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 Lets revisit a topic Canada has flirted with before. Would it be of benefit to institute a guaranteed annual income for part of our society?  Lets pass up the negative responses and look at this from outside the box.  This has always been an issue that focused on the poor and destitute.  What if we changed the equation?

 First put an end to the stigma of it by including those with disabilities, seniors pensions, veterans, the poor, the working poor, those on the margins of society that are retrained for jobs they will never perform at.

 With such a venture we could use the income as a supplement to raise the standard of the bottom end of society.  The money for retraining those who will enter the steady workforce would increase our productivity and reset our job market supply priorities for starters.


I know the nagging question is How are we going to pay for it?

The answer is you already are and there is a way to reduce the cost and have the service that is functional and geared to the future of the country.  The first step would be to set up an agency that would combine the programs we have now into a single entity.   Pensions, family allowance (now child tax credit)

veterans pensions, social welfare and income supplements unemployment insurance workers compensation, disability pensions and the list goes on.

I believe we could save a lot of money.  We could provide more for those who have disabilities and raise those on the margins out of poverty.  We would cut the cost of servicing programs and at the same time benefit society.

It is a sure thing?  No but what if we explored the idea and fleshed out the programs?  There has to be a better way to get more out of programs and make things more viable for taxpayers.

I floated this idea with friends some think it’s worth exploring

others said it’s just a dream.  When the society was new and we  were post caveman era everything was a dream

 Fred Steele

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