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Life is in turmoil blockades, climate change, the threat of war a and the most serious of immediate problems, Covid 19. It has been growing steam since November. The Chinese doctor who warned us, was threatened with prison for spreading rumours and he died from the virus.

On the other side the President of the United States says there will be a miracle and it will just end in April. This demonstrates two major governments have or are about to drop the ball.

Internationally, the only reason they have not declared a pandemic is because they are afraid of destroying the world economy. So keeping that in mind what are we facing? We have the Corona virus with no means to fight back no anti bodies and nothing to stop it period. We don’t know if it will exhaust itself or mutate. We don’t know where it will strike next or how to treat it. I heard on MSNBC they are not even sure about the 14 day quarantine. The reason is some people who contracted it waited out the 14 days and in follow up, they went from negative to positive again. This is not about scaring people, it is about being aware.

Now the other side. World travel is being effected. The tourist industry in parts of the world are hit hard in areas where the virus has been detected. Airlines, cruise ship, hotels, tourist destinations, large gatherings like sports venues, conventions and even the Olympics could be effected.

This is serious because we are not prepared for such an event. There are advantages though compared to prior pandemics. We know more about science that can deal with it in a shorter time span. Still that is estimated to be twelve to eighteen months away.

The other problem is we geared our medical delivery systems to the here and now, we no one is prepared. We can only hope it does not become the equivalent to the Spanish Flu of 1918.
That was the worst pandemic in world history.

The best advice they offer is be aware. Wash your hands and for now stop shaking hands. Don’t put yourself at risk. Governments have gone from containment to managing the problem. Most important listen to trained medical people, social media concoctions are not worth the risk.

Before this is over the world may have to come together to find a solution,


Fred Steele

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