As someone said – don’t ruin a good story with the facts…..

This car pulled up in the mall and parked next to my spanking new car (2015 Chev).

How arrogant – trying to put me to shame.

My question to you all – how will your car look when it is approaching 100 years?

This car so old I do not believe any of my relatives had one during the time of my life and I do remember driving around in relics of the past – but not this far back.

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2 Responses to As someone said – don’t ruin a good story with the facts…..

  1. John Chapman says:

    Like George, our father had an old hand cranked Ford similar to this one, complete with the non-metallic top which in time became in such disrepair that we boys could stick our heads out the top as we drove along. It was not great in wet weather! At age 6 or so, I was allowed to turn the crank but do remember the fear of kickbacks which could break bones. Eventually as the power of the engine decreased we had to go up hills in only the lowest gear at first, then in reverse and finally we had to carry a heavy gauge tow rope and flag down other cars to tow us up the steep Deep Bay hill on Vancouver Island. With road speeds in the 30 to 45 mph range this was not all that uncommom an event. We were happy when we could finally afford a 1947 Fargo pickup.

  2. George Fraser says:

    You are simply not old enough! I’m guessing this is a ‘29 Model A. My father bought a used one in 1941, and sold it in 1946. It served us well!

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