by Audrey MacNaughton

3 small swallows or an early version Moe, Curly and Larry

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5 Responses to by Audrey MacNaughton

  1. Sharon Pohl says:

    What a precious picture! Too good not to use for something like a postcard, greeting card or picture on the wall….

  2. Gail Blidook says:

    Audrey, I always appreciate your amazing photos. Thank you so much.

  3. Debbie Lee says:

    Wow what a great picture, so,perfect it looks fake.
    Nice work. I would put it on my wall!

  4. Heather Frank says:

    A wonderful photo Audrey, highlighting a very sweet part of ” the circle of life”. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Pat Whalley says:

    how perfectly adorable, what a good picture to use for greetings cards.

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