Quebecois style – fun day for young students at TEN School

Grade 7 French Immersion students supervise the entire school population as a learning experience based on “Carnaval” –  Quebec Winter Carnival (oops)*  – food, dance, sculpture, exercise, and even mock snow ball dunking.

Thanks to Principal P. Takacs and teacher D. Simpson for the invite to Tuc-el-nuit Elementary.

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3 Responses to Quebecois style – fun day for young students at TEN School

  1. Mike Beaulieu says:

    How fun! I have fond memories of Carnaval and the Bonhomme (snowman) celebrating the joy of life, “joie de vivre” growing up in Quebec. Yes I looked exactly like the kid on the back of the old five dollar bill playing hockey in Quebec outdoor rinks, freezing my feet in old leather skates..OK I never grew up.. feeling the extreme pain as my feet thawed in my Dad’s 68 Parisienne (quite fitting). Thanks for bringing back memories, Tuc EL. N. EL.

  2. Brita Park says:

    Ca, c’est l’fun! Merci, Mme Simpson!
    Lizzy Hoyt might just carry on the joie de vivre with her celtic, quebec, and folkloric fiddling, singing Friday evening at the Venables. Carnaval is always good timing for some live, rollicking, musical fun.

  3. Jean Roux says:

    I love seeing that Bohomme Carnaval (yes, not *Carnial) made it all the way to Oliver without loosing any of his svelteness….

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