by Ron Peace


“This image is called “They Are Watching” it was taken in a regenerated forest. The notches cut in the old cedar stumps for spring boards looked like eyes to me. Loggers used these to stand on while they sawed and fell the massive trees.  A good friend Cheriee Weichel just sent me a quote by Graciela Iturbide that often describes my images. “I photograph and exist in the in-between: those spaces where unknown worlds, real and imagined, intersect””

Published with permission – this is copy write material

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6 Responses to by Ron Peace

  1. John Chapman says:

    Great tones Ron, particularly in the areas where you’ve caught the sun peaking through. The balance is excellent too. The photo really comes alive when viewed in full screen – especially the faces you mention. Thanks for including Cheriee’s quote.

  2. Brandt Leinor says:

    Incredible colour. The light peaking through, magical indeed. Wow!

  3. Debbie Lee says:

    Oh thank you Ron for sharing, it’s magical.
    We’re not on Facebook so don’t often get to enjoy your wonderful creations.
    Fabulous !

    • Ron Peace says:

      Thank you Deb, you are very kind. I have a sadly neglected web page which I intend to update….. as well as my Facebook pages.

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