Hose parade heads for a garden

Our Lesson for today is

The basics of connecting a garden hose to an outdoor spigot are quite simple. The hose has two ends that are threaded differently. One end has a cuff that can fit over the threading of the spigot, allowing it to be tightened so that it holds the hose firmly to the spigot when it is turned on. The other end will generally have the opposite threading, allowing another hose or one of several accessories to be screwed onto it. When the hose has been secured to the spigot, the rubber or fiber that the hose is made of is designed to be sufficiently strong to hold in the water pressure if the other end of the hose has a sealed valve on it; otherwise the water simply flows through the hose and out the other end.

Tucelnuit Elementary students on a field trip to get a garden hose and learn just what it does to help mother nature

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