Fiasco or ?

No Mount Polley in Manning Park!

Imperial Metals still hasn’t recovered billions of litres of contaminated waste spilled into Quesnel Lake when the Mount Polley mine dam collapsed in 2014.

Now the company has applied for permits to drill for gold right in the middle of Manning Park and Skagit Provincial Park.

Imperial wants to build a mine high in the headwaters of the Skagit River. Never mind the grizzly bears, the elk, the owls, the salmon – and everybody downstream. There’s gold in them hills!

Imperial is a major political donor accustomed to getting its way in B.C. Even after the largest tailings dam failure in North American history, the company never faced charges or paid a penny in fines.

This new proposal adds insult to injury.

Manning Park is a recreation area treasured by British Columbians – and a crucial wildlife corridor for the whole Cascade mountain ecosystem.

Sign our petition and tell the B.C. government: no Mount Polley in the Skagit River headwaters!


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2 Responses to Fiasco or ?

  1. Grant MacPherson says:

    I would like to suggest a little research before signing this petition. Understand that the area of these Permits is not within the boundary of Manning Provincial Park. Is this a concern over the potential for pollution or active pollution? (Victoria discharges 80 million litres of raw sewage into the ocean every day.) This permit application is for drilling, not a Mine.

    Publisher: Jeepers Grant can you tell me why you support drilling in the doughnut? Why would a Mining and Extraction company want to drill holes unless it wants to extract flowers and fauna…. oops ore?

    The record of the company is questionable. Decisions of both Liberal BC and NDP BC governments is questionable. The doughnut referred to a small area of land exempted from park status in two provincial parks – squeezed between Skagit and Manning…. is that no so? Are my facts wrong. The government of the state of Washington and many environmental groups on either side of the border do not support extraction projects…. is that correct? Have a nice day.

    • Grant MacPherson says:

      I see you have been doing some research Jack. Good. And no, nothing wrong with the facts you mentioned. All I was doing with my comment is encouraging readers to find out more about what they’re supporting or rejecting. If you reject drilling because it’s near a Provincial Park that’s fine, that’s your opinion. If you support the Petition based on “…environmental groups on either side of the border do not support extraction projects…, I suggest that is not a defensible argument.
      You have a nice day too.

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