Once a year I…..

……..like to thank people that generally do not blow their “siren” or brag about accomplishments. Who?


BCAS (EMS), paramedics and those that drive the carts – thank you

to Nurses and Doctors and many others at the Oliver and Penticton Hospitals

to caregivers at Sunnybank, McKinney Place and the wonderful homes for seniors in Osoyoos

to the local RCMP detachments in Osoyoos and Oliver

to the fire departments on call 24/7 to help you – both Oliver and Osoyoos –  (Willowbrook and Anarchist)

Local roads and highway crews – towns and provincial contractors

to Search and Rescue,  and other volunteers in the mountain keeping skiers safe* (see comment section)


Have a great New Year – thanks for caring for us.

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3 Responses to Once a year I…..

  1. Joyce Kuzyk says:

    Not long ago there was a news item on ODN stating that the Oliver Search and Rescue team was awarded a $100,000.00 grant. I am sure much time was spent by these volunteers to secure this.

    I am related to two members in OOSAR and I know that the entire team works very hard for the citizens in our area. In releasing information, policies and procedures as per provincial agencies must be followed. Let’s ALL be kind to one another in 2020!

    Publisher: I hear ya Joyce – but all groups publicly funded have some responsibility to make others aware of what is going on. I excuse no one. And I shall always be kind to one and another in 2020.

  2. Kyle Fossett says:

    Oliver/Osoyoos Search and Rescue thanks you for the mention but it’s not just skiers and snowboarders that we are keeping safe. 10% of OOSAR’s call volume in 2019 was for missing skiers/snowboarders. Media in Vancouver loves to jump on it when the big teams down there are looking for skiers/boarders that are missing, making it sound like that is all SAR looks for.

    Once we wrap up our year, look for a year in review snippet that we will be putting out. As our team grows in members, capabilities, and infrastructure we also plan to grow our media outreach as much as we are able to and still keep our tasking agencies happy that we are not putting out more info than we should.

    Kyle Fossett
    Vice President
    Ground Search Team Lead
    Oliver/Osoyoos Search and Rescue

    Publisher: I did mean SAR and others that work in the hills, ski patrol etc. Sorry for any confusion – love the titles Kyle.

    • Kyle Fossett says:

      Jack, no problem. I’ve been known to jump on the comments sections of the 2 Vancouver newspapers as well when people are making it sound like all SAR does is rescue out of bounds skiers and snowboarders.

      Publisher: as to local SAR – great work and great training exercises. Lousy PR. Despite my many invites, pix opportunities, SAR seems embed in a policy that forbads – accurate info of
      a non-personal nature about events. Media interest in when, where, why, how, what, WHO? (just say check RCMP)

      For the record the groups that get out into the public get the TV attention and the grants….. Pen SAR – North Vancouver SAR

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