The smell of gas in Oliver neighbourhood

Lot of action on Okanagan Street this morning – a crew installing a water line to a new home being constructed came across a gas line which was damaged

Fire Crews asked to standby and provide assistance. Fortis Gas called in to do the repair.

Residents seen milling about – not sure if they were told to evacuate because of the danger – barricades
put up on Earle Crescent and 6300 Block of Okanagan Street.

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  1. Carmen Gillis says:

    Yes, the town workers came and knocked on doors on Earle Crescent (where I live) and on Okanagan Street and told us to wait on Veterans Ave until Fortis gas workers came on site. It was a few hours. Scary as you could hear the 2 inch high pressure gas line hissing loudly as well as smell the gas.

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