Praemonitus, Praemunitus –

Political Nudge

Last week, I wrote about nudging. Party names and party mission statements are nudges.

I searched for the mission statements of each of eight Canadian national political parties. I was able to find a mission-like statement for each party – with two exceptions. I was unable to find a constitution for one of the parties and another party couldn’t summarize their vision in a single statement.

After finding them, I tried to determine which one resonated for me. You can too.

Below are eight statements from seven of the Canadian national political parties.

Choose the one mission-like statement that resonates for you.

Then go find out which party you have chosen. To be fair, choose before googling.


    1. We stand for a Canada that is strong, united, independent, and free.
    2. We hold high the banner of peace –  Canadian independence, democracy and socialism.
    3. The dignity of each individual person is the cardinal principle of democratic society and the primary purpose of all political organization and activity.
    4. To commit ourselves, and encourage everyone, to promote enhanced and socially engaged caring and compassionate values through research, dialogue, and example.
    5. We believe the purpose of civil government is to ensure freedom and justice for a nation’s citizens by upholding law and order in accordance with Biblical principles.
    6. Canada is a great country. We believe we can be a better one.
    7. We acknowledge the wisdom of the indigenous peoples of the world.
    8. Our vision is for a freer and more prosperous Canada by getting government out of the way.

Surprised? I was surprised.

Three of the statements were enough to keep me from reading any more about them. The statement of one of the major parties came across as insipid – I can’t find a better word though mawkish is close. Another statement caught my attention and I took a longer read on their website where I found their implementation strategy weak and doomed to failure. Another took me into a surprising party history of which I was not previously aware.

In any case, I continue to search for a candidate or a party for whom to vote and I’m glad I started early.

Stu Syme

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2 Responses to Praemonitus, Praemunitus –

  1. Bonnie Thompson says:

    Great thought-provoking article, however once elected politicians don’t seem to stick to their Mission Statements.

  2. Alida St Amand says:

    I took your nudge Stu and cut and pasted each statement into google to find the party. That done, I went on a site for Registered Political Parties of Canada. Then on to each of the parties’ websites that interested me to see their platforms. Food for thought indeed!

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