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Seriously? That is to question the validity, solemnity, gravitas, genuineness, believability and severity of something. Is this seriously true? Do you seriously mean that you want me to do what you just asked of me? Serious is not just kidding, nothing comic about it, true and not to be made little of. Serious matters deserve my complete attention, now. Serious is life or death. Serious is unavoidable with dire consequences. Yikes!

A person can be serious about some activity, say, playing bridge. A serious bridge player does not, for instance, chatter away while the group is playing. Serious bridge is pretty quiet. Except when it comes to the post mortem of a hand. Every detail of play and strategy and what might have been is discussed, because a serious bridge player wants to improve their play, maybe even earn Masters points from the ACBL

Did you ever meet someone having an attack of seriousness? You know, high drama, the world is definitely ending, sky falling, ahhhhhh! These attacks are almost always self imposed. A person decides that something that is normal or at least close to normal, for others, is just too too much for them. We are not talking about real danger here. It is made up and boys oh boys everyone is going to hear of it

To be serious is to apply full attention. I would be very serious if I were defusing a bomb. Decisions can be serious. The decision to have a baby is, I think, serious stuff. In this case the level of responsibility is serious because the responsibility that comes with that decision affects many people, and for decades btw.  Serious things are surrounded by serious ramifications if not given serious attention

No there is no such thing as a serious cloud. Get serious. We need to go back to the top of the article. Serious has gravitas. Serious has consequences. Serious demands attention, focus, thought, care and shepherding. We don’t have serious for a second or two, not if it is truly serious. So, I need to pay attention to what is truly serious. A lot of news these days that asks, ‘are you really serious?’

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