by Olivia Agt VonGonzenbach

Sometimes hard to believe the damage water can do. MOTI (Highways) has had marker stanchions on Waterman’s Hill for months. Lots of excess water seeping –  it seems right out of the rock – no discernable creek bed. In fact at the top of this steep hill in the spring the water formed ponds in many depressions including an area near a series of power transmission poles.

During the summer all that dried up… But it is back in the fall. Where is all the water coming from?

Highways appears to be completing a project to get the water in the mini highway creek to pass under the roadway into a deep culvert and hopefully drain to the lake.

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2 Responses to by Olivia Agt VonGonzenbach

  1. Christina Jago says:

    Its a natural spring that has been there for years, it has just come back worse than before.

  2. Dave drought says:

    Basically, Marron River flows down from White Lk. Rd. and sinks into the ground just past that pond west of the highway. It then flows underneath the hwy. down Waterman’s hill, and the creek drains into Skaha Lake about 1 km. north of the trestle. Nice little waterfall there, too. Last year White Lake Rd. sluiced away due to water flowing under the road. Took some time to fix, waiting for water to go down. Appears there’s enough flowing to make a spring just under the hwy. pavement on Waterman’s hill, it could be permanent!

    Publisher: Thanks to all for info – in all my years of driving up and down that hill – have not been aware of the creek like springs and the ups and downs of the water levels.

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