Flashback to November 23rd

truck22Not a Random Act of Kindness

We all know someone who has had or has cancer, maybe its your family, a very good friend or an acquaintance, we are all touched in some way. While this terrible disease can be so devastating it is also the only disease that has the support of a tremendous group of professional medical people and a core of dedicated volunteers.

One such group that you may not heard of are those folks who are involved with the Freemasons Cancer Car Program, who in association with the Canadian Cancer Society provide free transportation to the Kelowna Cancer Clinic. I have been involved with the program for over twenty years, both here in the Okanagan and on Vancouver Island. While you may not have heard of the program, those that have been the recipients of this wonderful service will tell you how much the service is appreciated.

The Freemasons have purchased and maintain a fleet of vehicles in the lower Mainland, on Vancouver Island and since 1998 here in the Okanagan. Sprinter vans are located in Kamloops and Penticton, and two Caravans are placed in Vernon and Kelowna. They have a Dispatch Office in the Cancer Lodge in Kelowna, from which patients are assigned to the various Cancer Vans depending on where they live. Pickups are generally along the Highway 97 route, with some minor deviations.

Transportation to the Kelowna General Hospital, Cancer Clinic is provided for patients from Osoyoos in the south to the Kamloops area in the north. Departure times are related to appointment times for Chemotherapy or Radiation treatments, generally it takes about two hours from the south and three to four hours from the north till the first appointment. All appointments are arranged between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM, this gives the drivers time to get back to their home base within a reasonable time. This service is carried out Monday to Friday except for holidays when the Cancer Clinic is closed. The service allows patients the relief from having to take their own cars to Kelowna for treatments.

You now know when the service runs and how you get to the Cancer Clinic, all that’s needed is people to drive the vehicles. It may come as surprise to find out that all the drivers are volunteers, some are Masons and some are not. None of patients are charged for this service, it is a free service provided by funds raised by the Masonic Order in BC & Yukon.

Patients are normally advised by their doctors of this service, but some may forget to do so. If that happens, you can contact the Freemason Cancer Car Program in Kelowna at 1-800-299-0188 and they will advise you how to set up connection should you need this service.

In the Oliver/Osoyoos area, drivers are dispatched through Erwin Weiler at 250-498-3364, if you might be interested in assisting in this program by driving please give him a call, he can always use additional drivers.

contributed by Peter Morrow

7 people in BC being monitored

Currently in B.C. seven people, including this patient, are undergoing the 21-day period of self-monitoring. A total of 16 people have returned from the affected countries since August.

The health-care worker who returned from Sierra Leone and has been at Kelowna General Hospital undergoing testing for Ebola virus disease (EVD) has had a second negative Ebola test.

Initial testing results that came back from the BC Centre for Disease Control on Dec. 30 were negative for EVD. However, a second test was done that day to confirm those results. That second test has now also come back negative for EVD.

A third and final test will also be done to ensure that there has been sufficient time for any potential circulating virus to reach detectable levels. Results from the third test are expected tomorrow. This third test is only being done out of an abundance of caution, given that the patient was so proactive in reporting her symptoms at such an early date.

The patient is a health-care worker who returned from treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone on Dec. 25. On Sunday, Dec. 29 she had a slightly elevated temperature and was experiencing mild flu-like symptoms. In keeping with provincial protocols, she immediately contacted the medical health officer (MHO).

On Monday, Dec. 30, after further consultation with the MHO and provincial public health officials, it was decided that she would come in to Interior Health’s designated type two facility, Kelowna General Hospital, for EVD testing. While all signs and symptoms were indicative of influenza or a similar respiratory illness, given the patient’s work and travel history, out of an abundance of caution, the patient was isolated and tested for EVD.

This is not the first B.C. health-care worker to return from Ebola-affected countries in West Africa. Each returning worker is connected with public health and is monitored for a 21-day period following their return, during which time they are asked to remain within two hours of a provincial type two facility, and abstain from providing clinical care to patients.


flu shot

Five residential care homes in the Okanagan are taking special measures after a flu outbreak this week. According to Interior Health Authority (IHA), some seniors and other residents, who became ill at the facilities, have been isolated in their rooms in an effort to control the spread.

IHA Medical Health Officer Dr. Andrew Larder is hopeful the outbreaks won’t become too severe. The health authority is restricting admissions to the five care homes which have been affected until the outbreak is over, meaning no new residents will be permitted to fill any empty beds at present time.

IHA hasn’t specified the affected care homes, but Larder says diagnoses at three facilities have pinpointed Influenza A.

There have been outbreaks labeled as Respiratory Infections in Trinity Care Centre; Village By the Station and Westview Place in Penticton; Village at Smith Creek in West Kelowna; and The Gateby in Vernon.

Flu seems to be prevalent in seniors between Christmas and New Years.

One unit gutted – Penticton motel fire

pass fire22pass fireFire investigators are back on the scene today trying to determine what caused a damaging fire to a unit in the Pass Motor Inn last night

Fire crews were called to the fire on Skaha Lake Road at 8:32 p.m.

RCMP Cst. Kris Clark says one resident suffered non-life threatening injuries in the fire and was taken to Penticton Regional Hospital for treatment.

He says the cause of the fire has yet to be determined but not suspicious.

Picture of firemenfrom Castanet

A year of accomplishments – Chief Kruger

Chief Kruger in serious talk with then Penticton Mayor Garry Litke
Chief Kruger in serious talk with then Penticton Mayor Garry Litke

2014 was an eventful year for Penticton Indian Band

Finished phase 1 on the Eneas Lake dam project (3 million), finished health centre (4 million), and finished Fish hatchery with ONA (9 million),,, that’s 16 million $ of Reality.

I’m very Proud of the hard work we did on these projects… Skaha Hills is blossoming into an amazing development… We are building huge infrastructure for the future of PIB… We also hosted Aboriginal Business Match again this year and helped First Nations and companies sign over $60 million worth of deals for business and for Stronger Communities

Elders Conference was hosted here in Penticton this year… It was a spectacular event,,, our Elders did the most amazing job hosting… We are so grateful to all the volunteers that contributed their love and support to our Elders… PIB is moving forward in a good way. We will continue to do Great things in 2015.

Wai Lim Limpt

Chief Jonathan Kruger

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Top names for new borns

For the second straight year, and the fourth time in five
years, Olivia was the top name for girls born in B.C. in 2013, according
to the Vital Statistics Agency.

Liam reclaimed the number one spot for baby boys replacing Ethan, which
was tops in 2012, after edging out Liam the previous year.

The top five names for girls born in British Columbia in 2013 were
Olivia, Emma, Sophia, Emily and Ava.

For baby boys born in 2013 in B.C., the top five names were Liam, Mason,
Ethan, Lucas and Benjamin.

Only names whose frequency occurs five or more times are listed.

There were 43,925 babies born in B.C. in 2013, which includes 22,491 boys
and 21,434 girls.

Year end stats

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Cool man cool ! ~ Thursday


Oliver Theatre: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, January 1-6, one-show only, 7:30 pm nightly.

Penticton – Canadian Blood Services presents special holiday donor clinic, 1:30 – 5:30 p.m., South Main Drop In Centre, call 1-888-236-6283 for appointment

19th annual Kinsmen Club Polar Bear Swim, 12 noon at Sun-Oka Beach-Summerland



Message from Principal Glen Heinrichs


We are a distributed learning school located in School District 53 – Okanagan-Similkameen. When asked about the advantage of distributed learning, the word that comes to mind is “flexibility”. Our school accommodates school-age students from K – 12 as well as adults who are upgrading or working towards graduation.

Our clientelle choose distributed learning for a variety of reasons. Some students take one course from YouLearn that they simply cannot get at their home school or cannot fit into their timetable. Others are heavily involved in outside activities, or hold down a job, and need the opportunity to do schoolwork on their own schedule. Graduates return to us to take courses required for entrance into a college program. Some adults take courses leading to graduation while others are upgrading. We can assist students trying to enter the trades through Secondary School Apprenticeship or Dual-Credit programs. If you have an educational need, we can help you find some answers.

Please visit our website at YouLearn.ca or give us a call at (250)498-4597.

We look forward to hearing from you.

2014 new recap #3

fire damage one22house one22

Fire destroys home at Earle Crescent near Kootenay St.

June 13, 2014 Friday

Fire Saturday destroys older home on 523 Earle Crescent leaving a family with no home to their own.

Edna Lalonde was living in the home with her 16 year old brother Steven, a friend (Edgar Montante) and her 72 year old dad Frank.

1 other person stayed there on occasion but only Edna and her brother were in the house Saturday when they woke up to the smell of smoke and the noise of flames. Her brother yelling ” the house is on fire ” – and without really knowing where it started they escaped to safety. All of them believe it started in a dryer not in the kitchen.  Edna, 20, says she slipped on a concrete sidewalk trying to prevent her dad from going into the fire scene. No serious injuries occurred, although the pair were treated for smoke inhalation. Lalonde said because her brother had briefly re-entered the house, he suffered more extensive lung problems and taken to Penticton Regional Hospital to treatment before being released.

2nd picture shows replacement home in progress.


Fire destroys Main St. home and office of MLA

April 21, 2014 Monday

A family was displaced after flames consumed a home at 6363 Main St.  The residence completely destroyed.  Edward and Alice George and their 3 children escaped with their lives when awaken by a banging on the front door.

Residents of a basement suite had left the building the night before and the source of the fire believed to be below the main floor.

A commercial building housing offices of the MLA to the north heavily damaged.

monday fire three

house two22

2nd picture shows almost complete commercial building re-done.

Update on Ebola testing

The Ministry of Health and Interior Health are confirming that
preliminary testing on a health-care worker returning from West Africa
has come back negative for Ebola virus disease (EVD).

In keeping with provincial protocols, public health officials have asked
the patient to remain within two hours of a designated type two facility
– in this case Kelowna General Hospital – for the duration of the 21-day
self-monitoring period.

On Sunday evening, the patient began to experience mild influenza-like
illness, and reported those symptoms to the medical health officer.
Working with provincial public health specialists, and out of an
abundance of caution, Interior Health asked the patient to come into
Kelowna General Hospital to get tested. While there, the patient is being
cared for in an isolation room, away from other patients or staff.

Early testing is negative for Ebola and all signs point to this being a
case of the flu or a similar illness – influenza is currently circulating
widely in the community. However, given travel and work history, public
health is following all the standard precautionary procedures, to ensure
that they do not have Ebola.

Additional testing will take place over the next day or two to confirm
results of early testing. The patient will remain in isolation in
hospital during this time.

The risk to the public remains extremely low. Health-care workers at
Kelowna General Hospital have been trained on Ebola protocols and
procedures, and the facility is fully prepared to manage this patient.

Thieves nabbed

Naramata – Four men are facing numerous charges after police responded to a string of break-ins and thefts on Monday.

On December 29, 2014 members of the Penticton detachment arrested four men believed responsible for several break-ins and thefts from Penticton and the surrounding area. Incidental to their arrest, police recovered several items of stolen property including stolen vehicles.

Police found all four suspects in the Chute Lake area after tracking them in the snow. None of the men were dressed for the elements and they could have suffered far worse consequences than criminal charges had police not been able to locate them in the sub-zero conditions.

Two prolific offenders from Kelowna and two men from Penticton face multiple potential charges of break and enter and theft. All four men are well known to police and have been held in custody pending a bail hearing later today.

Ebola testing taking place in Kelowna

A B.C. nurse practitioner, who was working in Sierra Leona at an Ebola treatment centre entered a 21-day self-quarantine at Kelowna General Hospital today after showing symptoms consistent with the virus. She has since tested negative for Ebola, according to the Ministry of Health.

Patrice Gordon will remain in isolation at KGH in accordance with health protocols.

The Rossland resident stated she had a sore throat, myalgias, headache and a rising temperature.

Dr. Bonnie Henry, Interior Health medical health officer said preliminary tests are negative for Ebola.

The patient remains in isolation in Kelowna General Hospital until further testing can be complete.

There are a number of health care workers returning, some have been working in West Africa at Ebola health centres. They are being monitored.

Update on Fruitvale killing

Fruitvale – A 24-year-old man is facing 2nd Degree Murder charges after a 52-year-old man succumbed to life-threatening injuries Sunday night.

On December 28, 2014 at 9:51 pm, the Trail & Greater District RCMP received a report of a man suffering serious, life-threatening injuries at a residence in Fruitvale, BC. Officers arrested a suspect without incident at the scene while the 52-year-old resident was rushed to the Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

The victim has been identified as Scott Douglas DECEMBRINI (52) of Fruitvale.

Jordan Brian SHIMELL (24) of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, has since been charged with second degree murder. He remains in police custody and is scheduled to appear in Rossland Provincial Court on January 5, 2015.

The BC RCMP Southeast District Major Crime Unit, with assistance from Kootenay Boundary Regional District RCMP and Trail & Greater District RCMP resources, continues the investigation.

Source: RCMP

Deadly Trans Canada – Hwy 1


Highway 1 is closed near Golden, and has been for many hours overnight, after two semis crashed head-on.

United Towing reports on Twitter that they were called to the accident around 11 p.m. Monday evening and that both trucks were on fire.

The highway remains closed to commercial vehicles in both directions from Revelstoke to Golden because of the incident.

By 7 a.m., passenger vehicles are going through via a local detour that is only available to non-commercial vehicles.
See update

Two days ago

Two people were killed Saturday on Highway 1 near Three Valley Gap. (Craigellachie to Revelstoke)

RCMP reported on December 28 a westbound tractor trailer unit collided with an eastbound passenger vehicle. Both occupants of the passenger vehicle were killed.

The highway was closed for several hours to allow a traffic reconstruction team to complete their on-site investigation.

Bird count update with Doug Brown

I still don’t have the final numbers as some of the feeder watchers have not sent in their results.

Those will not likely add any species to our total so we ended up with 110 species, well above the average, and well above the 98 species that Kelowna and Penticton got.

Highlights for the day were Snow Goose-1 (5th record), Long-tailed Duck-1 (2nd record), Peregrine Falcon-1 (new to count), Rock Wren-1 (8th record), Ruby-crowned Kinglet-7 (10th record), Yellow-rumped Warbler-13 (8th record)m Fox Sparrow-1 (6th record) and Swamp Sparrow-1 (7th record).

Record high numbers were recorded for Bufflehead (293), Common Goldeneye (117), Long-eared Owl (7), Yellow-rumped Warbler (13) and Spotted Towhee (5).

Overall this year the fairly mild fall kept some of the less hardy species around in bigger numbers. The mild fall also meant more open water resulting in larger numbers of diving ducks but smaller numbers for the dabbling ducks like Mallard. Many of the local breeding species such as House Finch and chickadees are in low numbers probably indicating a poor breeding season this year.

What other rates will rise in 2015?


  • Medical Services Premium rates will rise four per cent to $72 for singles, $130.50 for families of two, and $144 for families of three or more.
  • Electricity rates will rise six per cent on April 1, approximately $72 for the average home, part of a 28 per cent rate hike over five years approved by the government.
  • ICBC basic auto insurance will rise $36 for the average car.
  • BC Ferries fares will rise 3.9 per cent on April 1.

source: CBC

2014 news recap #2


July 4 2014

A stretch of roadway from Hwy 3 at the Husky in Osoyoos to Constellation Brands winery at Tucelnuit Drive will be ground up and resurfaced next year. All that for $3 million says Highways Minister Todd Stone.

This project will create a smoother and safer drive for commercial trucks, local drivers and summer tourists going through the farmland area.



October 8, 2014

greg norton

Agriculture Minister Norm Letnick has named commissioners to the Agricultural
Land Commission’s (ALC) 3 interior regional panels:

Okanagan Coast Panel Region
Gerald Zimmermann, Vice Chair
Greg Norton, Commissioner
James Johnson, Commissioner

Interior Panel Region
Gordon Gillette, Vice Chair
Lucille Dempsey, Commissioner
Richard Mumford, Commissioner

Kootenay Panel Region
Sharon Mielnichuk, Vice Chair
Ian Knudsen, Commissioner
Jerry Thibeault, Commissioner


May 28, 2014


South Okanagan orchardists are used to putting up with whatever Mother Nature throws their way, but Monday’s hail storm was particularly harmful.

Hail storm Monday has orchardists dealing with severely damaged fruit crops early in the 2014 growing season.

“Everything got hit hard, but it’s most noticeable with the cherries and apples,” said Harj Dhillon, who has a 15-acre orchard, just north of Oliver.

Glen Lucas, general manager of the BC Fruit Growers Association, said some orchardists in the Oliver and Osoyoos area were hit but its too early to estimate the damage in $$$.

The fruit growers have to file a notice of claim when they’ve had damage, and then the production insurance branch of the BC Ministry of Agriculture will decide based on severity.

Dhillon estimates he lost 100 percent of his apple crop, 70 to 80 percent of his cherries, and 70 to 80 percent of his peaches, in the storm that lasted around 15 minutes.

Compounding the situation to make it even more difficult, Dhillon also experienced a 100 percent loss to his apple crop from hail storms last year.

Iqbal Deol, who has a 10-acre orchard on Road 2, just south of Oliver, said all of his apples are gone and some of his cherries and peaches will recover, but others won’t.

While the trees are OK, the fruit sustained holes and bumps from the hail.


November 21, 2014


clark fruit

B.C. tree fruit sector to benefit with sustainable, long-term replant program

$8.4 million for a seven-year tree fruit replant program that supports grower’s efforts to meet consumer demands for high-value, high-quality B.C. fruit announced

Premier Christy Clark gave out the details of the program with representatives of B.C.’s tree fruit industry.

“It’s about providing certainty for B.C. fruit growers,” said Premier Clark. “And making sure we continue to showcase the best tree fruits in the world, both here at home and internationally.”

Beginning April 1, 2015, through to the 2021 season, growers will be able to apply for the new program. It is estimated that more than 600 hectares (1,500 acres) of orchards will be replanted over the next seven years providing 2,600 jobs each year for the Okanagan.

“We are proud of the heritage of B.C.’s tree fruit industry and we look forward to continuing our partnership in promoting high-value, high-quality B.C. fruit so our growers can earn more dollars,” said Minister of Agriculture Norm Letnick.

The new program builds on the recent success of growers who replanted low-value orchards with high-demand and high-quality varieties like Ambrosia apples and late-season cherries. B.C. growers produced Canada’s second-largest tree fruit crop in 2013, generating almost $103 million in farm cash receipts.

Branch 227 supports regional hospital

okThe Royal Canadian Legion #227, Okanagan Falls, President Myrt Niles and Branch Member Ed Findlater presented a $5,000 donation to Janice Perrino, Executive Director with the South Okanagan Similkameen Medical Foundation.

The money will go towards the purchase of new beds at Penticton Regional Hospital. “Branch #227  has always been a strong supporter of medical equipment campaigns at PRH to support veterans, local citizens and all of the patients from around the region,” Perrino said.  “To date this organization has raised more than $31,500. On behalf of the board of directors, the medical staff, the patients and their families, thank you to all of the members for their incredible generosity.”


Where, when, who ???

trump two22where whenMore detail and a second picture a bit later.

Thanks to Brian Wilson, Okanagan Archive Trust Society

www.oldphotos.ca        Press to enlarge

Hi Here’s a couple of shots from this BC Electric collection that came in at the booth.


Ted Trump, Oliver inventor, demonstrates his latest truck-mounted giraffe for BC Electric in * 1958. Using the bridge over Okanagan River, he shows the versatility of the reach of his machine. Ted went on to develop this device as fire equipment, de-icer for airports and many other uses.

Thanks to the Lennon Family for the donation of this album that was found in a dumpster. Please don’t throw away our history, let us see it first. Courtesy of the Okanagan Archive Trust Society www.oldphotos.ca

Brian Wilson, Archivist * not sure of date looking for specifics

250 490 9339

Fruitvale sudden death – murder?

A 24-year-old man is in custody after police responded to a Fruitvale residence on Sunday night where a 52-year-old man was suffering from life-threatening injuries.

On December 28, 2014 at 9:51 pm, the Trail RCMP received a report of a man suffering serious, life-threatening injuries at a residence in Fruitvale, BC. Officers arrested a suspect without incident at the scene while the 52-year-old resident was rushed to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Pending notification of next of kin the family has requested that the name of the deceased not be released.

The suspect and victim were known to each other; the suspect remains in police custody pending further investigation.

B.C.’s six-year student completion rates continue to climb

VICTORIA – More B.C. students are graduating than ever before,
especially Aboriginal and special needs students, according to the
latest data on student completion.

Overall, the numbers of students who completed Grades 8-12 within six
years has increased across all categories since 2000-01 – female, male,
Aboriginal, English Language Learning (ELL) and special needs.

In 2013-14, the provincial six-year completion rate was 84.2%, that’s
an increase of more than 10% from 76.5% in 2000-01. Five school
districts including Arrow Lakes, Coquitlam, West Vancouver, Conseil
scolaire francophone and Fort Nelson, reported over 90% completion

The Fort Nelson school district had the highest completion rate in B.C.
with 99.7% of students graduating. Just a few years ago, in 2009-10,
the district’s rate was 61% but since 2010-11, it has been above 86%
every year, higher than the provincial average for the same period.

For Aboriginal students, the six-year completion rate reached a record
high of 61.6% in 2013-14, and it has improved steadily over the past 10
years from 42.3% in 2000-01. This represents a 45.6% improvement.