Commence injunctive action – or “time to go to court”

Enforcement of Non-Conforming Use – “Oliver Rental Centre” 5693 Sawmill Road, Oliver

Administrative Recommendation: THAT the Regional District commence injunctive action with respect to the use of the property at 5693 Sawmill Road, Oliver (legally described as Lot 2, Plan 21818, District Lot 2450s, SDYD) for the purposes of a vehicle and trailer rental business.  Zone: Agriculture One (AG1)

Purpose: The purpose of this report is to seek direction from the Regional District Board regarding potential enforcement action against the property owner of 5693 Sawmill Road, Oliver (legally described as Lot 2, Plan 21818, District Lot 2450s, SDYD) in relation to the on-going operation of a vehicle and trailer rental business “Oliver Rental Centre”. The use of the property for the Oliver Rental Centre is in contravention of the Electoral Area “C” Oliver Rural Zoning Bylaw No. 2453, 2008.

Site Context: The subject property is 1.21 ha (3.0 acres) in area and is located on the east side of Sawmill Road approximately 80 metres south of its intersection with Oak Ave and the boundary between the Town of Oliver and the Electoral Area ‘C’. The property is fully located within the Agricultural Land Reserve. The property currently has a single detached dwelling, a shop and double garage with approximately 8000 m2 of land under agricultural production.


To be decided next Thursday at RDOS meeting in Penticton.

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Poll and a few comments

Over this weekend we will try to judge whether the SO – Oliver and Osoyoos has a problem finding doctors or retaining those who have been attracted to our communities.

Fill in the poll to the right. Thanks

Below an ad on a BC website – a further search indicated many medical positions that need to be filled including two doctors for Osoyoos.

Is this a crisis?

It is to those who need a doctor!!


To the BC government – It is my belief they (it) wants to spend the least amount of money as possible to handle the situation.

Based on the silliness of much of government spending that I can identify – an office of recruitment is needed with strict rules – find the professionals, train the professionals, place the professionals.

Is it the job of government to sit around a table with sandwiches and discuss all of this? Where is the plan? Where is the action.

What is really needed is a Royal Commission – to look for the culprits in the system. Those that build larger buildings in the health field and do not take care of the primary need in medicine – front line professionals…..


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On the Sunnyside



Science includes discovering predictable and repeatable realities in the material world. Certain chemical reactions of elements and compounds will produce identical results under identical circumstances. The laws of physics remain the same. Natural things in our environment will respond predictably. Living things depend on having air, water and nutrients in order to stay alive. Science doesn’t invent or create these conditions or the sustaining features. It just discovers what is already there.  What it can do is use those factors to create an incredible array of inventions, machines and astounding compounds. It discovers what the design of the universe is, builds on the trust that those facts are reliable and puts it all into practical use.

What is there to discover was placed there by a very, very intelligent Designer. Marvelous,

Henry Wiebe

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$2000 gift to student camp trip – later this year

Grade 7 students at Tuc el Nuit Elementary receive a grant with pleasure from the Women of Oliver for Women. This funding along with a large spaghetti dinner fund raiser planned in February should help the fund go over the top. The cost locally about $16 thousand.

The camp (summer or bible) located at Gardom Lake between Salmon Arm and Armstrong near Enderby.

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Think about it

Spiral lives

If we were to build a circular tower and to build it with bricks, we could do it alone and we could do it with others. Imagine our life is the tower. And as we go around, brick by brick, when we arrive again at the start point the last brick is just high enough that we transition smoothly onto the second round. As we go around we visit again where we lived in the prior round. Hmmm? But different this time

This tower is not linear in that the number of times I revisit a certain experience can be many or it can be rare. The way it works is a mystery to me but I do notice that, yes, some things seem to rise up from the past and some do so again and again. Two points from  the first paragraph. One is that I can do this alone or with others, my choice. The other very important point is that I build this tower. Me

One interesting thing about building such a tower is that the base shape does not have to be a circle. Yes, we are all just a bit different. So too as the spiral lives we live. Sometimes we use big bricks and sometimes small. Sometimes good quality, strong bricks and sometimes not. My tower will not look like yours. It won’t. So no value in comparing and no value either in rating one as better or worse

So what if I decide to stop building my tower? Oh, the tower continues to rise as it is built from experiences that we live. So the experience of not deliberately, purposely building the life experiences that I want, well, just another experience brick added to my tower. Again, it is me that builds my tower. Relentlessly building. My attitude in laying bricks can cause some shoddy sections to be raised. Hmmm … ?

What is the upside of this spiralling? We have all had that feeling of ‘not again’ where something eerily familiar happens. That is life spiralling up and coming, again, to a particular point, event, on our life journey. The important thing to notice is that we, this time, have the experiences, the learnings, from the last times so are actually better equipped to have a happy result. It is the reason older folks can be so calm

Joseph Seiler

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Saturday February 15 – Innovation – Argon Solar

Come learn about what’s new in solar innovation, grid-tie installations,

debunk some myths and know the facts about solar!

We will discuss the following: Fortis – Net Metering Changes

Grid-tie vs. Off-grid solar – do I need batteries?

Facts and figures – the real numbers on solar

Expected return on your investment (ROI)

Which inverter is right for you?

EV Charging – what makes sense

Date And Time

Sat, 15 February 2020

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Live Link to Tickets


Oliver Parks & Recreation

6359 Park Drive

Oliver, BC



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World on alert for virus – In BC – exposure is limited and risk is low

Adrian Dix, Minister of Health, and Dr. Bonnie Henry, British Columbia’s provincial health officer (PHO), have issued the following joint statement regarding updates on the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in British Columbia:


“On Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2020, we confirmed that our BC Centre for Disease Control public health lab had identified a positive test for 2019-nCoV. Following this, samples were sent to the National Medical Laboratory in Winnipeg for additional testing. On Wednesday, Jan. 28, Dr. Henry confirmed that those tests returned positive for 2019-nCoV. As of today, B.C. continues to have only one confirmed case.”

“In our statements, we committed to regularly provide the public with the number of cases tested each Friday. Going forward, the public are invited to visit the BC Centre for Disease Control’s website for an updated testing number each Friday.

“As of today, we have tested 114 samples for 2019-nCoV, with one positive. Please note that there are more samples tested than patients, as some patients have had more than one sample tested.

“We want to reassure people that the risk of this virus spreading within British Columbia remains low at this time. All necessary precautions are being taken to prevent the spread of infection. We have multiple systems in place to prepare for, detect and respond to prevent the spread of serious infectious diseases in the province.

“It is not necessary for the general public to take special precautions beyond the usual measures recommended to prevent other common respiratory viruses during winter. Regular handwashing, coughing or sneezing into your elbow sleeve, disposing of tissues appropriately and avoiding contact with sick people are important ways to prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses, generally.


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Car stopped going 130+ miles an hour north of Penticton

Penticton – South Okanagan Traffic Services stop driver going 223kms per hour in a 100km zone.

On January 30th, 2020, at 10:00 a.m., South Okanagan Traffic Services officer stopped a driver near Sage Mesa
Drive, on Highway 97, north of Penticton, BC. The vehicle was recorded driving 223 kilometers per hour in the
100 kilometer zone.

The driver was fined for excessive speeding, and as a result, his vehicle was impounded.

“It’s unfortunate that so soon after we saw a tragic motor vehicle fatality on this stretch of highway, we have
drivers who are willing to risk their own, and other motorists lives”, explains Cst. James Grandy.

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April 10 FVT Elvis 1 of 7

Live Link to Tickets

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Family Fun at the Oliver Curling Club

It was a packed house at the Eastlink Curling Centre last Saturday for Family Fun Day: 33 kids from 3 to 11 years old and 22 adults came out to learn how to curl. From all the smiles and laughter, they also learned curling is definitely a lot of fun!

This Curling 101 session began with two-minute video overview of curling, safety talk and warm-ups before heading to the ice. Club volunteers helped everyone learn some basic curling techniques like sliding, delivering a curling rock and sweeping. Even the littlest ones could get into the hack with both feet and push a rock. Curlers practised their new skills or, for those with some experience from our other family events or junior league, started playing games.

After a great pizza lunch upstairs, everyone got back on the ice to play a game. There are rings at centre ice for younger curlers on some ice sheets, so everyone had a chance to make their shots.

Every child who participated went home with an Oliver Theatre movie pass and Subway coupon as prizes. For the club and our wonderful volunteers, curlers’ smiles and thanks made the day a huge success!

There are still lots more opportunities to curl this season for new curlers.

  • Oliver Junior Curling Bonspiel on Saturday, February 1 from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm
  • Junior League (7-17 years old) on Tuesday afternoons from 3 to 4:30 pm (look under Leagues)
  • Family Fun Curling on Sunday, February 16 and Sunday, March 1: Play games with other families starting at 2 pm (till 4 pm).

See you at the Eastlink Curling Centre (735 McKinney Road, Oliver) for some curling fun soon!

Thanks to Jean Lederer and Cathy Pidduck

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