On the Sunnyside


She just didn’t belong here! She was a foreigner, an immigrant from Moab. Some of the Jewish people despised the Moabites because they were descendants of a drunken incest perpetrated by Lot’s daughters after escaping Sodom (see Gen. 19:30-38). Her nation was considered by some Jews as an enemy, even though distantly related.

This lady was a desperate young widow, and would be a drain on any resources available. Her mother-in-law had strongly urged her not to come to Bethlehem with her, but to stay in Moab on the other side of the Dead Sea. Her chances of landing a husband in this foreign country would be very low. To survive she was reduced to gleaning leftover grain during the barley and wheat harvest. The future was looking grim. BUT!!

Ruth’s diligence, her love for her mother-in-law Naomi, her humility and her great attitude impressed Boaz, a leading man in Bethlehem. He owned the fields where this woman happened to be gleaning.

Attraction turned to love and then marriage. Their firstborn son was Obed. Their great grandson was King David. And many generations later Joseph and Mary, descendants of David, parented the child Jesus in that same town of Bethlehem. She was a vital link in the coming of the Messiah for us all. Happy Christmas!

She did belong even though her name was Ruth, the Moabitess.


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  1. patricia whalley says:

    The story of Ruth is a beautiful example of love and duty from her daughter in law to Naoimi. One of the most meaningful chapters in the Bible to me as I was lucky enough to have such a loving relationship with my mother in law.

    Not everyone is as fortunate as I was in having this treasure play such an important part in my life.

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