Election by the numbers – 35 million ballots printed

Nearly 18 million Canadians voted with turnout of about 66%
4,774,963 voted at advance polls
111,300 voted on campus at one of 119 temporary Elections Canada offices between October 5 and October 9
34,324 voted by mail from abroad
365 ordinary polling stations on reserves
26.9 million voter information cards distributed across Canada
300,000 (approx.) people helped deliver the election across Canada’s 338 electoral districts

27.4 million Electors
300,000 Election workers (approximately)
338 Electoral districts
506 Local Elections Canada offices
20,000 Polling places

2.1 million km2 Canada’s largest electoral district (Nunavut)
6 km2 Canada’s smallest electoral district (Toronto–Centre)
81,065 Average number of electors per electoral district
90 Truckloads of election materials sent across Canada
105,140 Ballot boxes
257,000 Voting pencils (that’s about 45 km of pencils laid end to end)

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2 Responses to Election by the numbers – 35 million ballots printed

  1. Keith Johnson says:

    My Grandmother in the UK voted Labour all her life. When she became incapacitated the local Labour nominee’s office would phone her the day before the election to arrange a time for pick up. They drove her to the polling station and waited to take her home. Now that’s Quid Pro Quo?

  2. Phyllis Whitten says:

    For the first time in our eligible voting lives we did not vote. All kinds of options are made to get people to vote. You would think they could have a wheel chair or two for those who can’t stand the long walk or the long wait. We did actually drive to the polling location but it looked too rigorous.

    Publisher: Agree totally – a friend of mine is over 80 and uses a cane. Could not wait in a lineup. There should be a day set aside in the advance poll period for those needing assistance.
    I will petition Dick Cannings to take this idea forward to parliament.

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