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Spiral lives

If we were to build a circular tower and to build it with bricks, we could do it alone and we could do it with others. Imagine our life is the tower. And as we go around, brick by brick, when we arrive again at the start point the last brick is just high enough that we transition smoothly onto the second round. As we go around we visit again where we lived in the prior round. Hmmm? But different this time

This tower is not linear in that the number of times I revisit a certain experience can be many or it can be rare. The way it works is a mystery to me but I do notice that, yes, some things seem to rise up from the past and some do so again and again. Two points from  the first paragraph. One is that I can do this alone or with others, my choice. The other very important point is that I build this tower. Me

One interesting thing about building such a tower is that the base shape does not have to be a circle. Yes, we are all just a bit different. So too as the spiral lives we live. Sometimes we use big bricks and sometimes small. Sometimes good quality, strong bricks and sometimes not. My tower will not look like yours. It won’t. So no value in comparing and no value either in rating one as better or worse

So what if I decide to stop building my tower? Oh, the tower continues to rise as it is built from experiences that we live. So the experience of not deliberately, purposely building the life experiences that I want, well, just another experience brick added to my tower. Again, it is me that builds my tower. Relentlessly building. My attitude in laying bricks can cause some shoddy sections to be raised. Hmmm … ?

What is the upside of this spiralling? We have all had that feeling of ‘not again’ where something eerily familiar happens. That is life spiralling up and coming, again, to a particular point, event, on our life journey. The important thing to notice is that we, this time, have the experiences, the learnings, from the last times so are actually better equipped to have a happy result. It is the reason older folks can be so calm

Joseph Seiler

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