Attention: Helena Konanz

I didn’t like the sign here on Tuc-el-nuit Drive during the campaign. It blocked a great view.  A number of comments in the region  – that did not appreciate the sign and a few other things done
in Penticton – that affected her vote count.

So was this de-construction done by a happy ND Pee’r, a disgruntled Tory, a Green Man on a white horse, a Liberal with a grin, a PPC’s who failed to generate much interest or just another yahoo who says

” I never vote but I hate big signs ” ?

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5 Responses to Attention: Helena Konanz

  1. Kerry Brewer says:

    The PC’s have not done a good job of picking up their signs in general. I have seen several around.

  2. Merrill Bjerkan says:

    It was the wind – I watched it tear apart as I drove by last week on that extremely windy day. I left an email on Konanz’s site to please remove it.

    Publisher: was trying to make a bit of fun with a sign the Tories forgot. It shouldn’t have been there.

  3. JoAnne Mitchell says:

    Don’t like but g sings either but it was very windy the day it fell over so the vandal could have been Mother Nature

    Publisher: Oh no – mother did it?? or… was that Father time.

  4. Ken macrae says:

    wow ll some people just have too much ll time out your energy some where else

    • Bill Venables says:

      Amen, who cares. A good example of witty banter minus the wit.

      Publisher: We invite you to submit an article for review…… If one person cares – and two people do not. When was this made into a contest.

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