Cleaning up after…yourself

Spotted along the Similkameen River

This message is not directed to our readers but a bit of a drama that is ongoing in the rural parts of our regional district from Keremeos to Beaverdell.

We all have to take more of an interest in reporting these sightings and going to the authorities which MAY do something about it – before it really gets out of hand.

Pointed out by neighbours on Snowbrush St in an orchard

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  1. Shirley Zelinski says:

    Thank you for this heads up. I recently spoke with a RCMP officer who said this town reminds him of a smaller Maple Ridge…the town that has a huge problem with homeless camps. If we notify the proper authorities quickly, they can address the problem in an appropriate manner. Their eyes cannot be everywhere at once and it takes all of us working together to keep our towns and countryside in good shape … and free from the threat of potential wildfires and damage to the environment.

    Publisher: To those who have lived here a long time: the orchard picture is typical of an orchardist more interested in getting his crop off than the unsightly nature of his property. He/she knows he can clear it before the next crop. As to the Similkameen campsites – you can see the ice and snow in some pictures. Clean it up and quit trying to change those people you hire. They are what they are. Way too much political correctness and behavior modification desired.

    BUT it will most likely never happen.

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