Oliver edibles free on Main Street – vegetable pathways

Food Action Coordinator Shows ODN the edible gardens

The Town of Oliver is excited to have Caitlyn Bennett as the Coordinator for the Food Action Plan project. She currently works along side the Food Action Committee, Parks/Recreation and the Town.

Having grown up and worked in the Okanagan most of her life, Caitlyn is back and excited to work on this new initiative in the town of Oliver.

New food secure projects connect Oliver community with fresh produce

The community of Oliver will benefit from two new projects aimed to connect residents with fresh and accessible produce. The Harvest Hut and Edible Pathways projects have started this spring with more action June 6 in the parking lot north of Edward Jones.

The Harvest Hut creates a space for members of the community to share fresh produce. Anyone with more food in their garden or farm than they can consume is invited to bring their extras to the hut. Members of the public can then visit the hut and take the produce home with them.

Although the hut itself is still in the works, moving forward the Harvest Hut will operate every Monday evening from 5 to 8 p.m. in the Town of Oliver parking lot on Main Street between Edward Jones and Oliver Garden. Grants will be received in June and the coordinators hope that the Okanagan Correctional Centre can help out in the long term and maybe Rona will supply a first hut for this multi- year concept.

The Edible Pathways project includes planters on the north end of Main Street in Oliver which are growing vegetables and herbs, free for community members to take and use as needed.

What veggies you say? Sweet Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Tomatoes, Swiss Chard, Oregano,  and edible flowers like Marigolds, Nasturtium.

Town of Oliver Food Action coordinator Caitlyn Bennett said. “Local community food movements are growing and we are learning from them,” she said. “We hope this project can engage businesses and citizens while bringing awareness to Oliver’s long-term food systems strategy.”

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4 Responses to Oliver edibles free on Main Street – vegetable pathways

  1. Amanda Workman says:

    Love this! Perhaps there’s a way to get the schools involved too.

  2. Megan Allen says:

    What a great idea. When Paris was the centre of artistic influence, part of the beauty they talked and wrote about was because the public spaces were filled with edible plants. It would be so fun to have pumpkins and various kinds of squash growing around town! Or anything. Love this idea.

  3. Gail Paulics says:

    This is a fantastic idea. Flowers are great but food is even better.

  4. Lee Ann Wilson says:

    What a wonderful initiative and idea. This put a smile on my face.

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