Resisting extinguishment

Credit: Sandra Smith

Last evening when enough light to get a reasonable picture – south flank seen from Baldy Area

Below submitted photo of small fire above the McIntrye Bluff Sub station

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2 Responses to Resisting extinguishment

  1. Walt Hadikin says:

    Old News. Time to move on !!

    Publisher: you old geezer – not over until the snow starts to fly

  2. Brent Redenbach says:

    this fire should have never gotten this large,and STILL be burning!! put it out already!

    Checking from these points – Ok Falls, Baldy, the highway – smoke plumes visible from miles away.

    It appears that something ?? is going on inside Manuel’s Canyon as well.

    Call me a couch quarterback but three errors made – no real accurate estimate of size for 3 to 9 days – estimates given

    Main website reckoned it was closer to OK Falls – 10 km at Eagle Bluff. Not sure the bluff suffered much damage

    Could have been called ??? more accurate name – it was north and east of Oliver – most likely less than 10 km from 711

    The evacuation alerts mentioned McKinney Creek – none of the home and properties were close to this location as it is east of Baldy in a different regional district.

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