Kids and huge veggie fields – OES part 1

Wow 1 – cabbage ready for slaw – right now

A few pictures, a few details until we get into the meat of this.
This morning, talked to and with Principal Jason McAllister at Oliver Elementary.
Most of my interviews go on and on until a couple thing surface:

The ‘Seemless Day’ – seemed like an interesting anchor……more on that later.

A sign in McAllister’s office indicated something new – a student garden project (hatched in May) – if you see the growth you will ask what fertilizer is being used as the soil at OES/SOSS  fields which is basically gravel.

This garden ……a project of Grade 7 teacher Dean Rowland – who initiated such a project at Osoyoos Elementary prior to his arrival at OES  last fall. The area is fenced and locked. If you have the time – walk to and check it out. Quite impressive. (located at lower field  – near the grad steps). There are 18 sections, flowers, carrots and yup many other vegetables set to go to a table near you.

A number of schools locally have tried the ‘garden’ idea but failed for various reasons. Any gardener will tell you – “it needs constant care, water, good soil, fertilizer, thinning, pruning etc and it could grow like ‘Jack in the Beanstock”.

Wow 2 – note the squash high up saying : “can you see me”

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