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The song Let It Be from the Beatles speaks to release of what hurts me. Let it be, means allow it to stay as is, to accept it, to leave it alone. And… to stop thinking and suffering over it. The harder part, it seems. Sometimes I just want to improve things. That is what I say. When I say to you, “I’m here to improve you”, what is your reaction? Yes, leave me alone, go improve yourself, let it be, let me be as I am

Roger Miller sings, ‘rooms to let, 50 cents’. To let is to rent or allow (let) someone use the room. To let is also to trust the user will use with respect of the fact that they do not own it. It is given in usufruct. I’ll let you look that one up. The children were rowdy, disruptive and making a mess. The parents let them. So, shall I let them or let the parents let them, or let myself speak up somehow? Which shall I let?

We can sometimes be taken over by a thought, usually an insidious and unhelpful thought. Jealousy is an example. Fear of loss is another and very common example. We have all heard the phrase, ‘let it go Joe’ (my name in there makes it rather pointed for me). Let it go sounds so easy. But how?! Stuart Wilde suggests we let go of our made up requirements about how the world is supposed to be. Let that go, Joe

When we use ‘let’ as a verb, what is the action, how does it look and feel? Let is much like an exhale. Actually easy, if, only if, we cooperate, not resist. Imagine resisting an exhale. I can manage a few seconds but oh boy it gets harder fast beyond that. When I am letting that driver in front of me travel at the posted speed my exhales are just fine. When I am demanding they go faster, exhale can be a challenge

To let on is to give a secret away. To let up is to reduce the pressure and make room. To let fly is to release, like a wound up spring. To let in is to lower my walls so you can see more of the real me. To let down is to disappoint. To let see is to stop pretending and covering up. To let us see is to wait. To let on is to admit. To let off is to forgive. To let others is to open possibilities. To let has amazing range

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