by Robert Sieben

Barn Owl

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14 Responses to by Robert Sieben

  1. June Reynolds says:

    This is an award winning photo. The feather detail is spectacular and the pose shows off the beauty of this wonderful bird. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Barb Derksen says:

    What a wonderful photo- you captured it perfectly! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Betty Lou Trimmer Bahnsen says:

    Wonderful photo – like the bird !

  4. Gale KLECKNER says:

    What a great photo.

  5. Linda Anderson says:

    Wow! Beautiful bird! Love your photo! Was it photographed somewhere local? I have never seen one, hope to one day. The only owl I have ever seen is the horned owl. :)

  6. Margaretha Hogeling says:

    What a gorgeous picture! I love the sparkling details on the feathers.

  7. Pat Whalley says:

    Beautiful photograph showing the perfectly formed face and details of the gorgeous feathers this bird is displaying, it really looks like it is dressed for a gala event. Great shot, much appreciated.

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