A report from your MLA

Yet another Election now over. Signs down by now (we hope) and a temporary reprieve from the election machine of emails, phone calls etc.

While many of us no longer appreciate the election process, there are many new Canadians who, with great pride, cast their vote in a country where they are not afraid to vote and do so with enthusiasm. It is unfortunate that the turnout to vote in Canada continues to be disappointing. It seems many Canadians just can’t seem to get themselves to the polls to vote or have become complacent about the process.

I was raised in a family where everyone one was encouraged to vote- if you didn’t vote then you didn’t get to complain afterwards. I hope all of you appreciate the freedoms of our Democracy.

For those of you still anxiously waiting to see the end to turning our clocks backwards and forwards twice a year we will have to endure one more rotation. I have been informed by the Premier that our Legislation to remain permanently on Daylight Savings Time (DST) will be passed by the end of November. However, it will not come into effect until the Spring when we will shift into DST once more.

Our clocks will “fall back” one more time on Nov 3rd at 2am. There is no doubt, from the huge response to the Governments survey, that ending this time shifting is the wish of the majority of British Columbians. Thank you to all those who have sent emails, written letters, signed petitions and responded to the survey, your voices were heard.

Through the great work of our local Volunteer Fire Depts we have also been reminded in recent weeks about basic fire protection for us as individuals. In Oliver, Fire Chief Bob Graham and his crew put on several displays of what can happen if you experience a fire in your home and how you can increase your chances of survival. I, personally, took advantage of the demonstrations and learned how to handle a fire extinguisher when putting out a fire in the kitchen.

I immediately went home and took my fire extinguisher out from under the sink, realized it was not in good working order, and replaced it. As the weather is definitely cooler everyone should have their furnaces and fireplaces serviced and replace the batteries in your smoke detectors. Do your part in keeping your family safe this winter.

There were many special Events in October that I had the privilege of attending. In OK Falls, the official ribbon cutting of the new Seniors Housing building, South Skaha Place, was celebrated with a good turnout of local citizens. Thanks goes to the South Skaha Housing Society Board of Directors and all the Community Volunteers who managed to turn a dream into a reality.

The residents of Rock Creek and the Volunteer Fire Fighters from Big White, Anarchist, Grand Forks, Christina Lake, Greenwood and Midway got together recently to celebrate the opening of a Satellite Fire Hall in Rock Creek. Fire Chief Walt Osellame from Midway, had spent the last 10 years working on a plan to improve fire protection for the people of the Kettle River Communities.

Congratulations to Fire Chief Walt, Area Director Vicky Gee, the Kettle River Lions Club and all the wonderful volunteers who made this improved service a reality.

Finally, please take a moment on Nov 11th to remember all those in the past and currently who are dedicated to protecting our Canadian freedoms and attend a Remembrance Day Service in your Community.

Linda Larson, MLA
Boundary Similkameen

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2 Responses to A report from your MLA

  1. Bill Eggert says:

    I’m thinking we should all just ignore slow moving government and leave our clocks as is. After all the government is the people.

    How’s that for a modest revolt.

    Wasn’t that a sixties mantra? “Power to the People” but that was so long ago.

    Publisher: Sorry to say I missed the drugs, hippies, long hair. Graduated in 66, into pin strips and into leather shoes – the typical high tower business executive with an international corp.

    That’s why I am so boring today. A compromise Bill – select a clock – say in the living room and don’t change it – go to bed when you want but wake up when you need to……

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