Letter to the editor

From Janette Van Vianen, Corporate Officer, Town of Osoyoos

Here is a bit of explanation about the new Route 40/41 Osoyoos to Penticton transit route.  Route 40 is Osoyoos/Penticton.  Route 41 is Osoyoos local only.

The ‘bus schedule’ previously showed one trip to Kelowna on Mondays only but that meant only one trip out of Osoyoos on that day.  From Tuesday to Friday the bus went twice daily to Penticton.

The new system will remove the direct Osoyoos to Kelowna bus but people can still connect to a Kelowna bus in Penticton.

On Mondays this will mean about a half hour layover at Cherry Lane mall before boarding the Kelowna bus.  They will then have to transfer onto a bus going to their destination at the Kelowna Queensway station (people travelling via bus to Kelowna should check the schedule for the return bus to Penticton to make sure they make it back in time to connect back to Osoyoos).

People can still connect to Kelowna via Penticton during the week taking the afternoon bus however there is about a 2 hour layover in Penticton and they should plan to stay overnight in Kelowna or find alternative ways of returning to Osoyoos as they will not be able to get back to Penticton in time to catch the last bus back to Osoyoos on those days. They should check the schedule for the exact departure time from Penticton and return times in order to connect back to Osoyoos on their return.

In exchange for the loss of a direct trip to Kelowna, the Osoyoos bus will now have two trips to Penticton on Mondays leaving at the same time as the rest of the week.

The original concern was that Transit had changed the afternoon departure time from Osoyoos to Penticton from 12:30 to 1:45 which didn’t leave any time for people to do business in Penticton (approximately one hour only) if they left Osoyoos in the afternoon.  After Town of Osoyoos staff discussions with BC Transit and the RDOS, the departure time from Osoyoos to Penticton was returned to 12:30 (approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes before the 4:00 departure back to Osoyoos). There are a few changes to the pick-up and drop off times at other locations along the route and people should check the BC Transit website for the correct schedule.

Further information on the South Okanagan Transit system can be obtained by calling the RDOS as they now hold the Operating Agreement with BC Transit.  Staff in Osoyoos sit on the focus group for transit and provide input and feedback at those meetings, however the final decisions are made by BC Transit and the RDOS Board

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  1. Basil Baker says:

    I.m in Oliver wanting to get to Vancouver trans-fer in West Kelowna, to the E bus which leaves at 9.55 am arrives Vancouver 3.10 pm… I understand the new route #70 bus does not arrive West Kelowna util
    10.05 am Presently – impossibble to travel this way….. Can this be correccted. I REALLY NEED TO GO byT BU,S TO THE COAST. ANY THOUGHTS GEETINNG TO SCHEDULE TO ABLE TO TRANS…. Basil Baker 250-498-4911 or bazzbaker @telus. net Thanks

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