What is this….? and when…?

Penticton Regional Hospital (PRH) started construction in 1951 and opened doors March 11, 1953.

Oliver’s St. Martin’s Hospital would be newer than the Haven Hill location of Penticton’s older Hospital built in 1916.

My mother was born in 1916 and says she was delivered in the Dr. RB White clinic, a small hospital (house/building) just to the north of the “brand new” one at Haven Hill. Think you could write a book on the history of medicine in the South Okanagan.

Newer too would be Summerland Hospital built around 1940? Seen below.

Pictures owned by Okanagan Archives Trust Society (OATS)

Thanks to Aunt Gail for her research.

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9 Responses to What is this….? and when…?

  1. joan nunweiler says:

    Your correct Jack it is Summerland hospital, I goofed up,1 for you.

  2. joan nunweiler says:

    2nd picture is Haven Hill retirement home which was the Penticton hospital first before it was retirement home.

    Publisher: 504am – feeding the chickens? No Joan that is the old Summerland Hospital on Solly Rd. My aunt May was the head nurses in the late forties – it is gone now. Wonderful setting for a classic. Not the best of pictures.

  3. Marian Meredith says:

    Oliver Correctional Centre – circa 2016

  4. joan nunweiler says:

    lets make that date 1955 because it was here when we came to valley.

  5. joan nunweiler says:

    the Penticton Hospital about 1960 would be my guess,could have been 1959.

  6. Janice Campbell says:

    New Penticton Hospital in the fifties!

  7. Rocky lundy says:

    Penticton Regional Hospital

  8. Gail Blidook says:

    Looks like the Penticton Regional Hospital, construction 1951 and completed and opened in 1953, I believe. No quick modular construction back then!

  9. neil seidler says:

    It’s Penticton Regional Hospital, not sure of the date but obvious it’s during construction, no parking lots yet.

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