RDOS clean up of mess on reserve land to cost 1.1 million dollars

Request from the Penticton Indian Band to waive all tipping fees for approximately 5000 tonnes of waste deposited on Lot 210 Green, Mountain Road.


A private waste hauler has set up a sorting/receiving facility site at Lot 210, Green, Mountain Road on Penticton Indian Reserve #1 on a locate parcel.

While such a facility is not consistent with the Regional District Solid Waste Management Plan, the RDOS and the Province have no jurisdiction over Band lands. This hauler’s business has received a substantial amount of demolition and construction waste at the aforementioned property and has since become insolvent. The Penticton Indian Band is now asking for a waiver of tipping fees in order to dispose of the materials remaining on the property. While some of the loads received at the aforementioned facility have waste manifests, the vast majority do not and must be assumed to contain asbestos. An assessment of these wastes and a prescription for work safe requirements by a waste management expert has been attached. In addition to the cost of accepting the waste, the RDOS concern would be worker safety.

The RDOS’s current tipping fee for unassessed demolition and construction wastes is $700 per tonne. This fee is punitive and is meant to discourage unassessed loads from coming to the landfill. 5000 tonnes equates to $3,500,000 in revenue at the $700 per tonne rate. Actual costs for the RDOS
to process these materials is less than the $700 per tonne fee, but are substantively more than the costs to process regular household waste. Additional costs beyond regular household waste include:

· The preparation of a new area for the deposition of material.
· A new access road
· Additional import of soils required to bury the aforementioned material. These wastes require a higher soils to waste ratio.
· Additional handling/ operating costs.

We estimate a cost of $1,100,000 will be required to manage approximately 5000 tonnes, or $220 per tonne.


While the reduction in tipping fees represents a $2.4M loss in revenue, it will allow us to recover our costs to receive the requested wastes. An additional household tax, or increase in tipping fees will be required should the Board decide to waive all tipping fees or go less than the prescribed $220/ tonne fee.

There is very real danger that this type operation could occur again on the various band lands throughout the RDOS. Providing subsidies for the cleanup of these materials will set a precedent. It is in the interest of the RDOS, the Penticton Indian Band, the Federal Government and the
Province to work together to prevent these types of facilities being built in the future.

Source: RDOS staff report for debate Thursday

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2 Responses to RDOS clean up of mess on reserve land to cost 1.1 million dollars

  1. Carolyn Tipler says:

    It is a disgusting toxic mess, mind boggling that was ever allowed to become so immense. I witnessed it several times when going to P & E Lumber this spring. I do understand that it is on PIB land where maybe RDOS does not have jurisdiction but does it not go against all First Nation principles to take care of Mother Earth? How convenient that those responsible can just declare insolvency and opt out of responsibility.

  2. Shawn Yelland says:

    I would hope the PIB would take responsibility for a business operated on their land and come through with proper disposal of this mess as anyone else would be forced to do. Maybe make a deal but not allow free tipping.

    Publisher: The PIB is being asked to pay the actual cost. The RDOS admits its regular fees for bulk demolition waste and unspecified waste is set too HIGH. The asking price is $1.1 million – will be interesting to see who pays?

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