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Hydrologist to Assess how water flows in Willowbrook

A Local State of Emergency remains in effect for the Willowbrook area north west of Oliver, BC due to flooding along Kearns Creek affecting approximately 20 homes. The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS) has hired a specialized hydrologist to look at options for moving water through the area. The RDOS has also received funding from Emergency Management BC to do a 2018 specific flood risk assessment based on the heavy rain received and high snow pack in the southern Interior.
The Willowbrook area is located upstream of a number of other homes along Kearns Creek. Looking at the effects of water upstream and downstream of the community will be considered before digging or pumping will be enacted.
“Before we can start trenching or pumping water we need to understand what the consequences will be,” states Paul Edmonds. “Speeding up water in one place could damage homes and property lower down. That risk needs to be understood.”
The water in Willowbrook remain stable but a concern is slowly rising ground water. Rising ground water is a concern for the entire RDOS as snows melt. Residents should check basements for water and prepare their property for any potential run off. Sand and sandbags are available across the south Okanagan for homeowners. See below for sand and sandbag locations.

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