Poll and a few comments

Over this weekend we will try to judge whether the SO – Oliver and Osoyoos has a problem finding doctors or retaining those who have been attracted to our communities.

Fill in the poll to the right. Thanks

Below an ad on a BC website – a further search indicated many medical positions that need to be filled including two doctors for Osoyoos.

Is this a crisis?

It is to those who need a doctor!!


To the BC government – It is my belief they (it) wants to spend the least amount of money as possible to handle the situation.

Based on the silliness of much of government spending that I can identify – an office of recruitment is needed with strict rules – find the professionals, train the professionals, place the professionals.

Is it the job of government to sit around a table with sandwiches and discuss all of this? Where is the plan? Where is the action.

What is really needed is a Royal Commission – to look for the culprits in the system. Those that build larger buildings in the health field and do not take care of the primary need in medicine – front line professionals…..


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10 Responses to Poll and a few comments

  1. Grace Raber says:

    My husband and I are to be suddenly without a doctor starting April 1 as well. I added our names to the Interior Health wait list in November but have yet to hear anything. It’s very concerning for us as we are now in our 60’s and therefore more likely to experience health issues as we get older. I’ve heard that stats indicate people with family physicians tend to live longer, and I know we will probably be putting off dealing with any issues that come up unless absolutely necessary because of the inconvenience of walk-in clinics.

  2. Robin Hopkins says:

    We have not had a doctor for the past 2 years. The walk-in clinic is incredibly efficient but over-used and you may show up 15 minutes before it opens to find that it is already full of patients and not allowing any more. Try again another day.

    Don’t understand why a couple of years ago we had a spat with Saudi Arabia and they threatened to pull out a few thousand of their doctors (and funding) who were being trained in Canada.This tells me that we in Canada have the infrastructure to train more Canadian doctors in Canada, but our govts choose not to fund our own new doctors in a way that Saudi Arabia does.

    I guess doctors and the health of all citizens is not a priority, at least not relative to the degree of govt spending on Trudeau’s useless cultural expropriation tour in India a few years ago.

    We have been stealing doctors from other countries for years and have not put in place a process to train from within.

    The dog stories and Harry/Meghan seem to be much more important on Global News than the things that are really important, but then again, delving into things that are really important that can change our lives, well, cuts into their profits and ruffles the feathers of of those where the big money resides.

    If we don’t start dealing with income and wealth inequality, at least the dog stories are uplifting.

    Publisher: Robin – stick to the issue and dump the rants about the distractions, profit, Trump, Global News. Point your finger at any government including your ‘NDP – the Horgan/Dix/no Weaver Party.

    Training of doctors in BC – is a BC problem. A university problem, a College of Physicians and Surgeons ( the doc mafia ) problem. As long as no one marches in the streets – the revolution will not take place. Blowing in the wind – is that a song title?

    Should we train foreign doctors?
    Should we recruit BC kids?

    How about a short time program exclusively for family rural doctors?
    Special funding. Cannot specialize until contract in BC is complete – 5 to 7 years. Have you heard one innovative idea out of the BC government lately. ICBC, Health care, Education, Trade, Mining, Tourism, Agriculture… Nope – just a large grasp for security and a pension……..

    I am reminded: Some decades ago, Pierre Berton wrote a book about Canadian churches, ‘The Comfortable Pew’. Among his targets, the United Church of Canada ranked high as a haven of the smug and the complacent.

    I am non-conforming smug Anglican – same problem – complacency. Ask a Catholic – is that church about Love, Sharing, Caring ??? No it is about what Rome wants it to be about.

    If you can find it – watch a movie – ‘Shoes of the Fisherman’ with Anthony Quinn. “My brothers, if this is the last sound made by the last living man, it must be shouted loud and clear. Life is a gift of God.”

    Time to get a bit more active in political change – do you not think?

    ODN tries to do its part with opinion, comment, rants and even “disrespectful behavior”

    • Robin Hopkins says:

      Jack, my point is that everything in this world is connected, and global societal structure is hierarchical in nature relative to wealth, power and like it or not, psychopathic tendencies. Those at the apex tend to make the rules of the game, but allow we commoners to gain minor self-interested victories so long as they do not violate the grander rules of the game. With a corporate owned media, world leaders with personal agendas, and those funding an infinite number of corrupt and illegal activities from the shadows, one would have to be Pollyanna, wearing rose- cololured glasses and smoking dope to not be aware of what is happening around them. All of these societal problems such as doctor shortages, exorbitant housing prices, etc. are over-emphasized, and forced to be dealt with as if a solitary, isolated issue, when as explained, all have a common source. Those in the lower half of the hierarchy experience: stagnating wages, inflation and job loss due to out-sourcing and off-shoring of jobs to countries where the leaders don t give a hoot about the citizens and are indeed in cohoots with those who wish to exploit said citizens; and technological change whereby people are replaced by machines and AI, which greatly increased the productivity of the company, but the increased profits tend to only flow upwards. So much more education is needed to get a job today, and not all people are able to achieve this due to “disabilities ” such as anxiety disorders, depression, low cognitive, intellectual or memory abilities. More and more people are going to be in this category as time passes. Where will the help for these people come from? This needs to be done not only for them, but for society in its entirety. As long as it is “all about each individuals self-interest”, and everyone has to take care of themselves in a winner take all society, the powers that be at the apex of the hierarchy will continue to control what and how we think. Do not believe for a second that those at the top are buddies, as they most certainly are not. These leaders are adversaries, constantly being pro-active and reactive relative to global events, trying to perpetually outflank their opponents so as to gain more power and wealth. The big picture is that these top-level competitive players are as if dinosaurs, that is T-rexes, Tricerotops, etc. fighting a perpetual battle, destroying all in their path including us as if we did not exist except to cater to Rule #1: Exploit the masses for all they are worth. Unfortunately, I think this has been too successful, and now there exists a surplus of everything and a consumer too poor to buy anything.

      Publisher: Even in the collective – there are leaders and bullies. How do you guarantee another system is more fair. Based on what I see – we have more than enough government working for us. Thank god there is still a bit of life I am in charge of. You speak out about the ruling class, the rich barons but rarely speak out against the mandarins that work in the present system.

    • Ken MacRae says:

      wow long winded

      Publisher: You callin’ me long winded??

      Lol _ your wife has to listen to me for 45 minutes. Buck up boy.

  3. Sylvia Treptow says:

    When I moved to Osoyoos in 2016, the medical clinics in Osoyoos were contacted in person in attempts to become a patient with a local doctor. Response was that wait lists to become a patient were full and closed, keep returning to the offices and perhaps in time one of the doctors might eventually be willing to accept you as a patient, and in the meantime go to either the emergency ward at Oliver hospital or one of the 5 walk-in clinics in Penticton for such things as prescription renewal. The crazy thing is that snowbirds from the Prairies are accepted as patients by local doctors in preference to local citizens! I gather the situation has not improved since 2016. Interior Health is just beginning to recognize that the emergency ward at Oliver hospital is being utilized in this inappropriate manner. Not much has been done to date to correct the situation. Those of us living south of Penticton can but live in hope….

  4. Don Rudzcki says:

    We have been without a family doctor, for the first time in our lives, for about a year and a half. It looks like we won’t have one this year either.
    Unfortunately family doctors continue to eschew the family doctor practice with a clinic, regular hours, staffing and an ongoing relationship with patients.
    It appears to me doctors are making the lifestyle, responsibility and remuneration choice of working as a locum or at emergency departments or walk-in clinics.
    Something in the ‘system’ needs to change so more family doctors are interested in serving the community in the traditional way.
    Thanks for bringing this issue into the light, Jack.

  5. Larry Schwartzenberger says:

    Certainly a serious problem developing in our region. Claire & I went through this last year when we were without a GP for the first time in 28 years living in Oliver. We registered with the Primary Care Network in Penticton and were able to find a new GP in Penticton. I know that this service is hoping to expand to the South Okanagan but I am not sure if that is currently available. Another option is Babylon Health by Telus. It allows you to communicate with a Doctor who can proscribe tests and fill prescriptions (also renew prescriptions) as needed. This is a service that is covered under BC Medical and has no added costs. Several months ago there were brochures about Babylon Health at the Town Office or you can get more information online at Babylon Health by Telus.

  6. Dave drought says:

    If you have a computer, you can register online to get in the queue for a family doctor. Any medical office in town has the info, and due to the shortage of doctors, this is how it is now being done. It works. Get the info and register.

  7. Norma Mason says:

    We have been advised that as of April 1st 2020 we shall not have a Doctor at Mainstreet Medical and we have phoned all the doctors in Oliver and they are not accepting anymore people the walk in clinic is only open twice a week part time and only accept 10 people so the question is what and where do we go ?

  8. Keith Johnson says:

    This week we received a letter from our GP saying she was closing her practice and therefore, effective 1 April, we will no longer have a GP, as she has only be able to place approximately 120 high risk patients with other practices. We are now one of a “thousand orphans” in S. Okanagan without one. Non are taking new patients, so we are now find ourselves in “health care purgatory”.We were shocked to say the least, especially as we have been patients at the practice for over 13 years, where other doctors also operate.

    I guess the ER at SOGH is now going to be used as a walk-in clinic, which I assume is not its primary purpose. But what realistic option do we have?

    Letters have been sent to our MLA and MP, we await their replies!

    This has the potential to become a local crisis, especially given the age and medical needs of Oliver and Osoyoos residents. I do hope our politicians are listening and acting, soonest.

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