Kids all dressed up

Participants of the Tuc-el-nuit Preschool with helpers Tracy Hunt on left and Darcy Toszak on right. The ladies wanted me to point out that the sandbox shown at right was donated with the help of Rob Hext and Andy Marsel. Thanks guys!!!

Pre-school is run as a contract with the Penticton and District Multicultural Society.

RCMP report

On October 26th, 2011 at 10:00AM, Oliver/Osoyoos RCMP were dispatched to a single vehicle motorcycle MVI located at 348th avenue and 91st Street, in Oliver. Witnesses at the scene advised that a black 2006 Kawasaki Street Bike was traveling northbound on 91st Street when the rear tire locked up and the bike laid down, sliding approximately 18 meters before coming to rest at the street corner.  The forty-seven year old Peachland male who was operating the vehicle was transported to South Okanagan General Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and was later transported to Penticton Regional Hospital for further evaluation and observation overnight.  The male was wearing full riding gear including a helmet at the time of the incident which most likely prevented further injury. The operator was quite shaken and could not recall anything immediately prior to the incident.  No charges were laid.  The matter is still under investigation.


On October 27th, 2011 at 3:37PM, Oliver/Osoyoos RCMP received a report of a tractor-trailer collision on Highway 97, at Vaseux Lake, near Oliver, BC.  Upon attendance, officers located a 2006 Freightliner Semi with Trailer off road right, snagged on the cement barricades at the second curve.  The trailer load, consisting of bagged peat moss, had been expelled into the lake.  Witnesses indicated that the semi was traveling south bound on Hwy 97, and failed to navigate the tight corner at the lake and the trailer tipped over, causing the semi to roll as well.  The 65 year old Grand Forks male who was operating the vehicle, was examined at scene by EHS and released with non-life-threatening injuries.  He was shaken but, otherwise appeared uninjured.  All of the bagged peat moss was eventually collected from the lake by a local contractor under the supervision of Environment Canada and, leaking diesel fuel from the semi was dealt with by the fire department.  The vehicle was towed from scene and is believed to be a partial write-off. Traffic was down to one lane for approximately 4 hours. The driver was issued a violation Ticket for “Speed Relative to Conditions.”

Anyone with any information in regards to any Crime or Suspicious Activity in their area are encouraged to contact the Oliver/Osoyoos RCMP at 495-7236 or South Okanagan Crimestoppers at 222-TIPS.

Thanks to Cpl. Mike Field for this report

Wednesday – a chance to meet trustee hopefuls

The Oliver Community Arts Council has agreed to host an all candidates meeting for those persons nominated for a School Board position in Oliver.

Wednesday November 2 has been chosen as the date with the location the Quail’s Nest Art Centre 34274 – 95th Street near the airport. The event times are 7-9pm.

Speeches, questions and refreshments. All candidates have been invited including Tamela Edwards, Rob Zandee, Tracy Hunt and Martin Cattermole.

There are two positions to be elected. This meeting will be televised on Ch. 18.

Put something nice on your front entrance

Mary Fry

You can email or call me at 250-490-5906

My Website

The town has changed their street names and numbers, so I have come up with a really unique way of showing each district with a graphic design. The designs will depict trees, fruit, landscapes, animals and more! Each sign will be constructed from 080 guage aluminum and the 4″ numbers are engineer grade reflective vinyl film. There are 2 sizes and several options to choose. Come on in and have a look at my Etsy website!!! (link above)


…….that be for sparing those I love



This is the sight of hundreds, of once mighty trees split and quartered,  that came towards our home in a moment of terror, that is now called the “Testalinda debris flow” in June 2010. It came with in a whisper of changing my family’s existence. The voluminous thunder and cracking of  non-describable power and magnitude,  reduced to a crackling in the hearth of our new family home. The radiating heat is a constant reminder of being on the “breathing side” after an encounter with  a beast of non- proportional size. I  thank the energy that be for sparing those I love.

Words and photo submitted by Chris Jentsch  Oct 2011

S.O Night Hawks 2nd place finish in Penticton tournament​.

The Bantam Rep Nighthawks played a heart fought 5 games in Penticton this past weekend. Playing game one Friday night against Campbell River winning a close one 3 to 2. Goaltender Ryan Grgich stood on his head the full 60 min. Game 2 was an early 6:30 am start against Williams Lake with the Nighthawk’s winning 7 to 2. Game 3 was Saturday night against the Sunshine Coast with South Ok coming out with another 6 to 2 victory. Game 4 was yet another 6:30 am start Sunday against Surrey with S.O winning 5 to 0. Bringing the Nighthawk’s to the final for first place against Castlegar it was full of fast pace end to end action but Castlegar came out on top with a 5 to 4 victory. Hat’s off to the coaching staff and player’s for a great weekend.

submitted by Art Dias

The wall – an opening Saturday

1. Many people showed up for the opening at Fields……but more importantly a lot of people involved in this Oliver Sagebrusher’s mural painting project.

2. Dignataries got involved at official opening Saturday including Mayor Pat Hampson and MLA John Slater.

3. Two ladies that put it all together – Sally Franks and Leza Macdonald. Many volunteers and hard work over many weeks. Dollars and time well spent. It will be noticed for many years.

4. … and to Leo Pedersen for his inspiration

Did you get them all?

Thanks to the gang at Margie Mathison’s for all the hard work raising funds for the 1st Oliver Scout troop. This scene a bit of deju vu all over again.

Candidate Tracy Hunt taking time out of her busy campaigning schedule to help out with the 1st Oliver Scouting Bottle Drive.  Although the tally has not been received the Scouts are hoping to reach the $2,000.00 mark in bottle returns.  Thank  you to the Town of Oliver for their support for Tracy and the 1st Oliver Scouting Group.  The groups are gathering funds for the 2013 Canadian Jamboree that will be held in Sylan Lake, Alberta in 2013.

A review by Val Friesen

Review of Alexander
Sevastian concert

By Val Friesen

Concerts just don’t get better than this. The South Okanagan Concert Society chose a world class accordionist, Alexander Sevastian, to open their four-concert season on Friday evening, October 28th.

From the moment he began Bach’s magnificent Toccata and Fugue in D-minor, filling the Alliance Church with organ resonance, consummate musician Sevastian held the full-house audience in rapt attention. His technical mastery of the bayan, the chromatic button accordion, allowed him to produce music now of sublime subtlety or now flooding the hall in magnificent splendour. Johann Sebastian would himself have marvelled at the colours Sevastian’s fleet fingers pulled from his instrument Astonishing!

The three Scarlatti sonatas which followed, opened a window onto a crisp Italian morning as fresh it must have been three centuries ago, then transported us out into a glorious day, our hearts filled with the simple joys of being alive. Sevastian’s radiant playing of this delicate, transcendental music was a remarkable gift to his spellbound listeners.

The beautifully balanced program then took us into the unexplored territory of music from Sevastian’s Russian homeland, music composed for the accordion. The six movements of Vladislav Zolotaryov’s Chamber Suite evoked the coming of evening, then moonlight, a snowfall at night that you could feel as well as see, mysterious visions that tingled your spine and then the dark colours of sorrow, and closing with a romping Old Fairy Tale. A gallery of emotions, musical paintings, superbly played.

The first half of the program concluded with another Zolotaryov piece, the final movement of his Sonata No. 3—seemingly a musical setting of your worst pursuit nightmare, you frantically running to escape the relentless and terrifying phantoms at your heels. Amazing music magnificently played.

The second half of the program opened with another contemporary Russian piece, Semenov’s Don Rhapsody. Here, while drifting down the Don, the Russian countryside is brought to life much as Smetana did in The Moldau using evocative folk music to paint the scene. Beautiful shifting rhythms and moods.

The evening held much more of this enrapturing music that flowed through the medium of this sensitive artist. He inhabited the very soul of Tchaikovsky, transforming the written notes of October into the nostalgia of a summer love lost, lost. Sevastian
swept us into a ballroom, swaying to the rhythms of von Weber’s Invitation to the Dance. He carried us to the haunting loneliness of the Russian Steppes and sent us to witness the swirling colours of Cossack dancing. Who would have thought that accordion music could ever cast such a spell? Well, it did, and we have the Concert Society and its generous sponsors to thank for bringing such an outstanding event to our community. There are three more series concerts to come, and tickets are still available. Get one if you haven’t already. Your soul deserves it.

Photograph submitted by artist

Events calendar

Like the FREE classified section which is quite popular on ODN – we now add a Free event calendar section where any group can add an event to the rotating calendar.

Just make a comment and presto its on the event calendar for people to view.  I would ask that you not use web links and the publisher reserves the right to determine if such an event posting is a commercial event that should be using the paid advertising on Oliver Daily News.


Stick spiel – November 5th

Second Annual Stick Spiel

            Do you know
why most people give up curling, even though they may love the game?  Because their knees give out, or their back
is bad, or their flexibility decreases, or maybe just because they think they
are too old.  Oliver Curling Centre’s
second annual Stick Spiel is designed to show everyone including all curlers,
both current and past, that curling is definitely a life time sport, no matter
what your age or the condition of your knees.

            Using a
stick to push the 40 pound curling stone has been done for the past couple of
decades, but only recently has it been given the name Sturling.  Sturling is done with a 2 person team,
playing against another 2 person team.
Each team has one member at each end of the ice, and they alternately
‘throw’ 6 rocks each to their partners at the other end.  The curling stick has a special end on it to
hold the rock handle and the stone can be rotated and made to curl, the same as
if the person was using their hand.  The
advantage however, is that the thrower does everything from a standing
position.  The stone can be pushed to the
other end while walking or while standing still, and there is no sweeping until
the stone passes the hog line at the other end.
Games are fast, and even the novice stick curler gets the hang of the
game after a couple of ends.

This year we are adding Mixed Doubles Curling to the event.
A game that is played with two person teams one man and one lady. Mixed doubles
is a relatively new game that may be coming to the Olympics. We are limiting
the entries to eight teams this year and we will be accepting entries until
Thursday of this week.

The second annual Stick Spiel and
Mixed Doubles is at the Oliver Curling Centre this coming Saturday, November
5th. Games only take an hour so your day is not seriously impacted. Every team
will get at least 3 games and likely more, the cost is $30, and with each win,
the team gets $15 back.  Plus, the $30
registration gets you a coffee party, lunch and a pizza Dinner

To enter or for more information phone 250-498-3540 or
250-498-2244 or sign up at the Curling Centre by 4:00 PM on November 3.
Everyone is welcome to come out on Saturday either as spectators or players.

MLA promises some action at Vaseux Lake

MLA John Slater says better lighting at the Vaseux Lake corner could help improve safety at this accident prone location. Interviewed after opening another section of recently improved highway nearby, Slater says he thinks a barrier dividing the highway lanes would be impractical at this time due to the width of the roadway.

He says he says the corner needs a quick temporary fix and a long term solution. In the future, the Ministry could bring down much of the rock face and build a higher roadway that would bring safety for the travelling public and a view point for tourists.

Top: taken Friday at Highway 3A opening. Slater being interviewed by GV reporter Dennis Walker.

School trustee nominees to be questioned

The Oliver Community Arts Council has agreed to host an all candidates meeting for those persons nominated for a School Board position in Oliver.

Wednesday November 2 has been chosen as the date with the location the Quail’s Nest Art Centre 34274 – 95th Street near the airport. The event times are 7-9pm.

Speeches, questions and refreshments. All candidates have been invited including Tamela Edwards, Rob Zandee, Tracy Hunt and Martin Cattermole.

There are two positions to be elected. This meeting will be televised on Ch. 18.

Join the fun today at 11 a.m.


Everyone is invited to the Ceremony to Celebrate the completion of
the Mural on Fields Wall.

Saturday October 29th at 11 a.m. in the Fields Store Parking Lot.

Mayor Hampson will commence the Celebration. The Oliver Sagebrushers
Art Club is so proud to have been given a chance to design and paint this Mural
to enhance the beauty of our Town of Oliver.

Many thanks to Alberto and Tracy of Alberto’s,

Mr. & Mrs. J. Barata, and the Town of Oliver.

This project has taken 196 hours to complete not counting the hours of designing,
selecting colours, negotiating, etc. It has been a labour of love and pride by the
project manager and crew.

Come meet the Artists , enjoy the cameraderie and toast the Mural.