The Steele report

Happy Birthday Canada.  Tomorrow we celebrate one hundred fifty-two years of accomplishment and contradictions.  We will celebrate in towns and villages with the swearing in of any number of new Canadians.

 In our past and present we are surrounded by Canadian Inventions, we commonly use on a daily basis at least by most of us.  When you look at your watch be reminded Standard Time is a Canadian invention.  While in your vehicle the odometer is a Canadian idea.  Take the garbage out?  The garbage bag is Canadian.  So what else.

Insulin, peanut butter, the first wheelchair accessible vehicle, the first electric wheelchair, the walkie talkie, the snowplow, the snowmobile, the baggage tag for travel, and more.

In sports, lacrosse, basketball and hockey.  The instant replay. In entertainment the IMAX Movie experience, in science the Canadarm,  If you are into super hero’s even Superman has a Canadian connection.

The truth is Canadians have come up with hundreds of inventions from the zipper to czar cocktails, and things we don’t even know are Canadian ideas.

We are a nation who’s children came from everywhere and built a collective society with room for all.  Each group that has come here has contributed to the society we have.  We all have to work hard to live up to the standard to qualify to be called a Canadian.   This has been your history lesson, now go out and enjoy the Birthday celebration.

Happy Canada Day

Fred Steele

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