by Pat Whalley


Every year we get more and more creative in our inventions, so many great ideas put into plan, however I have a few ideas for making life easier that surely are worthy of being put into plan.

We now have a car that parks itself, what a great idea.  How often have you been intimidated whilst trying to back into a space on a busy road only to have several drivers held up, while you perform the operation?  However, why has no genius invented wheels that turn ninety degrees, all at the same time, so a car can just slide into any spot.  Imagine never having a red face again for holding up traffic, just turn a switch and sit back while your car slides neatly into place and, later on, slides back out again.

At one time all taxi cabs had a glass or plexiglass partition between driver and passengers, this gave privacy for conversations of passengers and the driver could concentrate on his driving.  Why not then do this same thing in mini-vans?  Mom sits up front, listening to her favourite music and the kids whine, scream and argue in the back, unheard by mom.  Surely a safer way to drive than her continually threatening to “stop the car and deal with you”.

There should always be one island, in the gas station where they fill up the tank for you, even if just on one day each week.  If it can be built with a Timmy’s drive through window, life would be perfect.  Never mind waving your foot under the bumper to activate your car trunk.  Standing on one leg, with several armfuls of groceries while waving your foot around is difficult.  So much easier if a built in camera should recognise you as you approach and automatically open the door.

Most women would love these type of inventions but it is not just on the road, there are so many little things that would improve the running of the home.  Stove tops could come with a sensor that automatically turns down a boiling pot and adjusts the heat to simmer.  Toilet roll holders should be made more technical so a man would be interested in refilling it, what is the challenge in just sliding it on and off?  Ditto garbage can lids, if it was fun to take out the trash, more men would be inclined to do it.

Socks should have a Velcro dot on the toe so one of them can never get lost in the laundry.  Laundry hampers should be designed to look like a car hood, that way guys would open them up now and again.

Telephones should automatically record conversations received so hubby can never be accused of forgetting to pass on messages.

Women’s personal products should come in a plane brown wrapper so husbands can buy them without embarrassment.  Lingerie departments should have a row of plastic bums and boobs, in all sizes, so men can buy underwear that actually fits their spouse.

Surely most of these inventions are just common sense but what a difference they would make to daily life.  Just imagine…never again to be caught without paper on the roll while your dinner boils all over the stove

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  1. Pat Hampson says:

    Toilet and no paper coupled with a boiling pot at the worst possible moment?
    How about your portable telephone displaying your wife’s name and ringing just out of reach, no paper, and mild panic.

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