On a personal note

In visiting the Museum in Oliver again Sunday – I was struck by seeing a ghost.

Let me explain and I do want you to visit there and take your friends…… Halloween 1924 proceeded today with great interest and fun.

What struck me, again was two stories I told to a Cst. of the RCMP (out of uniform) with his family today.

This was the building of the BC Police – built circa 1924. In the fifties as a young teen, I babysat for RCMP  Sgt. McGuire who had one daughter. That allowed the Sgt. and his wife to have some life away from the small detachment HQ and Jail,,,,,,, and yes residence.

The main display today is called ‘Deep Roots’ with a huge picture of a pretty girl in the 30’s, a boy with a rifle, and another woman ready to get on with her life. That was Helen Miller of Penticton.

The picture taken by Lumb Stocks, the subjects, Babe Stocks, Jack Stocks, and Miller. Jack Stocks, a wireless gunner in WW2 spent his early life in a POW camp in eastern Europe after being shot down. He died early at 56 YofA  in Penticton after assuming control of his father’s business after the war.

Beryl Francis Stocks known to her friends as Babe – was my mother. The photographer my grandfather – the picture on McIntrye Bluff with Hatfield Island at top – visible on Lake Vaseux.

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3 Responses to On a personal note

  1. Jodie Goulet says:

    This is one of my favourite family photos. I am thrilled that it is presented so well at the Museum of Oliver! Thank you Jack for sharing this with us!

  2. Fred Steele says:

    Thanks for this Jack what a good story. I am sorting through hundreds of family pictures and writing on the back who they were. My late wife Joan never identified the faces in the picture. I think she intended to keep me busy.
    Again thanks for sharing good story too.

  3. Pat Hampson says:

    Interesting! I have heard you talk about your Mother but never in detail.

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