entry level job, net of taxes, CPP and other deductions of course.

Now have your teen start reconciling their expenses by trimming enough out of their budget to balance out. It can be a great benefit for older teens to perform this “dress rehearsal” and you have all the resources at home to put the budget together. You can use your existing monthly bills to help illustrate what their expenses might look like.

Attempting to teach financial literacy is an intimidating and often overwhelming project but if you don’t do it, who will? It is never too early to start and if you don’t feel comfortable or capable, consider enlisting some help from a family member, friend and/or your own financial planner.

Saving properly and spending wisely are not the dominant cultural values in North America these days. As a parent, you will be going against the grain when you attempt to pass on some worthwhile lessons and values. But, with some honest discussion and realistic goal setting, hopefully you can help your own teens buck the trend and move in the right direction to achieve their own dreams.


This column is written by Michelle Weisheit CFP, IG Wealth Management and presents general information only and is not a solicitation to buy or sell any investments.  Please contact your own advisor for specific advice about your situation.

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Attention: Helena Konanz

I didn’t like the sign here on Tuc-el-nuit Drive during the campaign. It blocked a great view.  A number of comments in the region  – that did not appreciate the sign and a few other things done
in Penticton – that affected her vote count.

So was this de-construction done by a happy ND Pee’r, a disgruntled Tory, a Green Man on a white horse, a Liberal with a grin, a PPC’s who failed to generate much interest or just another yahoo who says

” I never vote but I hate big signs ” ?

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Community Gift

$500 gift to the Fairview Heritage Townsite Society

Left FHTS President Ed Schmalz receive cheque from gifter Brian Wilson, Executive Director the Okanagan Archive Trust Society of Penticton.

The grant comes with no strings other than it to be used for historical purposes.

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Community Gift

$500 gift to Oliver Parks and Recreation

Left Katie Hadwin receives and the gifter – Oliver Elks President Darren Baptiste for the “Any Child can join” program.

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Election by the numbers – 35 million ballots printed

Nearly 18 million Canadians voted with turnout of about 66%
4,774,963 voted at advance polls
111,300 voted on campus at one of 119 temporary Elections Canada offices between October 5 and October 9
34,324 voted by mail from abroad
365 ordinary polling stations on reserves
26.9 million voter information cards distributed across Canada
300,000 (approx.) people helped deliver the election across Canada’s 338 electoral districts

27.4 million Electors
300,000 Election workers (approximately)
338 Electoral districts
506 Local Elections Canada offices
20,000 Polling places

2.1 million km2 Canada’s largest electoral district (Nunavut)
6 km2 Canada’s smallest electoral district (Toronto–Centre)
81,065 Average number of electors per electoral district
90 Truckloads of election materials sent across Canada
105,140 Ballot boxes
257,000 Voting pencils (that’s about 45 km of pencils laid end to end)

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MP off to Ottawa

Photo by Richard (Dick) Cannings
Looking west to Bench and Summerland below

Interesting facts Election 2019

Top two candidates # number of ballots

Penticton: 8629
Oliver: 2153
Grand Forks: 1958
Castlegar: 1879
Osoyoos: 1648
Trail: 1613

We acknowledge that other candidates were running but interesting to look at turnout for top two candidates in the major centres of South Okanagan-West Kootenay

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Looking for help? looking for a doctor? – help is on the way….

More than 1,100 people in the region have now been connected with a primary health-care provider, thanks in part to a new online waiting list. 60 percent of them with doctors.

Launched in August, the online list allows people to put their names in a centralized database from which doctors and nurse practitioners can then select new patients. Before the service debuted, people had to travel to individual doctors’ offices to get on separate waiting lists.

Patients are also benefitting from the recent arrival of three new nurse practitioners and one new doctor in the region.

To get on the wait list, visit www.divisionsbc.ca/sos. The service is free and first-come-first-served, but some people with urgent or complex needs may be prioritized.



Primary Care Network Questions answered


What is Primary Care?  Primary Care refers to a patient’s everyday healthcare needs, usually addressed at a family doctor’s clinic.

What is the Primary Care Network?

• The Primary Care Network is a BC Ministry of Health initiative, and is essentially a way for primary care providers to work more closely together and in teams, in order to provide more care for patients within a region, and to attract more primary care providers to that region.

• For example, with Primary Care Network funding, we may be able to open a new clinic, and/or may be able to hire more nurse practitioners or family physicians to join current practices.

Why do we need this change?

• More than 10,000 patients are currently without a family physician in Penticton and Summerland alone. With expected retirements, this number will continue to rise.

• We know that most new physicians want to practice in larger clinics, and as part of a team.

Where will the Primary Care Network be implemented?

• In the entire South Okanagan Similkameen, with the first phase rolling out in the communities of Penticton, Summerland, Okanagan Falls and the Penticton Indian Band.

• Planning has begun in Oliver, Osoyoos, Keremeos, Princeton, Osoyoos Indian Band, Upper Similkameen Indian Band and Lower Similkameen Indian Band.

What changes can patients or people looking for primary care providers expect?

• We expect that there will be a way for patients to register that they need a primary care provider.

• By 2020, with stable funding, we expect to have more family physicians and nurse practitioners working in our community, and we expect that there will be a mechanism in place to attach new

patients to these providers.

Where else has this been successfully modeled?

• Primary Care Networks are already set up in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario, as a way to increase access to primary care providers. In BC, our region is among the first of five in the province selected to lead this change.


Who has been working on the Penticton/Summerland service plan?

• Primary Care Network is funded by the BC Ministry of Health and supported by the General Practice Services Committee. The South Okanagan Similkameen Division of Family Practice,

Interior Health and the Penticton Indian Band have worked together to design this initial Primary Care Network plan.

• Communities will have an opportunity to give input on how best to implement the plan.

How can patients find out about new developments?

• Check the BC Ministry of Health website over the coming months to learn more.

• Individual family physician offices do not, at this time, have new information on Primary Care Network or new providers at this time.


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Bail hearing for Shawcross – November 20

36 year old Jesse William Shawcross has been charged with 10 criminal counts in connection with multiple incidents in September in Oliver, OK Falls and Penticton.

Shawcross has lived in Kamloops and his age may be different than the one given in court documents.



count of uttering threats of death

count assault with a weapon Sept. 19

count of theft of motor vehicle – one stolen north of Oliver, two in Ok Falls including a 2014 Subaru

count of possession of property obtained by crime

count of break and enter Sept. 19

count of breach of probation

count of resisting arrest

count of driving while prohibited

drug offence Sept 24

count of obstructing a police officer Sept. 20



Source: Court Services Online. RCMP have released little detailed information since a car jacking north of OK Falls during the same time period

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Should I be concerned – should you? Is this the world we live in……

A week ago a couple of “campers” set up along the river just past the Control Structure/Footbridge at the north end of town about 300 yards up the east side dike path. They are a female and a male.

I called RDOS Bylaw Enforcement 250 490-4130, the day these folks set up shop. The RDOS was not sure of who would be responsible for taking care of the situation (themselves, Town, Ministry of Environment or ?) and said they would follow up.

The campers seem to leave early in the AM and return in the evening but every day more junk is deposited on the site and it does not seem that they will be leaving soon. The area they have chosen for their camp is a place where many people, kids, dogs have easy access to the river. It is quickly turning into a garbage pit.

Many people walk past this area every day so I would encourage them to contact the RDOS and perhaps a number of complaints will result in some action

The guy was shooting up when we were going out, syringes and stuff spread out around him, on the way back he was out of it. He is under the blanket, his drug paraphernalia is in the plastic buckets and bags. I’m sure he disposed of his needles properly

This is going on only a few hundred yards from where you live. People that live in your area walk this path every day.

Publisher: Submitted by Don – who can identify himself if he wishes in the comment section. ODN contacted the RCMP for a comment or for possible action. No response

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Submitted by Henryka Mrzljak

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Hump day weather

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A report from your MLA

Yet another Election now over. Signs down by now (we hope) and a temporary reprieve from the election machine of emails, phone calls etc.

While many of us no longer appreciate the election process, there are many new Canadians who, with great pride, cast their vote in a country where they are not afraid to vote and do so with enthusiasm. It is unfortunate that the turnout to vote in Canada continues to be disappointing. It seems many Canadians just can’t seem to get themselves to the polls to vote or have become complacent about the process.

I was raised in a family where everyone one was encouraged to vote- if you didn’t vote then you didn’t get to complain afterwards. I hope all of you appreciate the freedoms of our Democracy.

For those of you still anxiously waiting to see the end to turning our clocks backwards and forwards twice a year we will have to endure one more rotation. I have been informed by the Premier that our Legislation to remain permanently on Daylight Savings Time (DST) will be passed by the end of November. However, it will not come into effect until the Spring when we will shift into DST once more.

Our clocks will “fall back” one more time on Nov 3rd at 2am. There is no doubt, from the huge response to the Governments survey, that ending this time shifting is the wish of the majority of British Columbians. Thank you to all those who have sent emails, written letters, signed petitions and responded to the survey, your voices were heard.

Through the great work of our local Volunteer Fire Depts we have also been reminded in recent weeks about basic fire protection for us as individuals. In Oliver, Fire Chief Bob Graham and his crew put on several displays of what can happen if you experience a fire in your home and how you can increase your chances of survival. I, personally, took advantage of the demonstrations and learned how to handle a fire extinguisher when putting out a fire in the kitchen.

I immediately went home and took my fire extinguisher out from under the sink, realized it was not in good working order, and replaced it. As the weather is definitely cooler everyone should have their furnaces and fireplaces serviced and replace the batteries in your smoke detectors. Do your part in keeping your family safe this winter.

There were many special Events in October that I had the privilege of attending. In OK Falls, the official ribbon cutting of the new Seniors Housing building, South Skaha Place, was celebrated with a good turnout of local citizens. Thanks goes to the South Skaha Housing Society Board of Directors and all the Community Volunteers who managed to turn a dream into a reality.

The residents of Rock Creek and the Volunteer Fire Fighters from Big White, Anarchist, Grand Forks, Christina Lake, Greenwood and Midway got together recently to celebrate the opening of a Satellite Fire Hall in Rock Creek. Fire Chief Walt Osellame from Midway, had spent the last 10 years working on a plan to improve fire protection for the people of the Kettle River Communities.

Congratulations to Fire Chief Walt, Area Director Vicky Gee, the Kettle River Lions Club and all the wonderful volunteers who made this improved service a reality.

Finally, please take a moment on Nov 11th to remember all those in the past and currently who are dedicated to protecting our Canadian freedoms and attend a Remembrance Day Service in your Community.

Linda Larson, MLA
Boundary Similkameen

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Store to close – your chance to save big!

Last day of regular business hours is November 15.

All floor models are on clearance and are going quickly, however still a good selection to choose from………….. as of today.

We are open Tuesday through Saturday   9:30am -4:00pm.

Watch our Southern Valley Appliance Facebook page for updates, new mark downs and special hours…we will be open a few Sundays from 11:00am-3:00pm!!!!

Located in the Oliver Place Mall – 1400-5955 Main Street – Drop in, walk around the store. Friendly staff.
250 498 3448


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Board of Education report

Following are some highlights of items discussed at the regular meeting held on Wednesday, October 23rd.

Senior staff informed the Board that a Grade 7 student leadership retreat was organized on October 8th for all Grade 7 students in our school district. This full day of learning, developing leadership competencies and making new connections was held at Spirit Ridge in Osoyoos. With a focus on mindset, Indigenous perspectives on community leadership, success principles and mental health and wellbeing, students had the opportunity to hear from speakers such as Ryan Walter, Clint George, Teagan Adams, and Jennifer Martin. Special thanks to the Osoyoos Secondary student leadership team and coordinating teacher Ryan Miller for a successful day.

Staff reported that student vaping was their number one health concern for their students and the number one issue they dealt with at school last year. This year, they devoted a great deal of time and effort meeting with students, monitoring school grounds and washrooms, reaching out to parents, education of staff, students and parents, and engaging the support of paraprofessionals to educate and support students. Due to measures taken by administration and staff, all secondary schools have noticed a significant reduction in the vaping at school but understand that students are still vaping away from school grounds. They are continuing to work with their school communities to positively affect this serious health concern.

On October 21st, the District held an employment fair. This was the second this year and the focus was on recruitment of EA’s as well as relief Indigenous education advocates. Our next fair will be November 25th in the Similkameen. Thanks to our Manager of Human Resources Susan Trower and to Jody Cvitko for their time and efforts in setting these up in each community.

As per a Ministerial Order passed in April 2019, the Board is moving ahead with the ordering and installation of dispensing machines for the provision of free menstrual products in school washrooms by December 31, 2019. Though most schools in our district had an informal manner in which this was being done, this new manner will protect student privacy, be barrier free and non-stigmatizing.

Finally, the Childcare BC New Spaces Funding is investing $221 million to create 22,000 new licensed child-care spaces over the next three years. Funding maximums have tripled since the initial funding announcement. The District is currently exploring potential partnerships and opportunities with the existing day care providers to asses this new funding.

Rob Zandee, Chair
School District #53

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The Steele Report*

It is funny how short the public’s attention span is on a given issue.  We are like fish in a fish bowl staring at the distortion of a kernel of sand through the glass.  That is until someone taps on the bowl.

Only a few months ago we were fixated on the legal aspect of marijuana being brought out of the shadows into respectability.  At the time we didn’t realize it might be the least of our worry as a society.  No one saw the genius of the tobacco industry.  While we were debating pot they introduced Vaping and it is legal because no one was aware.  Why are we paralyzed to act?

Why is it the educators and institutions aren’t being listened to?

Lets flip back a few pages of history and see how we’ve done legislating public and social behavior.  Prohibition, remember your history?  My father used to say it was the only time the church and mob were on the same side.  The church railed against the devils drink.  The mobs behind the scene were for prohibition because it was a golden goose for the gangs.  Prohibition failed because the average guy wanted a beer after work that was from a reliable regulated source.

Why did marijuana outlast it’s critics?  Some say it’s because the FBI in the United States, was about to be unfunded as it was formed to enforce prohibition.  It was decided that pot would be societies next enemy.  At the time cocaine was made illegal a few years before in 1922 so something legal had to be illegal to get societies attention.  The law is always one step behind because a new road has no legal precedent.  I use cocaine as an example.  The quest to make cocaine illegal started in 1912.

The Marihuana experiment failed some say because of science selling its soul to the government.  There was an educational documentary produced and exposed to students well into the nineteen fifties that everyone laughed at or ignored.  It was called Reefer Madness.  It was not educational it was propaganda produced in 1936 It showed addicts tearing their hair out and going mad in a state of withdrawal.  The big problem was many young people were smoking it and knew it wasn’t true.  The result?  The authorities damaged their own credibility.

For decades there was evidence of the damage to health from smoking.  Again the tobacco industry, some in the medical field and in government representatives of tobacco producing States  and scientists with vested interests denied the truth.  Again the public institutions damaged their credibility.

Their was one or two victories in the public acceptance arena that did succeed.  Mostly because people saw the wisdom and consequences of not complying with the law.  Drunk driving and seat belts.   The public supported the concept of both but the road to acceptance was slow.  The first serious legal penalties started in the sixties but the heavy hammer came down for seat belts and drunk driving around nineteen eighty.

Smoking is an ongoing battle, one group gives up the habit as the young people start but it is becoming less acceptable.  So now to Vaping.  While we fought over marihuana the tobacco companies introduced Vaping.  It was legal because due to the fact it was new there was no law except it contained nicotine.

Compare it to sport, cigarettes are like boxing used to be Vaping is like kick boxing is the focus today.  It is new and a novelty for the moment like swallowing gold fish in the nineteen twenties. The problem is it is a product that can do harm yet like booze and cigarettes and even marihuana. Vaping is legal.  Making it illegal will drive it underground.

Oh the law is trying to catch up with feeble attempts like outlawing flavored vape.  Seriously that is the response along with reducing the nicotine content. It is also illegal for minors.  Good  luck with that.  Remember your youth?  Dixie Cups were made for drinking whiskey out back of the dance halls I recall

No I am not sticking up for the tobacco industry, I am merely pointing out we have to be aware of societies credibility when educating as to the dangers and we have to understand what farmers already know.  New pests and challenges are always just around the corner and we have to be ready with honest answers and a concept of what consequences there might be


Fred Steele

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Lakeside – 35 years of selling travel

Lakeside Travel has been in business in Osoyoos since 1984! 35 Years of selling Travel in the South Okanagan.

When you go to the internet to make your travel plans….think again! Perhaps your personal holiday needs more attention than what you think!

Let the folks who know the industry help you with your plans!

Deb and Mel are well-traveled and have sent a ton of groups to many amazing destinations. Their knowledge is worth its weight in gold. Why Risk your Well Deserved Holiday?!

Deb has also been doing a ‘Getaway Gals’ trip for 15 years now.. and there have been many terrific memories made!

This is Ladies Only….

2007 – West Coast Wilderness Lodge – 8 Ladies

2008 – Celebrity Cruise on the Millennium – 14 Ladies

2009 – New York City – 20 Ladies
2010 – San Francisco – 16 Ladies
2011 – Sparkling Hills Spa – 26 Ladies
2012 – Montreal and Quebec City
2013 – New Mexico – Sante Fe – Ghost Ranch – Taos – 15 Ladies
2014 – Boston and the New England States – 46 Ladies
2015 – Music Capitals – Nashville – Memphis – New Orleans – 23 Ladies
2016 – Last 7 days walking the Santiago Camino Trail – Spain and Portugal – 25 Ladies
2017 – CanyonLands – Grand Canyon – Bryce and Zion – 16 Ladies
2018 – Eastern Canada – 23 Ladies
2019 – Copper Canyon – Northern Mexico- 23 Ladies

In addition to the ‘Ladies Only’, we cannot forget the Couples and Anyone Groups!! These include trips to Peru, Vietnam and Cambodia, Viking River Cruise group from Amsterdam to Budapest,Battlefield Tour, France Avalon River Cruise, Ireland, East Africa Safari’s to Kenya and Tanzania.

If you have not dropped in to Lakeside Travel on Main Street to Talk Travel, what are you waiting for??

Check out all our ‘Group Destinations’ for 2020!!


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You are never too old…

A long standing tradition since the 1960’s of B.C. and Washington Legions, called ‘Gavel Passing’ transpired again this year in Ephrata, Wa.
Gavel Passing commemorates and promotes friendship between the Veterans and Legion members of both countries.

Part of the activities included an 18 hole golf match for men and women.

Pictured above are Faith Tilton and hubby Al Nicol representing Oliver Legion Br. 97 in the Ephrata golf tourney held September 7th.

Avid golfer, Faith (79 yrs old), was not capable of walking the course due to bad knees but still wanted to compete with the other lady contestants. As no power carts were available, Faith pushed her walker and Al (77 yrs old) pulled both his clubs and hers, and away they went. There were at least 24 golfers. Faith shot 34 -38 (72) on a par 54 course.

The amazing conclusion, after forcing themselves to carry on, is that Faith won the women’s division!

Way to go you guys!! Truly inspiring.

Photo and story by Brian Wensley.

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by Edwin Dukes

Looking west, vibrant fall colours

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Council Briefs – Town of Oliver

Oliver Tourism Association –

Preliminary Budget Presentation – Council received an update from the Oliver Tourism Association highlighting their draft 2020 budget.  The Oliver Tourism Association has worked to provide Visitor Information services to promote tourism in Oliver and Area C in order to bring more visitors to the area, support local businesses, and encourage return visits and even relocation. Oliver Council had previously requested preliminary budgets from joint service providers prior to RDOS approval, in preparation for Town of Oliver 2020 budget deliberations.

Oliver & District Heritage Society –

Preliminary Budget Presentation – Council received a preliminary 2020 budget presentation from the Oliver and District Heritage Society. The Society is seeking total funding in the amount of $150,500, an increase of 2.33% over 2019. Council had previously requested preliminary budgets from joint service providers prior to RDOS approval in preparation for Town of Oliver 2020 budget deliberations.


Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw 1370.02 and Zoning Amendment Bylaw 1380.10 –
Vacation Rentals – Council amended Zoning Bylaw Amendment Bylaw 1380.10 to include a new section 6.12.9 – the bed and breakfast shall only be operated by the owner who has a principal residence on the parcel in question. Council then gave Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw 1370.02 and Zoning Amendment Bylaw 1380.10 first and second readings, as amended, and directed staff to conduct a public hearing on November 12, 2019. The amendments are associated with permitting vacation rentals within the Town of Oliver, as well as amendments to bed and breakfast operations and home occupations guidelines.



Photo of the area – not necessarily the lot in application

Zoning Bylaw Amendment 1380.11 –
312 Chardonnay Avenue – Council gave first and second readings to Zoning Bylaw Amendment 1380.11 and directed staff to conduct a public hearing on November 12, 2019. The Zoning Bylaw amendment is in regards to a proposed zoning change at 312 Chardonnay Avenue from RH1 (Residential High Density One) to RS4 (Residential Low Density Four) to facilitate a three-lot subdivision in which a single family dwelling will be constructed on each lot.

The Official Community Plan calls for a lowering of the density but based on past practice wait for an owner to ask for that – rather than making any hostile rezoning. The area is also covered as a Development Permit Area which allows council to be restrictive on form and character, amenities on the lots –  like buffering, parking, building exterior material and colours, articulation etc.



Town of Oliver Safe Premises Bylaw 1388 –
Council gave first and second readings to Safe Premises Bylaw 1388. The proposed Bylaw will enable staff to proceed with undertaking educating the public on the implications of not meeting standards for inspection and safety which was identified by the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Committee in their Priorities Document, and was endorsed by Council at the October 15 Council Meeting. Adoption is scheduled for the November 12, 2019 Regular Council meeting.

Source: Town of Oliver and files of Oliver Daily News

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Rest in peace

Obituary for the late

Robert Edward Goltz

February 11, 1957 – October 25, 2019

On Friday, October 25, 2019, Mr. Robert Edward Goltz of Oliver passed away suddenly at his home at the age of 62 years.
He was predeceased by his father Eddie Goltz and grandparents Adolf & Emily Goltz and George & Alblona Kilback.

Robert will be fondly remembered by his loving family including wife Caroline; son Nathan (Katerina) and their children Lucious and Niaz; daughters Sarah Goltz and Sabrina (Ray) Nunes and their children Oliver and Winnie; mother Martha; mother-in-law Helen Kole; aunty Rita Klein; brothers Lloyd and Kevin; six sisters-in-law; five brothers-in-law as well as many cousins, nieces, nephews and dear friends.

Robert had a long career as a farmer and entrepreneur. He was a long-time member of the Grape Growers Association. Robert was awarded Farmer of the Year and received an Award of Distinction from the BC Wine Institute.

Robert was very generous with his time and volunteered at the BC Wildlife Federation, the Grape Growers Association and Sportsmen Association where he helped with the sheep feeding program, tree planting, controlling the geese population and received many awards.

He enjoyed fishing, hunting, camping, designing and welding with wood and metal and travelling which included trips to Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, Jamaica, Brazil, Africa, the Queen Charlottes and Alaska.

A celebration of Robert’s Life will be held at 2:00 pm, Friday, November 8, 2019 at the Oliver Community Centre.

Donations gratefully accepted for the BC Children’s Hospital, 938 West 28th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4H4
or the BC Heart & Stroke Foundation, 4 – 1551 Sutherland Avenue, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9M9.

Condolences and tributes may be directed to the family by visiting www.nunes-pottinger.com

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Friday November 15th


What could be better than hearing one fine musician on a grand piano?  Why, hearing two fine musicians on two grand pianos of course!  That is what the South Okanagan Concert Society is offering when the Bergmann Piano Duo perform at Venables Theatre 7:30 pm, Friday, November 15th.

Last here in 2013, Marcel and Elizabeth Bergmann were an enormous hit.  He from Munich, Germany and she from Medicine Hat, Canada met at music school in Hannover, Germany.  They became a couple and started playing together in 1989.  Innovative and versatile, this appealing duo present a masterful achievement of ‘brilliance, rhythmic vitality and melodic shaping.’

Performing internationally, they play an eclectic mix of classical and contemporary pieces including their own original compositions and arrangements.  They have won awards all over Europe with their virtuosic dedication and the instincts of professional entertainers.  They also have won Western Canadian Music Awards for their outstanding classical recordings.

Tickets for the concert are available online @ www.venablestheatre.ca or at the theatre box office Tuesdays through Thursdays from 10 to 3 pm.   Generous sponsors make ticket prices very affordable.  Two or more tickets in advance are only $21/ticket.  Single tickets in advance are $23 and at the door $25.   Youth are ‘almost free’ at $2.50.   We want the younger generation exposed to quality music.

As well as performing careers, the Bergmanns enjoy teaching and have been on faculty at Mt. Royal University and the University of Calgary.  They work in other capacities in the music industry and promote the Banff Centre for the Arts.  At present, they live in White Rock and love the ocean and the natural surroundings there.  Elizabeth says, “There is order, patterns and structure evident in nature similar to that in music.  Nature and music feed our souls.”  Marcel particularly likes to invent his own arrangements of contemporary repertoire.  He enjoys “built in opportunities for free variations and improvisational elements while still following a well established overall form and structure.”

Don’t miss this event.  If the Bergmanns are half as good as the last time they performed here, you will be more than happy!

Come and travel where the muse has taken them in recent years.

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Planned opening in Oliver


The wait is over Oliver!

The Higher Path Cannabis Co., located at 5859 Main Street, will be open for business by the end of this week. The Higher Path already has stores open in Castlegar and Trail, with applications pending in Armstrong and Lumby as well. With the Castlegar and Trail stores having been among the very first to receive a provincial licenses, customers visiting the Oliver location can expect to benefit from our extensive product knowledge and unique insights into what consumers are looking for.

We’ve made considerable improvements to the physical space and are excited for our customers to come and see the transformation for themselves! We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. At The Higher Path we pride ourselves on offering a professional, yet casual and welcoming atmosphere that is comfortable.

We place an emphasis on friendly, knowledgeable service, offering great products at the best price, and giving back generously to the communities in which we live, work and play.

ODN asked which date would be the opening. Operators said it will open this week if all goes well and delivery of product is made.

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Avoid area if possible

8:30 am

Between Rd 11 and Rd 10 – Highway 97S

Two vehicle accident. EMS, police and fire on scene

Take an alternative route

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A dance in shallow water

Vaseux Lake

by Audrey MacNaughton

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Sunday, a day of peace and serenity – nice

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On a personal note

In visiting the Museum in Oliver again Sunday – I was struck by seeing a ghost.

Let me explain and I do want you to visit there and take your friends…… Halloween 1924 proceeded today with great interest and fun.

What struck me, again was two stories I told to a Cst. of the RCMP (out of uniform) with his family today.

This was the building of the BC Police – built circa 1924. In the fifties as a young teen, I babysat for RCMP  Sgt. McGuire who had one daughter. That allowed the Sgt. and his wife to have some life away from the small detachment HQ and Jail,,,,,,, and yes residence.

The main display today is called ‘Deep Roots’ with a huge picture of a pretty girl in the 30’s, a boy with a rifle, and another woman ready to get on with her life. That was Helen Miller of Penticton.

The picture taken by Lumb Stocks, the subjects, Babe Stocks, Jack Stocks, and Miller. Jack Stocks, a wireless gunner in WW2 spent his early life in a POW camp in eastern Europe after being shot down. He died early at 56 YofA  in Penticton after assuming control of his father’s business after the war.

Beryl Francis Stocks known to her friends as Babe – was my mother. The photographer my grandfather – the picture on McIntrye Bluff with Hatfield Island at top – visible on Lake Vaseux.

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