Top story – local newsmaker – citizens to be recognized

In the past four days we have reviewed the top stories of the year


The story that brought attention to Oliver was a forest fire – to the north and east of us – Eagle Bluff – mostly on OIB or crown land east of the Fortis north substation. It was a year for BC Wildfire Service (BCWS) like no other as – it was relatively calm in the province – when compared to the previous two years.

Eagle Bluff threatened homes in Manuel’s Canyon, Gallagher Lake and even the OCC sent some inmates to other institutions until the flames subsided. No homes lost, no one hurt, a great exercise for the public to watch and for the training of BCWS staff. The second time in recent memory when fire services camped and operated out of Oliver – largely because of our airport.

If we were to chose a town story and a rural story it would be – local and rural ratepayers will pay for syphon fix – Trudeau not interested.

And in town – the formation of a crime and safety committee committed to Osoyoos and Oliver as one UNIT.

In Osoyoos we would say the top stories included a new lift station, improved sidewalks, new administrator, new full time fire chief and the dawn of a new Museum on Main Street with the addition of a huge building supply retail location at the airport.



Now to another story that asks the question who was the newsmaker of the year and how did she stir the pot to make some delicious soup?

Carol Sheridan is the CAO of Oliver Parks Recreation Society and very active in the community in a number of ways.

This year a new small wheels skateboard park designed, then financed ……and that was a challenge.

Three things happened. BCAA financed the project with $100 thousand in a contest award, RDOS gas funds committed by Director Rick Knodel and the local Kiwanis Club said – let us finish it in 2019.

Inside this combination are the members of the Oliver Kiwanis Club – doing a lot of great work every day, every week in Oliver.

One of its members Lee Chic of Osoyoos gets high praise for her work with Aktion Club and Special Olympics.




News event of the year – Eagle Bluff fire

Newsmaker of the year – Carol Sheridan

Volunteer of the year – Lee Chic – of Osoyoos




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