Letter to the editor

by Malcolm McKay – Okanagan Falls

Re: National Park Reserve meeting April 23 2019 in Osooyos

“I’m dismayed at the way Parks Canada has presented this whole proposal” Dick Cannings Federal MP (South Okanagan-West Kootenay)

Dismayed? — dismayed you say, I’ve never heard such strong words from a federal politician. I’m sure that will ruffle feathers in bird land somewhere.

Parks Canada is a bully. Parks Canada needs to pack up and go back to Ottawa. We do not need its proposed National Park Reserve.

The Land and Resource Management Plan* 2001 (LRMP) was developed by local citizens to identify and put in place safeguards to protect our environment while still allowing people to make a living and recreate.

If Parks Canada was so concerned about protecting our ecology in the South Okanagan they would not have held up a well thought out plan for the past 17 years, developed by local people for the needs of our area.

The LRMP is a living document that can be adjusted to meet future needs. Not a dead-end street like the Parks Act.

Wildfire, floods and wildlife problems (predator and prey) need to be dealt with promptly by our Provincial Government agencies with offices right here. Why would we tie the hands of these important local services?

*Okanagan-Shuswap Land & Resource Management Plan (Government of BC)

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  1. Dale Dodge says:

    A number of years ago, Linda Larsen, MLA, provided me with a copy of the LRMP and i was quite impressed with the protection it gave to the lands now envisioned to be part of the National Park Reserve. But then, suddenly, it was dropped by the then BC Liberal government and they got behind the National Park plan instead. Can anyone explain why this happened? What are the problems with the LRMP that the National Park plan addressed? It would be good to hear Linda’s explanation of how this change of heart by the BC Liberals came about.

    Publisher: I agree a comment from Linda would be useful. But let us reflect in 2001 the LRMP became an official document of the BC Government a PLAN.

    Gordon Campbell elected premier in 2001 for ten years – Christy Clark replaced him in 2011 and served until the last election. To my knowledge during those 17 years the LRMP was a guiding document and talk of a National Park was not “heated”. The Christy Clark government was quite firm in saying they did not think the people supported a park or a reserve. It was the coalition party ‘Green and Orange’ non Irish party that decided the talk of a park should resume in earnest with clear indication that indigenous people wanted a partnership leaving them in charge. That’s another debate for another year.

    If you believe in democracy and think this is not an easy decision making process – call for a referendum. Don’t make excuses we both know how I would vote and how you would vote.

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