Senpaq’cin School (SenPokChin)

Questions and then answers –

Which school in BC on Indian Land offers IB International Baccalaureate programs?


The International Baccalaureate program provides a course of study and tools for assessing students as well as programs for training teachers. … Students in the IB program are assessed by their own teachers as well as by international educators from around the world. Involvement in this program is recognized in the best schools in the world – About 50 such schools exist in BC – 25 public 25 private and yes one in Oliver.

Senpaq’chin was given this designation in August of last year. Val Allen – ‘Head of School’ gives much credit to a former principal, Heather Kelliher for planting the seed in getting Senpaq’cin into this special programme.

Who is the first person of native ancestry to lead the primary/elementary school on the Osoyoos Indian Reserve?

Val Allen, 53, left UBC with a degree in 1991 – a special programme called *NITEP. She taught in Lytton and Seabird Island near Agassiz. In total 28+ years as an educator in public schools and native student classrooms.  Val is a graduate of SOSS – 1984

Tell us more about Senpaq’cin

101 students – 12 teachers and 7 classrooms with 7 Education Assistants.  No classroom has more than 20 seats. This school is inclusive – a great choice for any child indigenous or not. Collaboration one of the key words used by staff. Students encouraged to collaborate and the staff as well.

*Indigenous Teacher Education Program

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