Ellis Don makes presentation on two phase housing project on Airport Street

This large engineering firm is proposing a two phase housing development at 5931 Airport street – just north of the BC Government’s Social Services building – behind the Oliver Place Mall.

1st phase 51 units in a low rise building – that could be constructed in a 12 month period once funding is in place and all civic approvals granted.

That would mean 33 single units and 18 two bedroom suites for:

Moderate income people
Low income people
Seniors on fixed incomes and
Some short stay suites for those working in the area on a temporary basis

The project once complete would be managed by a Housing Management Services company.

In a report to the Town – Ellis Don states:

The 2016 Census shows the Town of Oliver’s population to be 4,928 residents which represents a 2.2% increase in five years since 2011. The average age of residents is 51.4 years. The 65+ population represents 36.3 % of the total population and to contrast that the child and youth population (0 to 14 years) at 12.4%. These population characteristics represent a need for a variety of housing types in Oliver to adequately support the aging population and overall growth throughout the Town.

According to Statistics Canada, there are approximately 2,155households throughout the District with 23.4% (505) as renters and 76.5% (1,650) owners. Expanding on the renter population, Statistics Canada shows that the average monthly shelter costs for rented dwellings is $877/month. Including owners and tenant households, those spending 30% or more of income on shelter costs is 21.6% of households, which places pressure on their other basic needs (e.g., food, transportation, clothing,

In contrast, 40.6% of tenant households spend 30% or more of their income on shelter costs, which illustrates greater level of pressure on their other basic needs.

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  1. Kathleen Molloy says:

    Exactly the kind of development this town needs. Integrated, multi-generational housing in walking distance to amenities, services and jobs. Family units, units for working singles, and bachelor suites for seniors under one roof could be beneficial to all interests. Throw in some units for locums and a suite for a handy person or a support person from Interior Health and the result would be a project the community could really buy into and use to showcase our town. Can’t wait to see the plans.

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