Strange event



Several small suspicious packages are being discarded on the streets of Osoyoos.

Over the past few weeks, small taped up packages have been discarded throughout the Town of Osoyoos.

The Osoyoos RCMP have had several turned into them and have also found many themselves. Examination of the packages has shown them to mostly contain small amounts of cut up paper, plastic and vinegar.

Although every package examined to date has been harmless, we remain committed to identifying who is discarding them and learning what their motive is, said Osoyoos RCMP Area Commander, Sgt Jason Bayda.

The Osoyoos RCMP would like to speak to anyone who may have information that could lead to those responsible. If you have information please call the Osoyoos RCMP non-emergency line at 250-495-7236.

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3 Responses to Strange event

  1. Evan Martin says:

    I regularily picked botles in the area this spring/ early summer. Saw some of these on the roadside just north of osoyoos. Opened one, sure enough full of plastic waste.

    Someones doing it to try and get a kick. What a waste of time, bad for the environment.

    I suggest the litterer, join a cleanup effort.

  2. Barb Derksen says:

    I walked the Spirit Ridge road and into downtown Osoyoos today and saw probably 30 of these packages too!

  3. Lee Ann Wilson says:

    If they’re worth tracking, surely there must be fingerprints on these packages?

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