The Steele report

As this  day comes to a close, many people are drawing up their list of resolutions to start fresh tomorrow.  As for me, I will change the date on last years list and carry on.

The problem is, we make too big a list and put too much pressure on ourselves to achieve some meaningless unattainable goal.  Even worse we know this while we are drawing up the list.

Instead of writing a manuscript of how we could be a better person why not simply strive to become a better person.

Promise yourself you will be a better listener to others and respect their point of view even if you disagree.  Speak with forethought and be sure not to gossip.


If we all concluded we own what we say, yours truly included, the world would be measurably better in one day.  If we all understood we all have talents and frailties we would be better off.  The resolution list gets real short if we just agree to listen and think before we speak.  After all striving to be a better person is what New Year Resolutions are all about.

Now put the list away, keep it simple and have the happiest New Year you have ever had.


Fred Steele

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