A lot of questions

Have you had a flu shot?

Can you believe – twice as much flu this year…. but to children.

Do you and your family normally get a flu shot?



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3 Responses to A lot of questions

  1. Pat Hampson says:

    We have annual Flu shots. At first I was leery because I heard that the shots cause Flu. After my Doctor explained that the vaccine can result in ‘Flu like’ symptoms I decided to have annual shots. He told me that people who think they develop Flu after their vaccinations have already contracted the virus or the common cold. Sometimes people develop cold symptoms and mistake them for Flu. If you have a high temperature, aching body and a headache then you likely have Flu

  2. Lia Pinske says:

    Had the flu shot once, years ago. Was sick on and off all winter with flu type symptoms. Haven’t had it since, haven’t had the flu! Hopefully it stays that way!

  3. Dave drought says:

    Don’t normally get a flu shot myself. But various strains of flu affect different groups. H2XX – adults, H1XX – children and seniors. Handwashing makes the biggest difference there is. If you’ve been out, wash them upon immediate arrival home. Get rid of germs, and don’t deposit them for later. Basic IFA training.

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