Local man discharged from court and prison

Afshin Maleki Ighani, 48, was sentenced today in B.C. Supreme Court on two counts of assault with a weapon and one count of assaulting a guard at the Okanagan Correction Centre north of Oliver.

Ighani was sentenced to 21 months’ imprisonment, which he had already completed. He is now a free man.

Tuesday’s matters related to a pair of incidents at the OCC while Ighani was in custody pending trial.

Court heard that on Sept. 9, 2017, Ighani approached David James McHale, a 70-year-old sex offender, and began an arguement. Ighani then produced a “flat, metal blade-like object” and slashed at McHale, cutting one of McHale’s shoulders.

Then, on March 14, 2018, Ighani attacked a correctional officer after he was escorted back to his prison cell.

The matter that put Ighani in prison at the time of both attacks was an alleged drug-related kidnapping that began in OK Falls.

Ighani was acquitted of those charges earlier this month after a judge found numerous shortcomings in the Crown’s case – no witnesses available.



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2 Responses to Local man discharged from court and prison

  1. Lee Ann Wilson says:

    Was he not sanctioned for deportation at one time??

  2. John Bjerkan says:

    Will he continue to reside in Oliver?

    Publisher: Did you want me to phone him or could you… John?

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