by Audrey MacNaughton

Western Blue Bird

sticking around the lake hoping to survive a winter

The western bluebird is a small thrush, easily recognized by its bright blue and rust plumage, with males much brighter than the grayish-brown females.

Where does this species live?

Western bluebirds can be found in open woodlands. They make their nests in existing cavities in trees, dead wood or nest boxes.


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3 Responses to by Audrey MacNaughton

  1. Thor Manson says:

    Some Western Bluebirds do spend the winter in the Okanagan, especially if they have access to regular food and shelter. The Bluebird Box Programme often provides the shelter. I met folks when I lived in the area who fed the Bluebirds mealworms during the winter. If you do this, try not to stop, as the birds may become dependent on that food source.

  2. Helen Foreman says:

    Thank you Audrey for that lovely photo. I didn’t know they stayed the winter.

    • Audrey MacNaughton says:

      They usually migrate south but maybe with our warmer weather some are staying here the year round. They eat berries and insects so I really hope they survive. Our mild winter helps.

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