Rant – just another one to ignore

Best pix of dozens taken today

‘Do you see what I see?’ a song?

Today I went to review the work of the Highways contractor charged with the responsibility of ‘fixin da roads’. They/it were ripping up roads south of Penticton that did not need help but our dear old Tuc el Nuit Drive…… not done, not fixed, not complete.

And the reasons – none that are apparent. Too cold, hot mix not available, ?? Folks this is not rocket science. Pavement invented when ?

Note to Clarence,
Note to Linda,

This is our road and no one seems to care.

MOTI the only ministry I know that hides….. rarely showing it’s face to the public that pays the bills.

Only one pix here – need more? – I can send

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5 Responses to Rant – just another one to ignore

  1. Carolyn Madge says:

    I have to agree with the comments about the deplorable conditions along Tucelnuit Drive. It was horrible before the repairs were belatedly undertaken and to be honest all that resulted from that were very obvious, sloppy black globs slapped all along the road. It’s a real mess and the repairs did nothing except to make the mess a lot more visible. That very busy road is going to continue to deteriorate unless serious work is done very soon. Does it need a complete rebuild? I have no clue but I drive that road on a regular basis and it’s pretty bleak. Also, living there and seeing the increase in use by huge trucks and heavy equipment makes the wear and tear on the roadway even more of a concern.

  2. Merrill Bjerkan says:

    To add to the poor condition of the road itself, I have made MULTIPLE calls to have the white “fog” lines repainted for the safety of those who walk the northern half of that road….so far my request has fallen on deaf ears – so my pressure hasn’t worked. (The yellow centre line was done.) I understand that there is a process and things take time, but man, oh man, is Tuc el Nuit Road in bad shape.

  3. Stan Marshall says:

    Try living on Sportsmens Bowl Road, so cry me a River, or put the water back where it belongs.

    Publisher: Think you will agree not a busy arterial road – SB is another story with many chapters left to write.

  4. Rocky lundy says:

    Obviously you did not notice the huge dip in the road south of Penticton getting larger before they repaired it. Some great patch repair work done on the paved section of the road to Baldy as well as ditching done. Not all bad Jack, but put the pressure on and we’ll get even more done!

    Publisher: I am blind Rock – shall get a doctor to check me over and yes maintenance is doing great work on roads less travelled. I just don’t get it when it comes to Tuc Rd. One of the busiest secondary arterials anywhere.

    • Mary Lou Ellan says:

      This road is not that bad. I spent the summer in Edmonton and their roads are horrendous! Giant pot holes everywhere!

      Publisher: is that in Alberta? – How big are the holes?

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