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Election Date October 21

Wow how excited are you. Speaking personally a bit like watching pain dry.

The poll to the right is a bit of fun until Friday – vote for a person listed (alphabetical) not a party per se – as if the election was this week.

We will check in to see the final results – sometime Friday

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11 Responses to Apathy

  1. Pat English says:

    Typical, leave off non of the above which is most often the winner. i couldn’t vote as my choice is unavailable as is the case at the poll booth.

    Publisher: Yup ‘None of the above’ gets 10-15 percent. Ultimately however someone else is elected to represent you.

    • Pat English says:

      i consider non voters none of the above. Closer to 45-50 percent which is more than any other choice. i do not consent for many reasons as do other abstainers. i do not wish to associate myself with corporations called government.

      Publisher: And I thought I was cynical. We have a system. Vote. If you do not – you get what you deserve. You can call it a government corporation. So? It is our democracy. And to quote Churchill – sure beats the alternative.

      Pat – a challenge – write a piece for ODN. Talk to the issue of how you would take me and the rest of us on a journey to a better world a better Canada.

      You might want to read Thomas More ( circa Henry 8 ) as a primer on utopia.

    • Pat English says:

      First and foremost would be to restore the use of the Bank of Canada for government borrowing rather than through private Banks. This alone would eliminate the need for much of the tax used to pay interest on interest on money created from thin air by private Banks.

      Publisher: I think I have seen this opinion before and I and others might disagree with stating it as a fact. The bank of Canada sets an interest rate (the Governor) for money distributed to banks that need more than what they have in deposits. Not sure the government gets money from them but from a bank like all other governments, provincial and municipal in Canada. The BofC helps the banks set a deposit or loan rate and is an agent to control the economy and inflation.

    • Pat English says:

      From the BoC Act

      (j) make loans to the Government of Canada or the government of any province, but such loans outstanding at any one time shall not, in the case of the Government of Canada, exceed one-third of the estimated revenue of the Government of Canada for its fiscal year, and shall not, in the case of a provincial government, exceed one-fourth of that government’s estimated revenue for its fiscal year, and such loans shall be repaid before the end of the first quarter after the end of the fiscal year of the government that has contracted the loan;

      Basically the government can run on a line of credit from the BoC but have opted to borrow imaginary created from thin air money from private Banks at interest that is never created so there always has to be more imaginary money created to pay the interest on the original imaginary money. What great scam and a criminal organization Pierre Trudeau created.

      Publisher: The Bank of Canada was created by Mr. Trudeau, senior RIP? WOW

      Here to Stay
      The first Governor of the Bank of Canada was Graham F. Towers, a 37-year-old Canadian who had extensive experience with the Royal Bank of Canada, both in Canada and abroad. He had appeared before the Macmillan Commission on behalf of the chartered banks. He would guide the Bank for 20 years.

      Soon after the Bank opened, a new government introduced an amendment to the Bank of Canada Act to nationalize the institution. In 1938, the Bank became publicly owned and remains so today.

      The organization of the Bank integrated new functions with functions that already existed elsewhere. Bank note operations were transferred from the Department of Finance when the Bank opened, and the offices of the Receiver General across the country became the agencies of the Bank.

      A new Research Division was established to provide information and advice on financial developments and on general business conditions at home and abroad. The Foreign Exchange Division and the Securities Division became operative almost immediately, though the transfer of the Public Debt Division from the Department of Finance was delayed until suitable quarters were available. This did not occur until 1938, following completion of the present Bank of Canada building at 234 Wellington Street. The same building, to which two office towers were added in the 1970s, continues to house the Bank of Canada, although it is currently under renovation until 2017.

      The Bank of Canada Act, which defines the Bank’s functions, has been amended many times since 1934. But the preamble to the Act has not changed. The Bank still exists “to regulate credit and currency in the best interests of the economic life of the nation.

    • Pat English says:

      Get over the WOW. Pierre Trudeau is the one who quit using it not the one who created it. Nice piece of history but you left out the part about it funding 85% of government borrowing and 15% private Bank funding which after Pierre it started to be used less until today that ratio is now 85% private Bank funding and only 15% BaC funding. When the BoC was funding it was at 1% interest or so which went back to the BoC not into the hands of private Banks at a much higher rate.

    • Pat English says:

      Pierre’s treason by Betty Krawczyk ( let us go back 50 years )


      Trudeaumania was just gearing up when I immigrated to Canada in late 1966. I, too, was impressed with Trudeau. He was intelligent, articulate, with liberal ideas. And as Prime Minister, Trudeau repatriated the Canadian Constitution and told the morals’ police to stay out of people’s bedrooms. But then…but then. As Anthony’s famous speech in Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar reminds us… “the evil that men do live after them while the good is often interred with their bones. So let it be with Caesar.”

      But somehow this worked backward for Trudeau. Many Canadians still think highly of Pierre Trudeau, but in 1974 he did one terrible thing that changed the lives, for present and future, of all Canadians, for the worse. Trudeau gave the leading operations of the Bank of Canada over to the private banks operating in Canada.

      The Bank of Canada was first established by Prime Minister Richard Bennet in 1935 as a private central bank, but was then nationalized by William Lyon Mackenzie King in 1938. By nationalizing the bank, Mackenzie King meant for it to belong to the people so the Canadian government could borrow funds with little or no interest for capital expenditures. The mandate of the newly nationalized Bank of Canada was to act as the banker to the government and to manage the public debt. As Mackenzie King famously said: “Once a nation parts with the control of their currency and credit, it matters not who makes that nation’s laws. Usury, once in control, will wreck any nation. Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most sacred responsibility, all talk of sovereignty of parliament and of democracy is idle and futile.”

      So the Bank of Canada was nationalized in 1938 and the government could now borrow money with little or no interest. And it worked. The Canadian government built freeways, public transportation systems, subway line, airports, the St. Lawrence Seaway and funded a national health care system and the Canada Pension Plan. But then Trudeau, under the influence of the international financial group called Basel’s Committee’s Recommendations (The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision) made the decision to halt the borrowing of money from the Bank of Canada, and instead, chose to borrow from the private banks who instead of lending to the government at no interest, or low interest, introduced higher interest rates along with compound interest.

      All banks know very well the magic of compound interest. And Pierre Trudeau must have known that the mounting compounded national debt would lead to Canadians eventually owing a dollar fifty for every dollar of their disposable incomes. After all, he studied economics at the London School of Economics. Surely the professors there knew about compound interest.

      So Pierre Trudeau, instead of feeling blessed that Canada, unlike the US, had a nationalized central bank, signed our bank away to the private banks. Couldn’t Trudeau, such an educated man, surmise that citizens in a few years would be struggling to make car payments and meet rent and mortgages and student loans and to buy healthy food while last year’s profits for the big five (that’s Royal Bank, TD Bank, Scotiabank, Bank of Montreal and CIBC amounted to $31.7 billion?) If he did, he didn’t care. But it doesn’t have to be this way. It really doesn’t. Our Bank of Canada is still there. Next time.

      Publisher: I did my research this “grey grannie” has passed on but her ideas good. BUT if good, logical, reasoned why would the conservative or the ndp or the greens or 50 other political parties ever contest the decision of 1974 and reverse it or advocate for that. They must be really dumb and ignorant like me. No government or person I know hates the bank – the bank saves our cash, enable most of us to OWN our homes, travel world wide and live a good life. biz is biz – playing with money by you or a government should be ‘reasoned’- well thought out and repayable.

      Your friend quotes Shakespeare – I shall now do so. ‘the lady doth protest to much’. Even Jesus stated that money lenders had a purpose and that Rome should be paid what it is owed.

    • Pat English says:

      i got no problem with private Banks lending their own money to a private person or corporation. i do have a problem with private Banks lending money they do not have to the government when the government may borrow and the BoC may lend at nominal interest. Trouble is with the current system someone has to lose their assets to pay the interest. i recommend you research and answer the why for yourself. The truth is hard to believe. i know from my own experience of the struggle i had when after years of reading Acts and Statutes and Court Cases and seeing how there always seems to be an out for doing wrong while in government, i had my whole life changed as once you know there is no unknowing. Sometimes life would be simpler to unknow but that would be a disservice to my Grandchildren. So i will keep being provocative in the hope it makes other people look at how and by whom we, in we i mean the majority of the world’s population, are in servitude. Wasn’t it the World Bank that told Canada to implement austerity measures and cut social programs.
      Who or what is Rome and what are they or it owed and by whom?

      Publisher: a couple of reactions – how many of the world’s population understands your philosophy or political bent? If a few more to the high side of 50 percent in any village, town, city, province or country – CHANGE would happen. Obviously you and your compatriots are failures – not successful in changing the world. I have a paid off mortgage. I pay a bit for a l of C and a bit more on CC purchases – paid off monthly. Contrary to national statistics I do not live pay cheque to pay cheque. Thanks to CPP OAP, and the cream off the top of my business work.

      I am not in servitude unless you mention telus, eastlink, fortis, Town (water and sewer) and parcel taxes. Folks there is no way to escape paying unless you choose to move on to a higher place with that great guy in heaven.

  2. Gwyneth Robb says:

    7,398 residents in the 23 polls in the Oliver polling area were eligible to vote in 2015 federal election.
    3,805 of the eligible voters failed to vote –
    Although new to the South Okanagan-West Kootenay riding I am interested in exploring why less than half the eligible Oliver population did not vote.
    Your insights would be most appreciated and I look forward to reading more on this matter which concerns me greatly.

    My information is taken from Elections Canada, Forty-Second General Election 2015, Poll-by-Poll results.

  3. Stan Marshall says:

    The only Canadian ex- politician who owns a Shipping line is CSL Shipping is Paul Martin.
    Which operates in The Great Lakes and on this coast flying Flags of convenience.
    I’m not aware of Trudeau owning any Ships, Tankers etc.
    Stan Marshall

  4. Ed Machial says:

    Paint… More like Tar!. Interesting fact, Canadian oil, Carbon tax. Saudi oil, No carbon tax and shipped to eastern Canada on Turdue owned tankers!

    Publisher: Should I look up Turd ue ?

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