Updated – Oliver arena needs attention

Makeover eyed for aging Oliver Arena

Parks and Recreation is eyeing a complete face-lift for the aging Oliver Arena and is enlisting the town and the regional district to help get a federal grant to cover three-quarters of the multi-million-dollar project.

Parks and recreation manager Carol Sheridan told council Monday that the concrete slab and the cooling lines that go through it are failing and are in critical need of replacement.

As well, a recent life-cycle assessment of the 49-year-old building concluded that the concrete and steel structure is good for another 27 years, but lots of other stuff – like cladding, windows, doors and roofing – are getting close to their end of life.

Sheridan said the society envisions replacing the pieces that are wearing out and going further by expanding the ice surface to regulation size, replacing the boards, including an indoor walking track and providing the accessibility that s currently lacking.

Council agreed to support a grant application from the RDOS on behalf of the society.

Old picture of arena prior to change rooms being installed

3 Replies to “Updated – Oliver arena needs attention”

  1. Yes the arena needs some upgrades. It is great for the kids to play hockey, figure skate, public skating and all the young at heart to keep skating. I spent many years in that arena with my kids. Nothing has changed in many years so it is time that we get some improvements.

  2. I don’t use the arena because of my age, (but did use it OFTEN when it was new!!) An indoor walking track would be so awesome!!! I’ve used one in Calgary, and a non cement surface with protection from the elements would be an incredible asset to our community!

    1. I agree that an indoor walking track, free of charge, would be beneficial, both in the hot smoky months and in winter. It would be good for both your physical and mental health.

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