Did you hear the peal?

chris one22Chris Yerburgh plays the bells at St Edwards Anglican Church, to get people thinking about the COP21 climate change talks starting Monday, Nov 30 in Paris.  Chris has been playing these bells almost since the day they were installed in 1952.

Post script from Chris: To correct a couple of items – Chris Yerburgh is one of 3 or 4 bell ringers in St. Edwards Church – Chris left Oliver in 1951 and did not return until 1992 – shortly after that he became one of the regular bell ringers in the church.

Trudy Weiler tolls the bell at the Oliver United Church to remind people of the Climate Change talks in Paris.  The bell is affectionately called the ‘cow bell’ and there is a distinct resemblance in the tonality.  And there is a real trick to get the bell to sound twice with each pull of the rope.chris two22.


Many thanks to both parishes who agreed to join with churches across the country who tolled their bells to encourage political leaders in Paris to develop policies to reduce green house gasses and help our global environment.

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