The Steele report

Just like sports teams, political parties, change their coaches or general managers after a losing season, especially a final game they should have won.

All parties have factions that account for having a significant base to reach out to voters.  Every party has some radical members on the right and the left.  It is what ensures a balance of opinion and allows the party to speak to various public constituencies.

When one group become too overpowering that tips the balance.  Competition to control  the agenda creates problems both within the party and in the eyes of the general public.

We saw that a couple of years ago when Tom Mulcair was deposed as leader at a convention. Yes it caused a rift that created a near death experience for the Party.

In recent years we saw the Liberal Party go off the rails for a time and fall to third place.  People lost confidence in them because the don’t appear to have a strong directional position.

They were given a second chance, and a minority government says the jury is still out on their future.

The Conservative Party is about to go through the agony of change.  There is a thin tight rope walk to be done here between the mainstream conservatives and the more ardent right wing faction the social conservatives who have controlled the party for the last fifteen years at least.

If the social conservative agenda dominates the Parties direction, they can’t expand their national base of support.

If the social conservative agenda is driven from the political stage it could split the party.

It is important to hear the positions of the leaders as the vision they speak of is the direction the Party will take.

We as citizens have our preferences but we should keep in mind, in a democracy while the will of the majority rules, the views of the minority must also be respected.

The measure of where we are is best reflected in the world view.  While we as Canadians have turned complaining into an art form, the rest of the world thinks Canada is the best place to live.

Fred Steele

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  1. Rob Hopkins says:

    Unfortunately, we don’t have a democracy whereby the will of the majority rules; we have First Past The Post. The Conservatives and the Liberals like the fact that they can rule with a “majority” with 39% of the votes, and certainly aren’t going to make any effort to change that. For other reasons, Canada is most certainly an awesome country.

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